Ald. Hall is trying to remain patient and focused amid the flying bullets

… but she’s pretty steamed!


Amanda Hall


“Neighbors, I am trying so hard to be patient. What’s been going on in our city has me pretty steamed. While the further east side of Madison is by far the safest residential area in the city, the rest of the city is contending with way more gun violence than we’ve dealt with in recent memory. I’m pretty fearless but I get that the general sense of peace and security that most Madisonians have felt their entire lives here is falling away. As one of our city’s many leaders, I’m feel strongly protective of that sense of peace, and I’m starting to feel pretty angry.”

So writes Madison Ald. Amanda Hall who:

  • Voted to spend $400,000 to investigate the Madison police for signs of racism.
  • Voted to deny recompensing Police Chief Koval for defending himself against spurious charges made to the PFC.
  • Who signed a letter damning the police for restraining Genele Laird after she threatened East Towne Mall employees with a knife.
  • When Chief Koval called for more help after a night with six shootings, Hall kvetched: “Instead of doing his job and administering our Police Department, [Koval] was trying to score political points not only for his department’s budget but also for his current personal legal battle with regards to his professional conduct.”
  • Was one of 8 alders voting to allow panhandlers to continue scamming motorists from median strips. (Fortunately, the majority voted to ban the practice and are streets are safer for it.)

Let Amanda Hall know you’re steamed, too! E-mail the alder and don’t forget to add steam!

‘Gunfire is becoming commonplace in Madison’

That’s the lede sentence in the Madison newspapers about yet another shooting today.  This is not the Squire’s first rodeo. You don’t need to read tea leaves to discern that Hall is attempting to mollify a constituency increasingly fed up with the Madison shooting gallery. How? By pretending she is concerned, as well.

The far-Eastside alder is trying to remember other things, too. (Perhaps consuming fish oil would help?)

I’m trying to remember the basic logic that people with the economic opportunity for family-supporting jobs and wages don’t just decide that robbing someone else would be a lot more fun.

Now that is an elected city official going on full-bore Little Miss Buttercup! Plus some fractured English. Ald. Hall seems to be saying that the shooters aren’t shooting out the windows of passing motorists for the fun of it. The gang that vowed “Dude gotta wait, I’m getting that money” isn’t holding a gun to an honest workman’s head at the hamburger stand for kicks. They gotta have that money because … what? Because they don’t have family supporting jobs? In Dane County, with a practical rate of full employment? In Madison, where Now Hiring signs are more ubiquitous than orange traffic cones in July?

Or maybe (just maybe) Crime Causes Poverty! I.E., people who make poor choices get poor results.

I’m also trying to remember that it’s not the government’s or anyone’s place to demean anyone with labels or pity in the process of understanding individual actions.

No, Amanda, that’s our job here at the Blaska Policy Werkes. Don’t demean the gang bangers or the thugs with labels. We’re not Raging Lunatics here at the Asylum. But pardon us all to hell, we’re trying to remember something ourselves, like: What kind of anti-police message has the Madison Common Council been sending these past few years?



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16 Responses to Ald. Hall is trying to remain patient and focused amid the flying bullets

  1. Scott Freeman says:

    Reminds me of the quote from the relatives of a future valedictorian in Miami, “You have to look at it from every child’s point of view that was raised in the hood,” said Harris. “You have to understand… how he gonna get his money to have clothes to go to school? You have to look at it from his point-of-view.”


  2. westsidesue says:

    Omg. Last time I heard, if you smoke a lot of pot you have a hard time remembering shit. This infuriates me to no end. Thank you for your article so clearly stated. It’s a must for my Facebook wall, not that anybody listens to me, but maybe somebody will see it and finally get it. We can only hope. Cheers!

    Sent from my iPhone



  3. Bradley Dillman says:

    I am actually appalled by what Amanda is saying!! Especially since her and the council want to politicize everything and take away the abilities of the police to do their jobs!! They might not be directly doing it, but by not standing by the police and standing by the hoodrats, then the police are going to and have become complacent in their jobs!! They are sick and tired of not being able to get the bad people off the streets without either being shot at or told that they have to tip-toe around certain neighborhoods because they might upset the citizens. “NO, it’s please don’t piss them off, I need them to vote for me in the next election!! “I need them to believe it’s you mister police officer and not me that is the bad guy!!” I am upset by what is happening in this GREAT city, but I am sickened by the council members, their crony constituents and the media saying the police are the problem. When in fact I see it the other way around!! They are tying the hands of the police department to further their agenda!! Well Mr. and Mrs. council member you are the perpetrator in this mess we are seeing here in Madison!! LET THE POLICE DO THE JOB THEY SWORE THEY WOULD DO!!; To Serve and Protect the Citizens of this great city!! Unfortunately that includes people like the Council members who are against the police!! Wait they are only against the police when it works in there favor…Oh wait they are for police when it works in their favor! Huh…Whatever, regardless of who you are they will still protect you. BUT please give them the tools they need to do it the way they need to, not the politically correct way of doing it you have indirectly forced them to do it!


  4. Nice try Ald. Hall, but I’m not buying your BS. I give you an F on job performance and another F for supporting the police that you throw under the bus every chance you get. Unlike many folks, I take my fish oil regularly and never forget how much you really care. How are you alders doing fixing the ongoing, never ending emergency detention problem that pulls hundreds of Madison’s officers off our streets? You know, the ED problem that makes us less safe? I guess renaming a building takes higher priority. You have a lot of work to do before I can even give you a C.


  5. Batman says:

    Madison is clearly at the triage stage of confronting violent crime. The bleeding must first be stopped or the patient dies. In our case it is dead, wounded, beaten, raped, robbed, and terrorized residents and the death of Madison as it once was. How the city council is oblivious to this reality is mystifying. At this point; Madison does not have the luxury of doing anything else regarding crime besides a major full-on commitment to squashing it. In other words, whatever it takes. Otherwise Madison is a goner.

    I sometimes wonder if too many alders are so desperate to be proven right philosophically, they ignore the festering violence problem. If the council needs to beat up on the MPD and Koval, they can restart after the escalating violence is positively addressed. In the meantime, the council geniuses and Soglin should brainstorm with the MPD, Judges, DAs, and anyone else in the pipeline to get the problem under control.

    Madisonians continue to vote these fools into office. How comforting.
    It probably makes them feel good at the ballot box, but I’ll bet a whole lot of them are not feeling sanctimonious these days if they are paying attention at all.


  6. Tom Paine says:

    Cheer up. Appreciate the simple fact that it is now too late. Prepare to bail. It is not a question of, if, but only when. Not everyone is a slow-leaner, so sell your RE to the dullards as you plan your escape route.

    The great delusion is the assumption that the social cement and historical consensus about interpersonal behavior can be rebuilt. It cannot. It will not, Justified Anger Coalition’s efforts, notwithstanding.
    Discipline in schools is not about to return. The cultural values that formed the basis of civil life for decades have been obliterated. Abstinence from drugs is not about to change, the opioid/heroin user explosion will continue. It is only a question of time. No angst. The culture of irresponsibility has won. The Barbarian’s most effective weapon in the war has been (our) willingness to assume liberalism is an inoculation to prevent the disease of ChiWaukee.


  7. Scott McNeill says:

    Political Correctness Trumps commonsense in Madison. Problem is, bad guys arent “into” PC. Time to move out of the safe space Alders start over and reeducate yourselves.
    Do a ride along, talk to an officer regularly, read the book “Left of Bang” (No I’m not kidding)
    Supporting law enforcement is not a once in awhile deal.
    Mr. Mayor?


  8. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    What Little Miss Buttercup and her fellow liberal uplifters fail to recognize is that there are some people, let’s call them criminals, who look with contempt on “family supporting jobs” and the kind of life they provide (i.e., your kind of life, Amanda). They look with equal contempt on the efforts of you and your kind–after-school programs, job training, mentoring, restorative justice, and the whole panoply of liberal do-goodism–to convert them to your kind of life. THEY WOULD RATHER BE CRIMINALS! The risk of robbing at gunpoint a defenseless middle-aged man with a heart condition is nothing compared to the prospect for instant money. In fact, the risk of committing a crime, the rush of terrorizing your fellow human beings, of being responsible to nothing and no one but yourself, of indulging every whim no matter how violent or depraved, is a significant part of the allure of the life they’ve CHOSEN to live. Of course, expecting Amanda and the rest of Madison’s upper-middle class liberals to wrap their heads around that possibility is as likely as expecting them to declare a “Police Appreciation Day.”


  9. coolkevs says:

    wow, the choir is preaching today


  10. Patricia Adams says:

    I see shades of south side of Chicago (Roseland) in 1971 where I lived all my life. The saying ‘ you can never go home’ is a natural fact. WAKE UP MADISIN


  11. Patricia Adams says:

    I see shades of south side of Chicago (Roseland) in 1971 where I lived all my life. The saying ‘ you can never go home’ is a natural fact. WAKE UP MADISON


  12. Dan B. says:

    Only Blaska blames politicians, not the MPD brass, when people are shot within view of a police station.


    • David Blaska says:

      When the politicians second-guess every police action, when the Common Council bows and scrapes before Black Lives Matter activists demanding that police stand down, that 350 black inmates be released forthwith from the county jail, when the City of Madison commits $400,000 to a Berkeley, CA outfit examining the MPD for signs of latent racism, when 11 alders sign a letter berating the police for subduing a woman who held mall employees at bay with a butterfly knife, when Ismael Ozanne’s district attorney office returns the same goons and thugs to the streets through a revolving door, when a former alder advertises for complaints to be filed with the PFC no matter how trivial, when alders hem and haw about recompensing the police chief for his defense, when the dominant message coming from our elected leaders is that Police Are the Problem — you’re goddamn right I blame the politicians.


      • old baldy says:

        Rather than blame the politicians 24/7, why don’t you run for office and make an attempt at changing things? Anybody can stand in the peanut gallery and shout, why don’t you try the traditional method running for office to affect change?


  13. David Blaska says:

    I served from 1994 to 2006 on the Dane County Board of Supervisors. I made a lot of change, including merging the city and county health departments. I have also supported/worked for/helped finance numerous local, state and federal candidates. Now I am talking about the issues on radio, TV, in speeches, and in print as well as on my blog. I am encouraging others to follow my footprints. How about you, Baldy? What have you done?


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