Suffer the little children: crime comes to the daycare center

Now Madison daycares aren’t safe from violent crime

A second auto hijacking at a day care center in two days! Weapons displayed, driver threatened with bodily harm — endangering little children!


More unmet needs?

Thursday’s carjacking occurred at Great Beginnings Arbor Hills day care, 2821 Todd Drive. Wednesday it was La Petite Academy on Schroeder Road.

As the mother entered the daycare to pick up a child, two masked robbers entered the car, pointed a gun at the oldest child inside, a 15-year-old boy, and ordered him to remove the 8- and 9-year olds.

Like the jacking on Wednesday, this car was also found abandoned on Tree Lane, where a “wet” flophouse was erected with public money earlier this year.

In Wednesday carjacking, two men stole a car after the driver and his 3-year-old daughter were allowed to get out of the vehicle. More at WKOW-TV.

‘Making it interesting’

Chris Rickert and the WI State Journal are up with today’s top story. The original lede was changed since it was first posted.

The race for a seat on the liberal-dominated Madison School Board got a little more interesting competitive Friday when an outspoken conservative blogger and former member of the Tommy Thompson administration declared his candidacy. … “It starts with safety and discipline,” said Blaska

The cutline under the photograph is frustrating. Freedom Inc. said it was trying to prevent me from recording juvenile speakers. Makes me sound like a child molester, which is what they want. In actuality, Freedom Inc. tried to prevent me and everyone else from recording ANY of their speakers. They harassed a mother, pictured on Page 1 on July 19, when she tried to video record ME being harassed. And, for that matter, the school district automatically records ALL speakers for its video feed.

Want to help? Sure you do!

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