Has Madison stopped the cop bashing?

Did the worm just turn? Is November 14, 2017 the watershed? After 2½ years, is this the day Madison city government switched from race-baiting and cop-bashing to judging the person by his actions rather than by the color of their skin?

Yes it is. The Madison Common Council voted 14-6 very early this morning in favor of adding $400,000 to the $350,000 allocated in the mayor’s proposed budget in order to fund, at the very least, seven additional police officers and two squad cars even if the city is not awarded a federal grant; 15 if the city is awarded the federal COPS grant.

The Council beat back a motion (recounted here) that would have zeroed out any money for more police and another that would have delayed action. The roll call approving Ald. Skidmore’s Amendment #9 for more police was:

Eskrich, Harrington, King, Martin, Palm, Phair, Skidmore, Verveer, Wood, Zellers, Ahrens, Bidar-Sielaff, Cheeks, Clear — 14

NO: Hall, DeMarb, Kemble, Rummel, Baldeh, Carter — 6

There are at least five heroes in this endeavor: Paula and Steve Fitzsimmons have promoted the police against fierce opposition, particular with Paula’s Support The Police website, which generated an avalanche of e-mails to city officials. Ald. Paul Skidmore has stood like the Dutch boy with his finger in the dike against the flood. It was his marshaling of facts and hard work that got key signatories onto his Budget Amendment #9 for more police. Police Chief Mike Koval demonstrated the need, especially by making available his daily police blotter report. And Our Miss (strike that, Mrs.) Vicki McKenna for opening the air waves to those of us speaking for a civil society.

You should catch Steve and Paula’s testimony, check out the podcast here. Your intrepid blogger gives What For at 1:15:43.

‘Police were literally Nazis’

But for chills and thrills, check out a young lady named Allison at 30:54. Her little child is endearing but her testimony is chilling for its educated ignorance. Has Allison no sympathy for the parents digging bullets out of the wall above their baby’s crib? This is no hyperbole. It is Madison reality. We excerpt her remarks thusly:

Madison … is a Progressive haven … When BLM started, … I wish more white people had paid attention. … It’s not a coincidence we have the worst racial disparities in the entire country, it is because of what we are doing.… Who makes these [police] standards? Is it people locked in jail? Probably not. Is it wealthy white men? Probably. …

Police came from slave patrols and police came from strike breakers and that is what they were created to do. … The police literally were the Nazis. … They’ve been reformed? But on what planet would you want to reform the Nazis? … The last speaker [Paula Fitzsimmons] told us how dangerous being a police officer is but being a black man is more dangerous. … If you choose to put yourself on the line, then that is the choice you have made. … Yeah, there’s been some unfortunate incidents lately but …

What is surprising is that the cop-bashing Royko-Maurers did not speak; they only registered in opposition to the police. Nor did Dr. Gobbledygook. No did anyone from Young and Foolish or Freedom Inc. No “Power to the People” rally in front of the City County Building. Did they know they were beaten?

Ald. Kemble tried to use as a delaying tactic the $400,000 police practices study being conducted by a Berkeley, California boutique. “This report will answer tough questions … those answers may recommend a completely different model for our police department.”

Vote of confidence for the police

But Ald. Mark Clear, whom this blogge has criticized before, countered: “I can’t imagine anything in the OIR report that is going to say you should turn down the COPS grant.”

Another alder heavily criticized at this venue, Dave Ahrens, referenced the tsunami of citizen clamor for more police prompted by Paula’s website: “The case for additional officers has been made clearly by the department and by the people I represent.”

A special shout-out to Ald. Steve King. Here is an abbreviated transcript of his remarks during the marathon meeting:

Steve King

Ald. Steve King

This is the hill I am dying on, it is budget amendment #9. There is no way in hell I could write in my [constituent] message that I did not support a fully funded COPS grant after the feedback, flak, commentary, discussions with the police themselves — there’s no way I’m doing that. …  I don’t even want to go to my house if I didn’t support Amendment #9. There’s a demonstrated need. … Regardless of what the OIR report says, we are going to need more police officers.

The Madison Common Council’s budget meeting concluded at 2:30 a.m. 11-14-2017. Paula Fitzsimmons [CORRECTION] Ald. Skidmore tells the Policy Werkes:

Chief Koval looked both exhausted and exhilarated as he left the chambers. There were huge smiles on both his face and that of Chief Williams as well. He thanked a number of alders as he left, and he shook my hand as I left. He called me twice — once on the way home, once when I was getting into bed. He told me how much this means to his officers and command staff. This group effort has lit a spark of hope and joy in the Department. He said that this was received as a vote of confidence in the Department, and that the mood at the office today was very positive. This also sent a powerful message to the Mayor — a message that he heeded.

Now we wait to see if we get a grant, and plan our next effort.

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5 Responses to Has Madison stopped the cop bashing?

  1. Kevin Wymore says:

    Congratulations to David, Paula, Steve, Alder Skidmore and others who twisted arms and marshalled the votes for this rather astounding victory. Madison will be safer for it.

    And thanks to my Alder, Matt Phair, and other elected officials who have seen the light.

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  2. madisonexpat says:

    The people spoke and a bit of the swamp was drained. Dare we hope that the BLM lunacy ends here? Act 10 was the high water mark for the Dems. Then there came President Trump. Make Madison great again.

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  3. coolkevs says:

    Thanks to all involved – I’m watching the Midtown station going up just down the street and at least some of my tax money is going to good use.


  4. Fred Milverstedt says:



  5. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Allison’s observation that “police came from slave patrols and … from strikebreakers” demonstrates perfectly the radical left’s tactic of tying anything of which they disapprove to slavery. Fake history at its worst. And, yes, her kid is cute, but it made me cringe to see her using him as a prop to gain sympathy for a position that deserves none.

    [re: sidebar] Bill Clinton’s accusers back in the 1990s were speaking of events that happened yesterday compared to the 40-year-old allegations against Moore. And their stories were at least as credible as those being leveled against Moore. Nowadays, the left is commanding us to “believe” any accusation that any woman, anywhere makes against any man, anywhere (with special attention, of course, to accusations against Republicans). Since when did “believing” someone equate to weighing evidence in a courtroom? Since when did an accusation magically become a conviction? I’m no fan of Moore, but even he should be accorded the right of due process.

    Finally, I’d like to suggest that revelations about the behavior of the Harvey Weinsteins and Kevin Spaceys and Louis CKs of this world should have shocked no one. These are the people, after all, responsible for turning American popular culture into a cross between an open sewer and a circus freak show. Why would their private lives rise above the offal they create and foist on the rest of us?


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