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Ron Johnson plants his cross

and defends his hill. It is the official catechism of Blaska Policy Werkes to denounce as intrinsically disordered any acts of violence, intimidation, or harassment short of a declaration of war declared by Congress. Which is why the head groundskeeper, … Continue reading

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Madison lefties blame Trump supporters for Madison riots

Was Antifa responsible? The usual suspects are planting a “false flag” theory — that Donald Trump supporters caused the State Street riots Saturday (05-30-2020) in Madison WI. “Trump people on now on State Street … agitating,” said Rose Johnson-Brown on … Continue reading

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Dare I attend the ‘Cops in schools’ Common Council meeting tonight?

Blaska is torn twixt and ‘tween Still undecided whether to attend and/or speak at Madison Common Council meeting tonight (07-02-19).  On the Council’s agenda is Cops in Schools. It’s Item 37.  Wondering whether any other pro-cop citizen will dare to … Continue reading

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The Socialist Left is weaponizing

Everyone they don’t like is Hitler Madison WI has its own Leftist gun-nut chapter The New York Times’ Michelle Goldberg is the Mother Jones of the militant Left. The former contributor to the avowedly socialist Nation magazine (Comrade John Nichols’ … Continue reading

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What if Leah Vukmir is the change maker, not The Capital Times?

The Democrats’ ‘Fighting dirty’ is losing voters The Capital Times is desperate to smear nurse and working mother Leah Vukmir as a “dishonest … career politician” because the Republican candidate for Senate is hitting incumbent Tammy Baldwin where it hurts: … Continue reading

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