After the latest homicide, has the worm turned? Is Enough finally ENOUGH!

Crime scene

Who is killing all the young black men of Madison? It ain’t the police!

Congratulations, Madison! On the 2nd day of August, a little more than halfway through the year, we have managed to tie the record number of homicides in a single calendar year (10) with five months left to go!

Number 10 being the fatal, point-blank hit job shortly after midnight Wednesday (8-2-17) at a convenience store off the Beltline and Todd Drive. The homicides headlline Madison’s story of a bullets-flying spring and summer.

One small consolation. Have you noticed? Brenda Konkel, Freedom Inc., Brandi Grayson, Sharon Irwin, and Alders Rummel, Bidar-Sielaff, Baldeh and their cop-bashing colleagues are laying low, saying little. When they do squeak, it is to mouth platitudes about the increasing gun violence in town.

Ald. Amanda Hall, for instance, tried lamely to pivot from Blame the Police to Keep Us Safe. She is “steamed!”

Today we turn over the keys to the Stately Manor today to Madison Police Chief Mike Koval, the man of the hour in the absence of Mayor Soglin, who heard somewhere at one of the out-if-state conferences he likes to go to of yet another government program that will “build community.”

In his blog, Chief Koval suggests that the city’s mood has changed.

I am greatly encouraged by the collective outpouring of sentiments and actions that reflect our disdain for those who are attempting to lay siege to our community by their selfish, impulsive, reckless, and ruthless acts of senseless gun violence (yesterday’s homicide and serious injuries in the lot of the 7-Eleven off Todd Drive was yet another horrific chapter).  Calls to action are reaching a crescendo and are coming from every direction of greater Madison. This is something to behold in the midst of such despair and desperation. As a community, we are coming to a better understanding that this gun violence can no longer be discounted or minimized. …

I have listened to parts of talk shows, attended neighborhood meetings, prayed at vigils, participated in Stop the Violence-themed gatherings and picnics, heard the outrage from our community leaders and clergy, met with elected officials, and everyone is on the same page. Enough is enough!

Chief Koval also spoke with the Divine Miss Vicki McKenna Wednesday:

[The convenience store shooting] was deplorable, so pre-meditated and so deliberate it gives one pause. I’ve seen awful lot in 34 years as a cop and never seems to amaze in so cavalier a fashion to snuff the life out of another human being.

Some of our people are getting fried. … I need more cops to be boots on the ground and I also need more people to be detectives. … I think reasonable people can agree that when you go hours on end to respond only to priority calls because we have no one else to respond.

Vicki McKenna queried: “At some point, you work someone to the bone, they go from high stress to high stress, that’s going to increase likeliness they make a mistake.”

Chief Koval:

That’s true. … I worry, from an officer wellness standpoint, what this does to their psyche and … how do they continue to suit up  day in and day out? … You can only throw a cop so much overtime before they get tapped out.

Koval told Vicki that to add more “capacity” (i.e.: police officers), he must apply for federal grants. The interview spans 13:43 minutes.

Is the chief right? Is enough finally enough? Ask your alder (find them here) what they’re doing to help the police! Contact them all here!

And do Support Madison’s Police here.

Sign their on-line petition.


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12 Responses to After the latest homicide, has the worm turned? Is Enough finally ENOUGH!

  1. Citizen Dave's Remington 700 says:

    If only we had special, racially segregated schools run by local “”civil rights leaders”” to get these blacks to behave, am I right Dave?


    • David Blaska says:

      Are you in favor of the government monopoly on education, Citizen Remington? Or do you favor a free marketplace of education offerings? If one of them happens to be a no-teachers union zone, a school that teaches that discipline is the key to success in life, whatever the endeavor, why would you be opposed? If state money follows the student to his educational choice, shouldn’t it follow him/her to Kaleem Caire’s Madison Prep as well as Brother Smith’s Milwaukee Messmer?


      • David Blaska says:

        One more thing, Brother Remington: Madison Prep would NOT be run by local civil rights leaders. You’re thinking of Alex Gee, Anthony Cooper, Michael Johnson, Brandi Grayson — those folks. I can tell you with first-hand, personal knowledge that there are many black men in Madison who are as conservative as Your Humble Squire. Kaleem Caire — he probably falls somewhere in the middle.


  2. Marcus says:

    Hizzonerdamare said when discussing Foxconn that he is “not interested in a race to the bottom.” I’m going to spend a lot of time thinking about that comment today.


  3. Citizen Dave's Remington 700 says:

    White people keeping their tax money to spend as they see fit is a pipe dream, and will never happen in post-1964 Civil Rights Act and post-1965 Immigration and Naturalization Act America. White people now exist to transfer wealth to minorities. Even the most exalted Kaleem Caire begged white Madisonians for tax gibsmedats to get his racially segregated, gender segregated school off the ground, or did I read that incorrectly? (e.g here:
    and here: If I remember, didn’t he threaten to file a “”civil rights lawsuit”” against Madison so he could take white taxpayer money to fund his racially and gender-segregated schools? (I think he did: Government force (government guns are the leverage behind any consent decree) to take white taxpayer money? What’s so “”free market”” about that? It’s a shakedown, Dave. A hold up. Your union hatred blinds you to that.

    Kaleem Caire is just another angry black man taking things from white people by force. It’s just that he threatens them with the US Department of Justice. There’s nothing to stop him from opening up his own school without white taxpayer money. Why should I have to give him mine?

    “Free marketplace of education” as a solution to a declining quality of life in Madison? To 7-Eleven executions? To drugged out “”youths”” on parole, destroying Willie Street before making the poor life choice of playing chicken with a .40 Smith & Wesson? To violent black-on-white home invasions (plural)?

    That’s the joke.

    (Side note: what ever happened to the presumably white pregnant woman that was gang-raped in front of her blind husband by four or five blacks? Their child should be in preschool now. Maybe you can write a piece on their family and whether they think Kaleem’s school uniforms would have stopped their nightmare?)

    So are all of the other programs. This “bloggee” has – rightfully and righteously – called out all of the other transfers of white wealth to black-run “”social justice”” organizations (i.e. Justified Anger, Inc.), and has been on the cusp of asking an important question: where’s our return on investment?
    [[The more important question is why do we need to give blacks money to behave socially in the first place?]] 3 murders in a week (give or take)? That’s your return. Why do you think your & Kaleem’s school would be any different? Why can’t blacks get it together in normal school? Is not having enough teachers that can relate to “Section 8” really an excuse? (tragically funny article:

    I’ve given up on lol-bertarian principles like the “”free market.”” Maybe it works in an Ayn Rand novel Dave, but not in vibrant, multicultural Madison. (PS – people like you and Kaleem are actually the bad guys in Atlas Shrugged, taking Hank Rearden’s spoils to give to those that don’t have as much under a big government program promoted as “”free market.””) I just want Madison whites to wake up, look around, and just ask “why?” What’s left to explain this? Seriously? [Hint: it’s not unions] Do white readers of this blog think that giving blacks any more money will stop this madness?

    What do you want to bet that in one future alternate timeline, after Foxconn has retrofitted Oscar Mayer with appropriate suicide netting, and all of those lower skill Madisonians (including blacks) are making money, being taxed, and generating that multiplier effect, that we are still talking about shootings in front of the mall Santa, “”beefs”” outside of Wandos, and falling asleep to the report of small arms fire?


    • David Blaska says:

      The Policy Werkes tried to wade through the race hate, Remington, in hopes you might have left an off-hand solution buried in the bile. Came up empty. We won’t stoop to a point-by-point refutation (your screed is overlong as it is) but will offer this: Kaleem Caire is one of the least-angry men we have encountered in public life. You, on the other hand …


  4. Citizen Dave's Remington 700 says:

    Broken windows policing and mass incarceration are my solutions.

    Really, we agree on quite a bit. See e.g. here:

    and here:

    You just call it a “big beautiful jail,” and have this weird salvation fantasy that blacks will behave better if you (and white taxpayers) give them school uniforms. (Why aren’t you handing out dockers and polos in Meadowood?) Or is it that you think the state can be their parents… takes a village and what not? This toxic boomer conservatism is as much responsible for where Madison finds itself today as any marxist-progressive-soglin-obama-whatever.


    • David Blaska says:

      The Policy Werkes likes big beautiful jails and broken windows policing because we believe in order and DISCIPLINE. Experience (and empirical evidence) tells us discipline is best learned when taught young. Once learned, the skill of discipline leads to other skills like reading, earning, saving and striving. If it takes a ruler cracked across their little skulls as we experienced from the Sisters of Notre Dame, so be it. We’d just as soon avoid the broken windows, bullet-ridden bodies and shattered lives, if possible. Kaleem Caire is big on discipline, not excuses. You?


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