An impertinent question: peer support for the Culver’s burglary victims?

Will the Focused Interruption Team be contacting the Chris Kneubuehl family in the wake of his death during an armed robbery at the Culver’s restaurant? Madison’s elected alders recently awarded $75,000 to address “racial disparities, violence, and division between communities.”

The money was ear-marked for funeral arrangements, temporary housing, bus passes, food cards, smartphones, and counseling. Will the Kneubuehl family be the first to benefit? Or don’t they qualify?

I am posing this question to our elected Alderoids and to Hizzoner Mayor Soglin. We’ll keep you apprised. UPDATED: Yes, we know that the family does not live in Madison. But as a hypothetical, would they be served? Does the enabling legislation even specify that victims must be city residents? Not that we can find.

The $75,000 is a down payment on the “Focused Interruption” scam that variably will cost $3 million over several years. What does it buy? 

Peer support and bus passes

Peer support? From the resolution enacted June 21, 2017:

It has been demonstrated that individuals and families who are threatened by gun violence, witness gun violence, or are impacted by gun violence, can benefit from the immediate availability of peer support assistance that assists in de-escalating conflict and stabilizing individuals as well as households during or following a traumatic event;

Persons impacted by violence are often confronted with unanticipated, short-term expenses associated with such things as injury or death, medical treatment, the loss of housing stability, personal safety concerns, access to transportation, or other basic household needs.

In other words, City taxpayers could be paying funeral expenses, doctor’s bills, rent, taxi rides, and toilet paper.

(“It has been demonstrated …” When it involves police, Madame Brenda and her Prog Dane cadres demand data. Where is the Data?! Haven’t seen any data.)

Mrs. Squire wonders if The City will pay for the Squire’s Final Farewell Blow-Out if hit by a drunk driver.

How this lumpy bag of good intentions will actually keep anyone safe remains nebulous. Putting more cops on the streets will do that.

But if Chief Koval wants more uniforms on the streets, he’ll have to win a grant from the Trump administration. The Council, in its great goodness, is permitting the Department to apply for a $1,875,000 federal grant. That will get him 15 more officers, if successful. It would encumber the City for $2.3 million over three years as its share.


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5 Responses to An impertinent question: peer support for the Culver’s burglary victims?

  1. Kevin Wymore says:

    The blogger poses a most cogent question. In a just world, the family of an innocent working man deprived of life so senselessly would be entitled to $75,000.


  2. I agree with Kevin’s statement and would take it further. $3 Million dollars can put a lot more police on our streets to fight crime.Unfortunately for us, public safety does not rise high enough in the minds of our city alders and mayor. For example, they STILL haven’t addressed or fixed the emergency detention problem that costs Madison taxpayers over $75,000 a year and pulls hundreds of Madison’s police officers off our streets annually to take patients to the Oshkosh mental health facility! And instead of outright hiring the needed 30 officers Chief Wahl says is the minimum they need right now, our city leaders tell MPD, we give you permission to APPLY for a hard to get federal grant instead to hire 15! This way our so called leaders can blame Trump for not hiring more needed officers if denied. And should a miracle happen and the grant is awarded, Mayor Soglin says he will still question whether to hire the 15! Our city leaders are so anti-public safety, so unaware and blind – it stinks! Here’s another clue how self absorbed and stupid they are – when MPD gives out awards for outstanding citizens, heroes, people who save lives, and top police officers during an annual ceremony, do you think your mayor should attend? He doesn’t. But Castro, yes, Madison heroes no. Need more cops, need more public safety? No. These idiots can’t fix problems, can’t stop wasting money and can’t support their police even when it’s in THEIR best interests. $3 Million dollars sure could help, could possibly even prevent crimes like this Culver’s tragedy. Instead, our idiots waste $400,000 to study MPD, and waste ever more time studying them. We really need to do a better job of fighting for our city Madison! Fighting for safer streets! And holding all idiots from perpetrators to lazy leaders to weak judges more accountable for their actions. Do nothing, get nothing. Fight, and maybe we’ll make a difference! Say NO MORE!


    • Batman says:

      Bravo Steve!

      Madison may be at the early stages of slowly/gradually going the way of Baltimore and guess who has been in charge at virtually all levels of city government for decades.
      Same here.


  3. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Surely you know by now that when Madison liberals launch their latest harebrained (and costly) scheme to address “racial disparities,” they mean us to understand that white folks need not apply. After all, white people alone are responsible for said disparities. To suggest otherwise is–Surprise!–racist.


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