Ald. Hall wants to take guns away from cops who protect banks from robbers

UPDATE: Ald. Hall cancels meeting that had been scheduled Tuesday with that bank on Milwaukee Street after blogging:

‘We don’t need to get into an arms race with would-be robbers’

Always a step ahead of the national movement to disarm law-abiding citizens, enlightened thinkers here in The Emerald City are trying to disarm the police after kicking them out of Madison’s troubled public high schools.

A certain branch bank on Milwaukee Street had been a favorite of robbers — all armed or purporting to be — until the bank hired a security guard who, on March 1, shot the next robber with a single, well aimed bullet. In so doing, the guard ended the criminal career — and life — of that particular bank robber and likely served notice that if others wanted to ply the same criminal trade, they should find another bank.

Since that shooting, the bank has hired off-duty Madison police officers, well trained in the use of a firearm, to guard the bank. [Corrected from previous version. The bank security guard that shot the robber was NOT an off-duty MPD officer.] Which is reason, somehow, for the east-side alder misrepresenting that neighborhood to demand the officer relinquish his fire arm. (Forget it Jake, it’s Madison.)

A bank robber might get hurt

Ald. Amanda Hall

We thank WMTV-15 for reporting on our favorite alder, Amanda Hall, who says a gun in the hands of the bank security guard — even a trained police officer — is too close to homes, a senior living facility, a kindergarten and preschool.

“She’s worried that a stray bullet could hurt someone.”

Judging by actual experience, the bullet shot by the security guard at the bank on Milwaukee Street did not go astray. It found its target.

Unlike the Gangs of Madison, who seem to hit everything but each other. More than 20 shots were fired in a gunfight reported Wednesday evening in the 5800 block of Russett Road. That’s one block from Toki middle school/Orchard Ridge elementary school. Two vehicles and a building were hit by bullets.

There was more shooting later on on Dorsett Drive, a few blocks further north.

Friday morning on the northeast side, police found 54 spent rifle rounds in the 2200 block of Brentwood Parkway.

The NBC affiliate quotes the third district alder to say:

While there could be a strong argument for an armed guard at that … bank, I feel like there are a lot of other options and those options might in the end, make us more safer.

The alder suggested more cameras and bullet proof glass, which the bank already has.

And now he’s not robbing any more banks

At the time the bank robber on Milwaukee Street hit the floor, Ald. Hall blamed the community, lack of giveaway programs, the Koch Brothers, and global warming for the bank robber’s demise — everyone, in fact, except the bank robber who, in her liberal-progressive-socialist world view, had many unmet needs.

Ald. Hall said at the time, “What this looks like to me is we have a young man, who didn’t have the community support and the community opportunity to make a different choice with what he was going to do with his Thursday. And now he’s dead.”

They say when you’re dead you don’t know it but neither do you know it when you are stupid.

Might Alder Hall permit the much-robbed bank to protect itself by throwing stones, as a Pennsylvania school district has proposed? The stones could be limited in weight and diameter, in piles of no more than eight per teller.

Hey, work with us here.

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11 Responses to Ald. Hall wants to take guns away from cops who protect banks from robbers

  1. dad29 says:

    “…more safer…”??

    OK, so what’s the superlative of that? MOST safer? More safest? Most safest?

    Does Madistan always elect illiterates?


  2. Kevin Wymore says:

    Regarding alder-sanctioned weapons in banking heists, I dearly hope that neither guns nor sticks nor stones are employed in anger against community unresourced robbers. This is Madison! Thrown yogurt cups, only. And tellers may be punished for splattering anyone but robbers.


  3. Scott F says:


    “The stones could be limited in weight and diameter, in piles of no more than eight per teller.”


  4. I’m not sure what concerns me more; Hall’s monumentally blithering imbecility and complete obliviousness to a fact-based reality or the people that enter a voting booth thinking “Hey, this GRRRRL has her finger on the pulse of, you know, like, some real real important stuff!!”

    The Gotch


    • Batman Lives says:

      Well said Gotch.

      “The real real important stuff” would be the selfish, irresponsible young people creating babies out of wedlock under self-defeating circumstances.
      The 400k OIR money would have been better spent on a program to address this tragedy that spans generations and burdens society with incalculable problems.


  5. Nancy says:

    Alder Hall canceled tonights meeting with Chase Bank. I’m guessing the feedback she got from our neighborhood was not the feedback she wanted.


    • David Blaska says:

      ‘We don’t need to get into an arms race with would-be robbers’

      Ald. Hall’s blog on Monday (3-26-18) fretted that, faced with an armed guard at the bank, robbers would mount a massive, military-style attack.

      “I do wonder if an armed guard at this location truly makes us safer. … I am concerned that if there is one armed guard at the branch, that instead of one person trying to rob the bank without an actual weapon, as we saw frequently before now, that we might see a group of assailants, armed with powerful guns, attempt a robbery. We do an okay job setting up our officers with weapons, but we don’t need to get into an arms race with would-be robbers. That would be terribly unsafe for everyone in the vicinity, not least our officers.”


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