About David Blaska

My story (I am sticking to it) began on a farm outside of Sun Prairie, WI as as the oldest of 6 children born within 7½ years. Attended  a one-room country school (Oak Lawn) my first two years, complete with biffies in the back and a water bubbler inside. At age 12, the Old Man plunked me onto a Farmall tractor before heading off to serve in the state legislature. Got into newspapering at age 16 for a summer job at the Stoughton Courier-Hub. Met Lisa at UW-Oshkosh where I edited the school paper and rocked to the music, weed and protest of the late 1960s. Kept my shiny hiney out of ‘Nam with decent grades and and impossibly high draft number. Worked daily newspapers in DeKalb, Ill., and Waukesha, WI before landing at The Capital Times in Madison. Arrived there a standard-issue liberal; left as a Reagan conservative. Went to work for Tommy G. Thompson in various state agencies and in his press office. Served on Dane County Board of Supervisors from 1994-2006, winning six of seven elections in a City of Madison district. Served as an alternate delegate to the 2016 Republican national convention in Cleveland. Devoted Harley-D motorcycle rider. (I’m on my third). Catch me from time to time on my good friend Vicki McKenna’s weekly afternoon program (1310 AM on the dial) and from time to time on Joy Cardin’s WHA radio Wisconsin Week in Review Friday mornings and occasionally on Sunday morning TV news shows.


Got a permit to sing in the Capitol Rotunda in 2013, unlike the Solidarity Singers. Sang patriotic songs and Gilligan’s Island and Green Acres theme songs. Served Twinkies. Irritated liberals.