Another triumph of restorative justice! Teen car thieves’ rap sheet had 29 priors!

The one alder who consistently supports public safety
already has an opponent

Three triumphs for restorative justice, actually. A 16-year-old driver and two 14-year old passengers stole a car and crashed it into a home under construction for a disabled woman of color on Allied Drive last week. With injuries. Turns out just these three combined were arrested 29 times earlier for crimes including operating a vehicle without the owner’s consent and burglary. (Kudos to Chris Rickert, one of the better news reporters in town.)

Boys TownPaging juvenile court judge Everett Mitchell: did you swear to uphold the law? What is your success rate?

Social media hereabouts is asking Where are the parents? The parents are the problem! Too many times they join in with their wayward offspring to whale on other kids and parents with whom they are feuding in school cafeteria brawls.

Blaska renews his call for a minimum security residential school for troubled teenagers. Perhaps with acreage for extensive gardens. Kids sweep, cook, and wash. Combination boot camp and Kaleem Caire’s Madison Prep. Requires expedited judicial placement. Permits voluntary parental placements. (“I can’t handle this kid; here, you take him.”)

O.K., a modern-day Boys Town.

Ald. Skidmore faces challenge



There is one reliable supporter of police on Madison Common Council. Alone of its 20 members, Alder Paul Skidmore spoke at the Madison Board of Eduction on behalf of cops in schools. His November 5 public safety meeting attracted 400 to 500 citizens plus the mayor, police chief, sheriff, police captains, and two judges.

Wouldn’t you know it? — Paul Skidmore has an opponent. And it’s not even time to take out papers for the April 2 non-partisan council and school board elections. This is Madison, folks, where the social justice warriors never rest. NEVER!

Candidates cannot even begin to circulate nomination papers until December 1 (a little better than a week away) and have until January 2 to file those and other papers. (Instructions here.) (Only 20 signatures of qualified voters are needed, best to get a few extra; 40 is the maximum. School board is a city-wide election; for those gather between 100 and 200 signatures. Find your aldermanic district here.)

So far, eight alders have announced they are not seeking re-election, including Matt Phair and Mo Cheeks here on the southwest side, Larry Palm on the northeast side, and Ledell Zellers on the isthmus north of East Wash, [CORRECTION: Marsha Rummel on the isthmus south of East Wash. ] Those are in addition to alders who quit mid-term and were replaced by appointees who may or may not run in their own right. 

Allow the Lord High Commissioner of the Blaska Policy Werkes to repeat an adage former Dane County Board chairman Mike Blaska would convey to newly elected members: at first, you wonder how you ever got elected to this august body. Soon enough, you will wonder how THEY ever got elected to this august body.

Our local elected officials, in other words, aren’t all that special. In still more words: you can do it!

What was the worst year to be human on earth?

Leisure suitSeveral candidates: The year 1349, when the Black Death wiped out half of Europe’s population, and 1918 — when influenza killed up to 100 million people. Some of us would nominate the Jimmy Carter presidency. Hostages, gas lines, meat shortages, double-digit inflation, polyester leisure suits and disco music. Need we say more?

A Harvard researcher pinpoints 536 A.D., pretty much the beginning of Europe’s dark ages. From the feisty New York Post:

In that colossally miserable year, ash from a volcano plunged into Europe, the Middle East and Asia, causing a blanket of darkness that spanned 18 months —leading temperatures to plummet, crops to die and humans to starve to death.

Looks like the big snow storm Sunday will track south of us. (More here.)

Will Tony Evers keep Stephanie Klett at Tourism and appoint Luther Olson to replace him at Public Instruction? (More here.)

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11 Responses to Another triumph of restorative justice! Teen car thieves’ rap sheet had 29 priors!

  1. Batman says:

    Nothing wrong with polyester leisure suits and disco music is fantabulous, especially for dancing.

    And that’s a wrap!

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


      I believe that photo is from GQ, and was depicted in one of its “Where We Got It Wrong” segments.

      I had a couple of shirts not unlike those, and a couple of pairs of pants that, today, I wouldn’t wear if were I home alone.

      I lived the Disco Era, one could say profited from it even, as a bouncer at The Concourse Hotel’s Fogcutter Underground.

      Heck, I may have even collected a cover charge or two from youse or other readers here

      I did from the inimitable Doug Moe, let’s just say more than twice!

      The Gotch


  2. richard lesiak says:

    “minimum security residential school.” Hmmmm. Walker should start the ball rolling before he leaves office. Another for profit prison on the horizon? The gop is still in control so it’s possible. I’m sure they could find the money somewhere.


  3. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Even the generationally ignorant SHOULD know that the the Prison Industry Enhancement Certification Program (PIECP) was signed into law by the 2nd worst POTUS EVAH in 1979.

    Then the Former-Serial-Sexual-Predator-In-Chief Bill “Three Strikes” Clinton and co-President Hillarity “Super-Predators-MUST-Be-Brought-To-Heel” Clinton pumped new life, and billion$ into the for-profit prison system to handle the Mass Incarceration, mostly of minorities, that their 1994 Omni-Bus Mandatory Sentencing/Truth In Sentencing Crime Bill created.

    Even if that were the only knock on that lovely couple, it’s still be quite a legacy for Grifters extraordinaire, isn’t it?

    Anywho, Bill secured office space in Harlem PLUS Hillarity regularly uses a fake southern accent <b<PLUS she’s told us that the one thing she always carries in her purse is Hot Sauce.

    And lest we forget:​ “(She) Ain’t In No Ways Tired”, so all is forgiven, am I right?

    Ah Lefty; so MUCH hypocrisy, so little time!

    The Gotch


  4. richard lesiak says:

    It was a constructive idea. The state has proven that they can’t run the prison system; especially for juveniles. So bring in the for profit’s, lay out the guidelines for rehab, treatment, etc and have a non-partisan panel doing the over-sight. The problem is a lot bigger than 4 kids stealing a car. I’m actually agreeing with you Blaska, but this is a state wide problem that needs the attention of the people in the capital. You wrote about acreage, gardens and more. A Madison alder is not going to get that for you.


    • David Blaska says:

      Yes, requires state legislation, specially for the expedited judicial determinations. Also for partial funding, at the least. Probably a county-state partnership in an archipelago or these around the state, mostly multi-county except in heavily populated areas like Dane, Milwaukee, Brown, Racine, Rock, etc.


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      A “state-wide problem?” Really? Except for Milwaukee, Dane County is the only place in the state experiencing this kind of serious public safety threat on a regular (almost daily) basis. The reason? A risk to public safety is a price the sanctimonious twits in Madison are more than willing to pay to burnish their social justice credentials. Just like they’re more than willing to allow hordes of illegals–including criminals–into this country because it demonstrates their boundless compassion. Frankly, I’m surprised Skidmore doesn’t have at least a dozen opponents. The idea that a lone voice of dissent should be allowed on the Madison City Council is intolerable to all those champions of tolerance here in Liberal La-La land.

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  5. Tom Paine says:

    Until and unless juvy prisons are run under a boot camp- military culture that existed prior to WWII, youth will not be reformed. They might leave the system, either as full-time residents of the adult prison system, or death, or as yet-to-be-incarcerated individuals, but only a very small percentage will change their anti-social behavior. Of course, what I am suggesting would violate current ACLU dogma that has been adopted by the courts. Thus, the problem of feral youth will remain as problem, out of sight, out of mind. .

    Ever read about the disrespect, violence, and language of the Lincoln Hills boys? Ever talk to one of the guards? Ever talked to a “progressive reformer” that had a positive track record for changing the gangsta values and culture of feral youth? Nope. They don’t exist.

    Only solution is boot camp, including physical punishment and psychological privation.. Wishing that other means are effective, is a pipe dream. Consider the implications that this rap video has been viewed over 309 million times….. The cultural rot is far deeper and more profound than y’all assume.

    God Bless the Touchy-Feely, I’m OK crowd of limp, Do-Gooders for reforming society. Those who have enabled them are reaping the just fruits. Mo’ weed, mo’ meth. Lighter sentences, etc. Save them—- they all BE VICTIMS. More Narcan, Free Needles, but at least 100 yds from the elementary school. 🙂


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      “Wishing that other means are effective is a pipe dream.” Or pretending those means are effective and ignoring any factual evidence to the contrary. That’s the Madison way.Oh, and don’t forget to call anyone who disagrees with you a racist.

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  6. Dan B. says:

    Big government Blaska wants more spending!
    Awaiting your defense of free speech in the UW-La Crosse affair.


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