When race is all you see, race is all you get

Using the ‘Prism of Equity’ we can see
the Dane County Board is race cra-zee!

The Derail the Jail crowd is not the only ones who can rhyme their doggerel.

Justice is personified as a blindfolded lady holding a balance scale. But Dane County, like the Emerald City and other bastions of liberal-progressive-socialism, has removed the blindfold and is viewing the world through “a racial equity lens.”

Lens of equity

Using the Prism of Equity, I don’t see people, I see only color

The elected inhabitants of the City County Building in downtown Madison are intoxicated with race — snot-flinging, staggering-down-State Street drunk on race.

There are not enough stone monuments in ancient cemeteries to sandblast clean for the progressives on the county board and city council to atone for past injustices. They’re trying oh-so-hard to shed their white privilege, to allay their liberal guilt, to signal their superior virtue.

We said to their faces Wednesday that the Dane County Board of Supervisors has been mau-maued by the racial extremists.

This county board is viewing everything — we do mean everything — through a “racial equity lens.” You play the identity politics game, you get bit by the race card.

Do we exaggerate? Now being considered by county supervisors is a resolution that would push their beaks — like hypnotized chickens into a line in the sand — of permanent racial consciousness in all they do and say.

How will this affect taxpayers? You bigot!

It is Resolution 249 “Incorporating Equity Questions Into County Agendas.” For, on every agenda for every board meeting, committee meeting, county commission these four “equity questions”:

1) Who benefits?
2) Who is burdened?
3) Who does not have a voice at the table?
4) How can policymakers mitigate unintended consequences?

Now, one could cavil that that is the job description of every legislator at any level of government. Given current policies enacted here in Madison WI, those of an irascible disposition might respond:

  1. The special pleaders
  2. Taxpayers
  3. Taxpayers and the 50%-plus of the citizenry who are conservatives or moderate
  4. Quit paying for Free Stuff, quit handcuffing the police, quit trying to micro-manage virtue.

But that kind of insensitivity marks one as someone who would refuse to kneel with Colin Kaepernick. No, the Four Equity Questions are being pressed into service of The Dane County Board Equity Plan. The Equity Plan “currently” (it says that in the resolution) has five goals:

Goal 1: Increase racial equity education.
Goal 2: Increase staff diversity and inclusion.
Goal 3: Increase the learning platform for supervisor and community on racial equity.
Goal 4: Incorporate a racial equity template into committee agendas and budgets.
Goal 5: Develop local and national partnerships to advance racial equity.

It says right in Resolution 249:

Incorporating the equity questions into the template of the county agendas will help to insure that decision makers consider items with the prism of equity at the forefront.

The Prism of Equity. Wasn’t that in Harry Potter?

Dane County Board has gone full-bore Kaepernick

This isn’t the fever dream of some fringe group on the 37-member board. Res 249’s principal author is County Board chairman Sharon Corrigan of Middleton. Co-signers are second vice chair Shelia Stubbs of south Madison, Carousel Bayrd of Madison’s west side, Jerry Bollig of Oregon, Nikole Jones of Cross Plains, Mary Kolar of downtown Madison, Robin Schmidt of Monona, and Hayley Young of the UW campus.

That’s how totally the Institutional Left has taken over this county board. Because, you see, Dane County government is so discriminatory toward People Of Color.

Which is why Dane County is considering investing in an ever-smaller, if more hospitable, jail. Because, deep down, they agree with Freedom Inc., Madison Socialist Alternative, Our Wisconsin Revolution-Dane County, Young Gifted and Black, and Progressive Dane that — as one of Wednesday’s Derail the Jail chanters claimed, the “entire justice system” is systemically racist.

Off with your blindfolds, knuckle-dragging holdouts! Only the Prism of Equity can remove the stain of racism from Dane County — the new Mississippi Burning of the 21st Century.

Contact the county supervisors and demand they enact all phases of the County Jail Plan for Safer Communities. The jail is part of the budget to be decided November 20.

Meanwhile, in the real word: State prisons are running out of space.

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6 Responses to When race is all you see, race is all you get

  1. coolkevs says:

    I keep thinking it can’t get much worse, then it does. The evolution from Walker Derangement Syndrome to Trump Derangement Syndrome has not been kind to this fair (oops-sorry, racist adjective) hamlet.


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Madison liberals had 6 years of Walker-bashing to prepare for the coming 8 years of Trump bashing, so they’ve had plenty of time to brew their venom. How anyone can manage to cultivate that level of rabid hatred and still maintain a semblance of sanity is beyond me. By the end of Trump’s second term, they’ll all be in the final stages of delirium tremens.


  2. Sounds to me a lot like racism, reverse racism and in a very loud and arrogant voice.I can’t wait to see what happens next! This is like a Greek Tragedy and a Halloween III Remake all rolled into one sick gory story, with nauseating plot twists and an out of control off the cliff ending. Kind of like how I feel every time I have to deal with the mayor or common council, LOL.Madison and Dane County both desperately need genuine, caring, fair, intelligent, giving to others, new leadership.


  3. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    During the BLM riots at the University of Missouri, someone was holding a sign that read, “Everything Is About Race.” That neatly sums up the left’s core belief system–and the results can be readily observed in Madison/Dane County’s political class. Like the devotees of other cults, they need a simple, unqualified slogan to rally around, to guide their every thought and action–and to impose on any unbeliever hapless enough to come within their purview..


  4. madisonexpat says:

    Any rational observer of the racialist Kabuki dance in Mad Town that was not a racist before is quite possibly reconsidering.
    Its like the Left has never had unintended consequences before.


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