Make America Stupid Again

Private enterprise to the rescue: Shoot neat stuff into space!

Restore Trust in Government! Invent fake quotes!

My Always Trump friends (for they ARE my friends) maintain there is method to Donald Trump’s madness. Making America crazy is beneficial. It fracks the Deep State and drains the swamp, or some such ex post facto apologia.

America saneBut Trump is also making America stupid. Viewers were appalled when the Congressional Black Caucus sat on their hands as the President announced the lowest-ever black unemployment during the State of the Union address last week. Independents tsk-tsked at Nancy Pelosi’s churlishness. Opinion polls were swinging Trump’s way. So what does the Commander in Chief do? He shoots himself in the foot. Again.

No cheers from the gallery? “Treason,” the President himself says. (The Official Transcript.) Who is this guy in the White House? Kim Jong-un? Can be hold the Constitution in such disregard. Doesn’t he realize Democrats are fully capable of knitting their own rope?

Sen. John McCain, heroic POW held 5 ½ years in the Hanoi Hilton, is guilty of “Treason” for not voting with Trump, according to the social media Boob-wah-zshee. The Senate is not a rubber stamp? Off with their heads, say the Mesdames LaFarge — not that any of them would understand the reference.

The Blaska Policy Werkes exists to scourge the mainstream news media and academia for their liberal-progressive-socialist bias. Their 24/7 fixation on Russian Collusion is evidence of their investment in the Trump Resistance. Much of their  product is questionable, if not outright fakery.

But Our Side is guilty of Fake News, too. No, make that Stupid News. A particular social media meme takes a well regarded public personage, someone like Tom Hanks, and inserts into their mouths preposterous oaths of blind allegiance to the one true Trump. Demonstrably false, it doesn’t matter. Take the following exchange from the Manor’s

Morgan FreemanFacebook feed: A well known Republican activist posts a photo of actor Morgan Freeman purporting to demand that Hillary Clinton be thrown in jail to restore trust in government.

Another Facebooker responds: This is fake news. Morgan Freeman campaigned for Hillary. Do your research.

The original poster: News is supposed to be FACTS. This is OPINION but it is true. The opinion is true, no matter who said it or not.

Another response: But he never said it.

The original poster: Someone did, and it is a true sentiment.

Think about it: the purported goal is to Restore Trust in Government. The tactic to achieve that goal? Make up a quote and put it in the mouth of someone who would never say that. As George Costanza said, “If you really believe it, then it’s not a lie.” 


What else cool could be sent into space?

Elon Musk is a real-life Tony Stark. Re-usable launch rockets! Sending an open-cockpit Tesla automobile into space. What a hoot! Putting a spaceman behind the wheel, pure demented Marvel-comic genius. Playing David Bowie’s Space Oddity, priceless! More here. How long before Apple, Facebook, and Amazon get in the space race?

Anyone know if it is possible to send into orbit a cubic yard of nothing but earth air? Should remain intact, no? What would degrade it? What else should be shot into space? Fun or political.

Platinum Subscriber Stuff: Scott Walker calls for incentives for Kimberly-Clark in attempt to save two plants. Where do the corporate giveaways end?

The Capital Times, supposedly concerned about politicizing the state supreme court, endorses the most nakedly partisan Never-Trump candidate, Tim Burns, and the other Democrat on the ballot, Rebecca Dallet. Pay attention, folks: the supreme court primary is Tuesday, February 20. Why pretend? The indentured servants are instructed to vote for the conservative, Michael Screnock.


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17 Responses to Make America Stupid Again

  1. Patrick M O'Loughlin says:

    Speaking of Supreme Court candidates, have you seen Tim Burns’ TV ads? I always thought that it was odd that Wisconsin elected many of their judges, but now Burns is running ads that declare who he is going to treat favorably in his court. The ad says he will take on Scott Walker and “big corporations.” Apparently the facts matter not. And neither does the point of law being adjudicated. Burns obviously believes the law is not what is important. What’s important is that the “right” people win. He thinks that judges pick winners and losers.


  2. Scott F says:

    “Elon Musk is a real-life Tony Stark.“ – Tony Stark with a heavy dose of P.T. Barnum….. I “mingled” with more than 100,000 other SpaceX fans yesterday at the Cape as the new Falcon Heavy was launched. The enthusiastic crowd was due in no small part to the marketing genius of Musk. Combined with his cautious warning of, “You know, this could very well blow up on the pad” and the brilliant substitution of his Tesla sports car in lieu of drab, dull concrete blocks as a payload, the atmosphere was fun filled and electric. The simultaneous ballet of the return of the 2 side boosters was frosting on the space cake. When it was all over, a normal 40 minute ride home took over 4 hours.


  3. AnonyBob says:

    What’s going on, Dave? There’s nothing to argue with here. So let’s try this:
    Did you see Kim Jong-Trump wants to hold a military parade on Pennsylvania Ave? How (unsurprisingly) un-American of him.


  4. Forbidden thoughts says:

    Looks like we finally have the proof to send Hillary to jail. She was selling secrets to the Russians. Cull the deep state.


  5. old baldy says:

    Should we be shocked that you would promote and vote for such a scofflaw? Probably not.


  6. richard lesiak says:

    There’s less staff turnover at a Detroit 7-11. Liars, thieves, dumb-asses and wife-beaters. I went through a security clearance when I worked at the Baraboo casino and half these bums couldn’t pass it today. Drain the swamp…what a joke.


    • Batman says:

      Richard (nothisrealname) Lesiak prefers the greasy, ultra-corrupt, smooth as silk, no ripples on the pond Obama/Clinton regime. Their dark tired polished style comforts him. He sleeps pleasantly to the mantra of, status quo, subliminally playing at his bedside throughout the night.
      Change is messy. So what. It is too early for you to continually mock and criticize from your edified perch.

      “Drain the swamp…what a joke.” By definition there will be significant turnover all over the place, and it is not over yet.


      • richard lesiak says:

        Your personal attacks on me are becoming tedious. Still waiting for your Facebook friend request. I fact; it’s open to everyone who posts on this blog.


  7. Batman says:

    Not personal Richard, nor an attack.
    A brief juxtaposition of your political preferences with your tedious anti-Trump rhetoric.


    • richard lesiak says:

      Having a wife beater on your staff in a position that requires a security clearance and then the chief of staff lying about it is not anti-trump. It’s illegal, immoral and unfit for people who are in the WH. They should use Emily’s list to find their people; they would get a better result.


  8. madisonexpat says:

    Poor Richard,
    When the current President uses a 20 yr. old White House intern as a humidor, let me know then I too can swoon and clutch my pearls.
    Until then……


  9. Leo says:

    I’d propose sending Kim Jung Un AND Donald Trump into orbit – no space suits, no helmets. Maybe then the world could get back to things that matter. Just the two of them sitting in a
    Yugo for losers.


    • madisonexpat says:

      Right. You equate our president with that murderous moron in North Korea who starves tens of thousands of innocents to get missiles and nukes.
      You voted for Hillary didn’t you.


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