Will Al Franken’s impending resignation put the ball in Republicans’ court?

We talked last time about profiles in courage, Mike Willett being one of them. His colleague on the Dane County Board Ronn Ferrell another.


I admire Mitt Romney for the same reason. He spoke up forcefully against Donald Trump when it still could have made a difference. Republicans today would be in a stronger place if, say, Ted Cruz had been elected. Same conservative agenda, same counter-punching style, without the personal baggage or the school recess bullying.

Cruz and my man, Evan McMullen, would hold the high ground on the sexual harassment issue, instead of being Me Too.

It looks like Democrats are going to outflank Republicans on the issue, now approaching a feeding frenzy. (Have you ever seen anything like this?) Our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances are clearing the decks to use the issue in next year’s mid-term elections. Look for Al Franken to resign his U.S. Senate seat soon. (“Giant of the Senate,” indeed!) Rep. John Conyers has already quit. In the Wisconsin state capitol, State Rep. Josh Zepnick, D-Milwaukee, is a non-person. The party that indulged Ted Kennedy, slut-shamed Bill Clinton’s accusers, and posed with Harvey Weinstein and took his money is, today, retroactively recalibrating its moral compass.

Meanwhile, President Trump and the Republican National Committee have jumped head first into the briar patch. They’ve gone all-in for Roy Moore in Alabama. The Wall Street Journal’s editorial this morning (12-6-17) is priceless:

Republicans have an unusual political problem in Alabama. Their candidate may win.

Thanks to Alabama Democrats nominating a John Nichols/Elizabeth Warren clone. The Policy Werkes calculus is the Senate could expel Moore, once seated, and Alabama’s Republican governor could then name a replacement. But Trump and the RNC’s endorsement is will be the gift that keeps on taking. Perhaps not in Alabama but in other states. They have soiled the brand immeasurably.

Wisconsin Republicans, despite the Nichols spin, can stand proud. Scott Walker, Ron Johnson, and Paul Ryan all urged Moore to drop out.

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  • Every so often, The Capital Times bemoans the lack of civility in public discourse. Otherwise it is business as usual, as in calling Wisconsin’s attorney general a “toadie” (12-6-17) for siding with the governor in the Tony Evers dispute. What, then, would be the proper term for a news outlet that always sides with Democrats? (Plenty to say about Roy Moore but nothing about Al Franken?)
  • Recognizing Jerusalem is the said to endanger peace in the Mideast. What peace? The U.S. has recognized the State of Israel since 1948. Jerusalem is its capital. Embassies are located in a nation’s capital. Recognizing Jerusalem will tell the Arab hotheads it’s over. Kowtowing to the Assads of the world has got us nowhere.
  • LaVar Ball blames UCLA coaches for his brat’s shoplifting drama in China. That’s the problem, isn’t it? No accountability. When someone else is to blame, no one is to blame.
  • Townhall.com’s conservative political editor Guy Benson, a gay man himself, on the Left’s acceptance of diversity: “Bake me a cake, bigots.”

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12 Responses to Will Al Franken’s impending resignation put the ball in Republicans’ court?

  1. old baldy says:

    “Republicans today would be in a stronger place if, say, Ted Cruz had been elected. Same conservative agenda, same counter-punching style, without the personal baggage or the school recess bullying.”

    Are we talking about the same Ted Cruz ?? If so, he is one of the most (if not the most) reviled members of the Senate. Nobody likes him, and he has plenty of personal baggage. Maybe a little better twitter control than the current occupant, and no doubt a higher IQ.


  2. madisonexpat says:

    Adios ex Senator Fishlips Franken. Alabama voters duly assess the choice before them and deem distant RINO’s disapproval as powerful as Tammy’s stand on D sexual predator MN.
    Democrat Party looks to Hillary as their moral compass while Hillary looks to Harvey Weensteen.
    Tune in tomorrow kids.
    Best of all, which is saying something, is every jerk predator hiding under his desk hoping “what’s her name” isn’t about to out him publicly.
    Hot buttered scadenfreude.


  3. madisonexpat says:

    At least ex Senator Franken can fall back on his Air America royalties, so he’s got that going for him.


  4. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    The recent tsunami of sexual assault allegations reminds me of a similar phenomenon from 30 years ago: the McMartin preschool case (google it) and the hysteria it provoked. I lived near LA at the time, so the coverage was non-stop. The charges started with “inappropriate behavior” on the part of teachers, then quickly escalated to tales of sexual abuse, rape, orgies, animal sacrifice, and Satanic rituals, each one more lurid than the last. When asked about the veracity of the charges, a law enforcement official investigating the case said, “Children lever lie.” (Stop for a minute and let that sink in.) Predictably, schools all over the country were soon hit by similar charges from children and parents. After six years of trials and millions of dollars, with the McMartins and their teachers left penniless and their reputations ruined, no convictions were obtained and charges were dropped. And not a shred of physical evidence was ever found to corroborate any of the charges.

    Fast forward to 2017. Now it’s women who never lie, and the current wave of hysteria makes the one from the 80s look like a ripple. (Of course, the payoff is that we get to drool over accounts of Matt Lauer’s sex toys and Roy Moore’s escapades at the local shopping mall.) Someone once said that contemporary American culture rests on the twin pillars of prurience and sentimentality. Truer words were never spoken.


  5. AnonyBob says:

    “Thanks to Alabama Democrats nominating a John Nichols/Elizabeth Warren clone”?
    The man is a former prosecutor who put away some of the Birmingham church bombers.


  6. coolkevs says:

    Why won’t Gloria Allred release the year book for 3rd party scrutiny?? Why did Moore’s alleged misdeeds occur for a 2 year period in 1977-79 and nothing on him since? Can’t say the same for the other guys that have been going down lately – a pattern of abuse that does not stop. Why is a man who has been in the public eye for 40 years and been through the wringer a la the Ten Commandments fight have all of this stuff come out now? It would be like having Tommy Thompson all of a sudden accused of stuff – there is something off about all of this. Once again, all the other guys had rumors or “everybody knew” – Moore stuff came out of left field in a coordinated effort.
    Regardless, just like Trump and his Access Hollywood thing, the voters in Alabama are going to the polls and will decide for themselves and the politicos should honor the results. That’s what democracy looks like, eh?


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Let the voters decide? C’mon, get with the times! It’s the liberals and their enablers in the MSM who get to decide. Keep repeating their latest mantra, “Believe the women, believe the women, believe the women.” All together now ….


  7. old baldy says:

    Looks like the R’s just tossed Franks under the bus.


  8. madisonexpat says:

    What’s the score Baldy?


  9. old baldy says:


    Don’t know, and don’t care. Clean house on both sides.


  10. madisonexpat says:

    C’mon Baldy, be honest, you DO know and care but I’m all for cleaning the whole damn house… unless the allegations are false. Cue Gloria Allred and her daughter. If Harold Ford proves his accuser wrong it’ll get even more interesting.


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