In Madison, even university professors fear speaking out! Part #2 of 3

Why must Ms. Carusi run for school board against a black man?

Cue the Church Lady: Could it be RACISM!?

Kaleem Caire                      Cris Carusi
Candidates for Seat #3 on the Madison school board

My condolences to Cris Carusi who, as far as the Policy Werkes can determine, is your standard-issue Madison liberal. But the poor lady suffers from insufficient melanin. The woman is white as Wonder Bread. For “Activists shine light on racism,” the Wisconsin State Journal reports this Sunday morning (12-30-18). And the light shines on Ms. Carusi;

Carusi declined to say if the race of other board hopefuls played a role in which of three [ school ] board seats she chose to run for.

Are you getting this? Cris Carusi is guilty of racism most foul unless she can prove otherwise for — according to a race hustler named McNeil who said:

Liberal whites can choose not to challenge liberal people of color for elected positions and pointed specifically to Cris Carusi’s campaign for Madison school board.

Carusi, the record shows, filed for Seat #3 before Kaleem Caire but, hey! You white privilege is showing, lady.

Afraid to speak out against the idiocy

wonder breadWI State Journal reporter Chris Rickert does excellent work in exposing (however neutral his tone) the scam being played by two Madison-based grievance mongers: Groundwork and Families for Justice.

But the real story is how many folks to whom reporter Chris Rickert (who does excellent reportage) reached out for comment and how few responded. So toxic is race. (We tried but failed to instill courage in several of them who know better but are afraid to touch Madison’s third rail.)

Aside from Blaska (who apparently knows no better) there is only Rick Esenberg, head honcho at the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty. But WILL is based in far-off Milwaukee, safe from the scolding shores of the Peoples’ Republic.

Maybe common sense really is hopeless

More telling in a curious sort of way is John Sharpless, who recently retired as UW-Madison’s last conservative professor.

Sharpless … saw nothing to be gained in taking on the beliefes of groups like Groundwork and Families for Justice. “It’s an ideological minefield,” he said in an e-mail. “As an old, ‘fragile’ white guy, anything I would say would be dismissed as self-serving or, at worst, the typical rantings of a racist.”

That’s the sad state of public discourse in Madison WI where a much respected university professor is afraid to speak out. Sadder still for the young people whose lives are in the balance. When every failure is attributed to white privilege, implicit bias, etc. instead of personal conduct, their doom is sealed.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Even if every white person in Madison apologized for his/her subliminal racism, how would it help young Jermaine finish his homework? How would their white re-education camps help Aliya form a stable, nurturing family?

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16 Responses to In Madison, even university professors fear speaking out! Part #2 of 3

  1. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    From Settlin’ Tells A Revealing Madison Story.

    Muriel Simms: Their stories paint a picture rarely seen in history books — about a small, tight African American community that encountered kindness but also profound discrimination — A COMMUNITY WITH DEEP CONVICTIONS ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF PURSUING AN EDUCATION, WORKING HARD AND UPHOLDING ONE’S DIGNITY. (caps mine)

    Whaddya bet had Simms showed up at a School Board meeting and suggested the MMSD pursue those ideas, she’d be shouted down as “Aunt Jemima,” a “So-Called Black Woman,” or worse?

    Violate the VictimHoodie narrative and you’s WILL pay the price!

    The Gotch


    • Batman says:

      “From Settlin’ Tells A Revealing Madison Story. ” A good read btw.
      “Newcomers might have come here with some attitudes, but they soon learned that the blacks that were here would not tolerate certain behaviors,” Simms said.

      “Violate the VictimHoodie narrative and you’s WILL pay the price!”

      Until people are willing to withstand the racist/white supremacist epithets there will not be enough constructive dialogue to effectively address the festering crime/education/housing/dysfunctional families/racial issues confronting Madison citizens and representatives.
      Next time an intellectually bankrupt a$$hole calls you a racist, just throw it right back at them. Bullying tactics work until people stand up to the bullies.

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  2. westsidesue says:

    I can guarantee you Sharpless isn’t the only “frail, old guy” having a tough time swimming in contentious waters while being white, and he is definitely not the last conservative prof. at the cesspool of social engineering aka UW-Madison. He’s probably just the last one that spoke without having his head bitten off. Exodus to follow.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


      “(Sharpless) is definitely not the last conservative prof. at the cesspool of social engineering aka UW-Madison.”

      When yer right, yer right! Righty academics DO exist, but many don’t speak out for fear of retaliation; retirement tends to remove that concern.

      Even taking Baby Steps against the entrenched, Cultural Marxist scumbags, they do occasionally make a difference.

      Sharpless and Professors Donald Alexander Downs (author of the seminal tome: Restoring Free Speech and Liberty on Campus) and Mary Anderson took on the U.W. Lefty Gulag against Unconstitutional speech codes and prevailed.

      An acquaintance of mine (Professor Emeritus W. Lee Hansen) spoke out against the U.W.’s quest for a different Diversity Implementation Plan, because, like, you know, it already had one.

      Lefties won’t communicate, to the Gimmee Gimmee people whom are getting spoon-feed this vote-generating crapolla, that you’s DON’T get Equal Rights until you’s Give Up you’s Special Rights!

      The Gotch

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      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        Diversity Implementation Plan link:

        The Gotch

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        • westsidesue says:

          CG: Thanks for the headache. I sloshed my way through your links and now I have to take Anacin and go lie down. They tangle themselves up when they have unlimited funds to play with (the only one not making any money out of these schemes are the taxpayers who never have a seat at the bargaining table to say enough is enough), reams of paper to print their gawdawful verbal walls of words on, and constant “new and improved” programs for the sheeple to follow. I’m getting nauseous as we speak just thinking about the massaging of enormous big brain egos who cannot put two words together without inserting some propaganda BS into every sentence. Happy New Year anyway!


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


          Sorry about that, Chief! But if you’s want a story about epic headaches with some local flavor:

          In the book “Restoring Free Speech and Liberty On Campus” I referenced above, U.W.-Madison (Go Badgers!) Professor Donald Downs outlines the travails of Art Professor Richard Long, who was accused in 1990 of anti-semitism by two non-Jewish grad students.

          Why? He responded to their continual…um…Badgering of him for weeks because of his Conservative views with a verbal “Sieg Heil, comrades”

          They reported him and he was investigated (“without notifying him formally, naming a plaintiff, or detailing any charges”) by the university’s AA Office because of alleged violations of a Faculty speech code.

          Long: ”I was devastated. Your name is tarnished forever. For 20 years I tried to do everything they asked me to do. I loved being a professor. My father was a tenant farmer, so I saw this as a kind of opportunity. I venerated this university. I was a fool, obviously.”

          Mercifully this was long before being “woke,” mandatory “safe spaces,” and ”micro-aggressions” became de rigueur, otherwise he’d likely still be in the labyrinthine tentacles of the Diversity Gulag.

          The Gotch


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      UW-Madison, like most colleges and universities in this country, has transformed itself into a boot camp for social justice warriors with an atmosphere of intimidation and groupthink that’s best described as the academic version of McCarthyism. Anyplace that launches a (successful) campaign of posthumous lynching against one of its most dedicated and honorable members (Porter Butts) on trumped-up charges of racism has forfeited any claim to moral authority.

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  3. Dan B. says:

    Blaska portrays one of his opponents, Muldrow, as status quo, even though she has pushed for charter schools and lost her last election for shaking the table too hard. Blaska portrays his other opponent, small business owner Laila Borokhim, similarly, even though she would bring the voice of an actual capitalist to the board, unlike government pensioner Blaska.
    I think it’s actually possible that Blaska won’t be able to get the same measly percentage of the vote that his protege Fitzsimmons managed.


  4. Sprocket says:

    It’s joyous watching the lefties being forced to eat their own dog food. I imagine it’s akin to what Soviet citizens must have felt when a party member neighbor got purged off to the gulag.

    Perhaps David should reconsider his tack. Maybe Madison lefties need what they claim to want good and hard. Advocate that every NPR tote bag socialist on the board resign their position and be replaced with a Freedom Inc. member. The resulting spectacle would be the sort of entertainment money can’t buy.


  5. Batman says:

    “Maybe Madison lefties need what they claim to want GOOD AND HARD. Advocate that every NPR tote bag socialist on the board resign their position and be replaced with a Freedom Inc. member. The resulting spectacle would be the sort of entertainment money can’t buy.” (caps mine)

    Good point Sprocket although a little soft on execution.
    Enact the entire platform of Freedom Inc. et al. and replace virtually all elected Reps. with a minority, preferably LGBTQIA. The marginalized/disenfranchised deserve a bite at the governance apple too and regardless of the outcome at least that pesky white privilege guilt derived from historic injustice/brutality will be assuaged, at least somewhat anyway.


  6. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Sharpless was absolutely correct. I’d rather try to change the belief system of a demented street preacher than that of a Madison liberal.


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