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Stealth candidates got stealth votes 

Fly under the radar in Ukraine, not Dane County!  Catching up with our jeremiad posted before the election on April 5. We excoriated seven candidates for Dane County Board who blew off the WI State Journal and the League of … Continue reading

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Karen, don’t have a cow!

Rap my knuckles, will you! Early in the 2020 presidential campaign, Madison progressives had a schoolyard crush on Elizabeth Warren. Appeared with Tammy Baldwin here in town at one of Lindsay Lee’s coffee shops.  The rest of the country? Meh. … Continue reading

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Make America Stupid Again

Private enterprise to the rescue: Shoot neat stuff into space! Restore Trust in Government! Invent fake quotes! My Always Trump friends (for they ARE my friends) maintain there is method to Donald Trump’s madness. Making America crazy is beneficial. It … Continue reading

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