The Socialist Left is weaponizing

Everyone they don’t like is Hitler

Madison WI has its own Leftist gun-nut chapter

The New York Times’ Michelle Goldberg is the Mother Jones of the militant Left. The former contributor to the avowedly socialist Nation magazine (Comrade John Nichols’ daytime hangout) has strewn a splattered newsprint trail of bile, rage, and paranoid hate.

When Mitt Romney’s wife celebrated motherhood during the presidential campaign of 2012, Goldberg responded that such phrases reminded her of “pro-natalist propaganda of World War II-era totalitarian regimes.” Imagine, George Romney was a fascist to Goldberg types!

Completely clueless that people like her helped elect Donald Trump, Goldberg alleged (on MSNBC of course) that the President “Would certainly like to” murder people without due process.

Today, this “journalist” deftly encourages social justice warriors to lock and load against the Trump kristallnacht she sees around every corner.


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In so doing, she echoes Obama’s plea to bring a gun to a knife fight, his attorney general’s to kick conservatives when they go low, and Robert DeNiro’s sad descent into agitated senescence at the Tony Awards show. Comedian Kathy Griffin thought an image holding Trump’s severed head was comic gold. Well, it is to the late-night talk show set, anyway.

You want Kristallnacht?

The window-smashers of Antifa wear black masks for a reason. It should not surprise, therefore, that The Resistance is arming. Left-wing hate is weaponizing through the auspices of something called the Socialist Rifle Association. (Get it? The SRA.) It appeals to: “working class, progressive, anarchist, socialist, communist, eco-warrior, animal liberator, anti-fascist, anti-racist, anti-capitalist, PoC, LGBTQ+,” et cetera.

It’s ultimate purpose is armed rebellion to establish a Marxist state:

We cannot allow the state, fascists, and the reactionary right to maintain a monopoly on lethal force. We must be prepared for the possibility that the state will not protect us. We must be ready to take our fate into our own hands. We must be prepared to build – and defend – a new society, a fairer and kinder society, inside the disintegrating shell of the old. The choice is Socialism or Barbarism.

Join up for $25 and you get a card embossed with the likeness of Karl Marx. Houston named its chapter after Huey P. Newton, violent co-founder of the Black Panther Party. 

Armed and militant

The Socialist Rifle Association shows 6,422 followers on its social network page. SRA has chapters in Northeast Wisconsin, Wyoming, Upstate South Carolina, Sacramento, Seattle, Reno, Central Ohio, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, North Georgia, Triad North Carolina, Central Tennessee and — yes, the Peoples’ Republic of Madison Wisconsin.

SRA Madison

Note Michelle Goldberg’s endorsement in her closing paragraph:

This week, the group released a video interspersing clips of Donald Trump denouncing “globalists” with images of Nazism, anti-Semitic propaganda and anti-Semitic tweets. It ends with pictures of people firing guns, and the words, “We Keep Us Safe.”

In this combustible moment, some have come to feel that no one else will.

It’s not just Trump, of course. It’s Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and Scott Walker. BAD PEOPLE. Eeeee-VILLL! Storm Troopers. Waffen SSS. Michelle Goldberg’s NY Times colleague Paul Krugman speaks for the Resistance when he brays, as he did today (11-02-18):

“At this point, good people can’t be good Republicans.” 

Blaska’s Bottom Line: If good Republicans can’t be good people, one is free to shout them down at school board meetings, harass them at restaurants, throw liquids in their faces, threaten to dress out their wives like deer — even smoke ‘em if ya gotta.

Isn’t that how Robert Bowers felt about Jews in Pittsburgh?

UPDATE from John Nichols’ The Nation: Resist Trump “by massive, militant, coordinated action.”

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27 Responses to The Socialist Left is weaponizing

  1. Spongy, coddled, endomorphic Lefties think, to their eternal peril, that they’re built for what’s coming.

    THEY AIN’T!!!

    Cannon Fodder!

    The Gotch

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  2. madisonexpat says:

    If Socialists organize to do anything besides childish tantrums they will fail. Never underestimate the power of the Left to fail miserably.


  3. White Hills says:

    Cosmo SJW leftists using real guns? That’s funny. They’d probably end up shooting themselves. The real world isn’t like the social media bubble world SJWs spend a lot of time inhabiting, in their own heads.


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      All they’re really doing is playing cops and robbers (or cowboys and Indians). Something their progressive parents probably forbade them to do.


    • richard lesiak says:

      What are you going to do? Send me pipe bombs that don’t work because your a dumb-ass who can’t make one. So you live in a bubble of faux news and in your head all is right. Holy crap; after 2 years will Hannity finally stop bitching about Hillary? Nope. If he did the RWNJ bubble would burst.


  4. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    The Madison chapter of SRA says it will soon be meeting “to ratify bylaws.” If their level of competency is anything like that of the Madison School Board, Trump will be well into his third term before they manage to get those bylaws ratified. Long before then, half of their membership will consist of FBI undercover agents.

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  5. WashCoRepub says:

    Breathlessly waiting for the Southern Poverty Law Center to declare this a dangerous ‘hate group…’

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  6. Paula Fitz says:

    It is indeed people like her that not only helped elect Donald Trump, but who have helped give rise to the massive #walkaway movement. Actually, we should call it #runaway. Yet they remain completely clueless.

    This dude speaks for many of us:

    “Completely clueless that people like her helped elect Donald Trump . . .”


  7. coolkevs says:

    Alec Baldwin arrested? Ironic that the guy who has made his living the past few years as a Trump caricature is the one to be arrested. Disavow disavow disavow!!!! Shame shame shame!!! *crickets*


    • @coolkevs;

      “Alec Baldwin arrested?”

      That came on MSLSD while I was over at my Dear nonagenarian Parents.


      Couldn’t happen to a more deserving PRICK!

      Curious; whaddya think the over-under is that The Donald…um…weighs in…?

      The Gotch


  8. madisonexpat says:

    I love the SRA flag where bullets are surrounded by sheaves of wheat. The Socialists will do to bullets what the Soviets did to wheat production.


  9. David Blaska says:

    The old Soviet joke. Comrade stands in line for hours waiting for his day-old loaf of bread. Finally gets to counter only to be told the state store is out. Angry comrade complains. Man in trench coat and fedora pulled over eyes approaches our comrade and makes motion of finger pulling a trigger. Comrade walks away, shaken. “Not only is our socialist paradise out of bread! Now they’re out of bullets, too!”


  10. richard lesiak says:

    All you need to do is look at the crap deal the voters in Dodge City Kansas are getting to tell you why people are joining orgs. like the SRA. On the other hand the NRA has been really quiet lately since the evidence is growing that the commies gave them millions to spend electing trump. I can’t wait for the election to be over, that’s when Mueller drops the bombs on these bastards. So many indictments; so little time.


  11. Sprocket says:

    You have to love the little touch of the AK in front of Lenin and Marx. These people, much like our Madison socialists, are not socialists. They are communists, meaning their ideal is totalitarianism. They are also aligned with ANTIFA, and for all practical purposes probably one and the same, which means one of their core tenants is using violence against those that don’t adhere to their ideology.

    The more the left doubles down on the narrative that everyone to the right Don Lemon is literally a Nazi, the less opportunity I see for things to not end in blood an fire. When you promote an identitarian world view and cast your opposition as evil genocidal maniacs, you are signaling that the only acceptable options are their complete capitulation or complete destruction (the optimal solution being both). As far as I can tell, the only thing keeping a lid on things is the booming economy and a reluctance on the right to embrace identitarianism to the same extent as the left. Neither of these things will last forever.


  12. Norman Sannes says:

    “met and visited the range”??? I wonder “what range?”


  13. AnonyBob says:

    After all these years of rwnj “militias” running around woods playing 2nd Amendment extremists, backed and abetted by the NRA and Fox, a few lefties start making the same noises and you snowflakes wet yourselves.


  14. You'readong says:

    How many militias with secret plans of societal overthrow do you know of that are registered, above-ground 501c’s with stated goals of mutual aid and responsible firearm education? If you don’t support the right of all citizens to bear arms then how can you claim you support the 2nd amendment? Leftist firearm owners are either a threat to the fabric of society or a bunch of idiots running around shooting themselves. Which is it? Reactionaries reek of fear. Can anyone say “triggered”?


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