Mother thanks cop after son’s arrest

The little lights, they are flickering again at the Stately Manor

You would never know it from the headlines, the news footage, or the raucous parade of social justice warriors mau-mauing Madison police at the city council and county board. But Madison’s blue-uniformed quality-of-life guardians get a fair number of kudos, congrats, and atta-boys a) from the people they serve b) from the district attorney’s office and c) from command staff, judging by the fourth-quarter report of the MPD Office of Professional Standards and Internal Affairs.

Alders have been getting these quarterly reports for two full years now, not that they get a lot of mention. Which is a shame. A quick sampling of the latest batch:

A brother of a homicide victim wrote a letter to the detectives who worked his brother’s case. The letter described the detectives as sensitive, compassionate and personal yet extremely professional. The letter continued by stating … the care and concern of the entire investigative team was a bright spot through an extremely difficult time for his family.

A phone call was received from the mother of an arrested subject who wanted to convey her thanks and appreciation to the officer who handled the case. The mother stated the officer was such a caring, nice officer and easy to work with.

An email was sent to show appreciation for officers who responded to a suicidal subject in his building. The email stated that he was inside his apartment and overheard everything the officers and paramedics were doing. She said the officers handled the situation with such amazing calmness given the tense situation.

Chief and kidsThere are more, like the officer who purchased a car child safety seat with his own money. It was for a disadvantaged mother involved in a car crash. Another who stopped by an ailing 4-year-old child’s birthday party because the little fellow was enamored of police. All the officers who manage to gain entry to locked apartments to revive heroin overdoses.

Read them here.

When the CEO of the Blaska Policy Werkes testified before the Common Council last week (01-16-18), he noted that today’s police officers are intake agents for the city and county’s vast array of social services.

Who you gonna call in the following situation Lieutenant Tim Radke described in his report? A social worker? A community organizer? Amelia Royko-Mauer’s Community Response Team? M. Adams’ Freedom Inc.? Progressive Dane?

Officers responded to a call where a subject was suicidal, armed with a knife, was intoxicated and ingested pills. Officers learned while en-route that the subject had cut his throat. Officers arrived on scene and did an excellent job of coordinating the response which included staging fire rescue and getting a separate channel for the call. Officers used good tactics and gained intel about the subject. Attempts were made to locate the subject and clear the residence safely.

The subject came out from the residence and did not want to comply with officers commands. The officers did a great job of giving verbal commands and remained calm even as the subject was approaching them aggressively. The subject was armed with a knife and refused to put it down. When the subject threatened to harm himself with the knife in front of officers, a plan was put into place to take the subject into custody. A less lethal round was used which resulted in the subject falling and dropping the knife which allowed officers to take him into protective custody without any further incident.

The subject remained combative and officers controlled him so they were able to render him aid for his injuries that he had caused to himself. The officers … likely saved his life.

Police saving lives? Who knew? Getting thanked? Heads are exploding!

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2 Responses to Mother thanks cop after son’s arrest

  1. madisonexpat says:

    BLM says what?


    • Balboa says:

      They say, we want to police our own neighborhoods, they want their own fire and ambulance services. Because to them everything that modern society has built is based on Racism. They can keep celebrating Diversity and get no where in life.


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