Epic Fail: ObamaCare repeal DOA. GOOD!

The Squire uses his plenipotentiary powers to invoke the Law of Unintended Consequences. (And reserves the right to amend and extend his remarks. For instance, just added “Epic Fail” to the headline, which it is.)

Repeal and Replace just scudded into the ground like the frozen contents of the chemical toilet on an overbooked Airbus. The promise that elected ever-more Republicans in four straight elections after ObamaCare’s passage eight years ago turned out to be a chimera. Lucy pulling the football.

What a joke!

Thank God.

Had Paul Ryan’s fractious house of squalling cats actually repealed and/or replaced, the Mainstream News Media would have broadcast/cablecast/printed hours of heart-rending images of poor working families on their rhetorical deathbeds. Replacing anything always dislocates. But Republicans would have been pilloried.

If ObamaCare really is failing, if a thousand counties really do have only one provider, if premium costs actually have spiked by 25% — the program will die of its own accord. Or it won’t. The other way around is to amend it to death over the next two years. Permit across-state health insurance, remove the penalties for the uninsured, et cetera.

Even so, the Republican brand took a direct hit. Typical is this Facebook acquaintance:

Did I just hear Trump tell a big fat lie? He said his first day in office he would repeal and replace!!

Maybe now some of us are learning that civics lesson we skipped in high school. Y’know, the thing about three branches of government: the President, Congress, the Courts. Plus, Republicans are an ornery bunch. 

Platinum subscriber bonus leftovers

Whaddaya do when you don’t get the police union’s endorsement? If you are incumbent Barbara McKinney, you put out campaign lit picturing yourself standing in front of the West precinct station. Caveat emptor!

County Exec Joe Parisi is in a dither over Trump’s proposed deep-sixing of the Community Development Block Grant program, otherwise known to the local officials who get to play with it as “free money.”

“The CDBG fund is crucial to our efforts to help people succeed to provide affordable housing to help get businesses off the ground and create jobs,” Parisi moans.

Like the $200,000 loan to the Mustard Museum so it could move out of Mt. Horeb and into Middleton? The Mustard Museum defaulted on $124,000 of it.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Democrats from Nancy Pelosi to Mark Pocan and Tammy Baldwin are jeering at Republicans. Drink it in, my Republican friends (for you ARE my friends), and grow strong from it. You earned it.

Now see if you can reform the tax code. I have my doubts.

Go Badgers!


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13 Responses to Epic Fail: ObamaCare repeal DOA. GOOD!

  1. AnonyBob says:

    Explat? Dave not B? Your thoughts?


  2. Eric Z says:

    Don’t get so high and mighty about the mustard museum Dave. Plenty of dirty laundry in the Wisco Repubs backyard. Do you recall any of this fiasco? Granted. diamond jim pissed away plenty of money as well, BUT, that was then and this is now. Walker and company own this. http://host.madison.com/wsj/news/local/govt-and-politics/wedc-made-awards-totaling-million-without-proper-review/article_98ac5dcf-af12-595c-9e17-f84d9a657ef3.html


    • old baldy says:

      Dave never remembers the big failures of walker et al. G-Tac comes to mind, but since dave sunk a fortune in their stock and lost it he never wants to bring the subject up in polite company. The current transportation funding fiasco is all walker, and will plague this state for years. Ditto with school funding, and taking local control away from the locals.


      • David Blaska says:

        How are state taxpayers out one dime from G-Tac? Please explain. Walker Republicans removed the de facto ban on mining. They’ll mine when iron prices improve. One more thing: you are polite company? A $242 million factory in Kenosha County and 400 jobs making Gummi Bears for you, sir.


  3. old baldy says:

    Ashland and Iron Counties spent $$ on infrastructure improvements for a mine that any reasonable person knew would never operate. DNR, COE, USGS and others spent public $$ to collect and develop data for the hearing and permit application for a mine that any reasonable person knew would never happen. DNR and COE testified that the mine, as proposed, would have tremendous difficulty overcoming environmental issues and tribal objections, and that in light of the dropping value of iron ore made no economic sense.. You really should talk to someone about your memory issues, be they willful or of some organic origin. The whole fiasco was a way to funnel $700000 into the pockets of republican politicians. And it worked.

    You bet I am polite, respectful, and intolerant of those that intentionally try to deceive and defame. My late mother taught me well.

    Good for those Gummi Bear fans and employees. But it will have no big impact on me, I tend to eat healthier, and have no intention on moving to Kenosha County.


  4. David Blaska says:

    And the good people of Hurley voted for Tom Tiffany, R-Mining, to represent them in the state senate. And State Reps, Swearingen, Czaja, and Mursau — all Republicans. All pro-mining. Someone is out of step, Baldy. I think we know who.


    • old baldy says:

      And look what it got the good folks of Hurley and the region; no mine, lotsa bad feelings, and bills to pay for the infrastructure to support a mine that was never going to be. And you can’t deny that taxpayer $$ were spent on the G-Tac boondoggle, nor deny the $700K donation G-Tac made to grease the skids.

      You ever talk to Mursau? He doesn’t know if he is pro-mining or pro-martian. I dare you to ask him a tough question. Start with the hi-cap well issue. Lotsa yuks there…..


      • David Blaska says:

        Do you even realize how paranoid you sound, Baldy? G-Tac entered into Wisconsin, spent millions of dollars on geological studies, environmental reports, lawyering through the thicket of Doyle-era regulations — only to pull one over on gullible old Wisconsin? Raise the hopes of the majority of residents in the area eager for family-supporting jobs in mining and environmental restoration after the mine was finished, years down the road? Good for some yuks at the expense of the local yokels! Encourage the environmental terrorists to vandalize their equipment? A laff riot! G-Tac was never serious about mining, they just love a good joke!!! That’s Baldy’s story but he’s not sticking with it.

        Quick, Baldy, change the subject!!! Hey, look over here! They’re irrigating fields to grow our food instead of shipping it in from California, which also irrigates.


  5. Dan B. says:

    Your hero, Paul Ryan, undone by the tea party you couldn’t get enough of. Quick, pivot to local! If McKinney wins, we will know the strength of the police union in 2017. If you’re presenting it as an issue today, then certainly the election will be a referendum, right? Just like Repeal/Replace (which EVERY Republican ran on) was an example of Paul Ryan’s leadership. There’s a term for this, it rhymes with Wit Norm.


  6. coolkevs says:

    Trump is incompetent – right on schedule!


  7. AnonyBob says:

    Crickets from the usual Trump fan-boys. You have to admit Hillary would’ve at least had a clue about how Congress and leadership work. Don the Con couldn’t lead himself out of a paper bag. It takes more than a big, bragging mouth. And Ryan? “This legislatin’ stuff is hard”? Pathetic. The good news is he’ll stay on (ineptly) as Speaker. Thanks to the Tea Bagger Caucus…excuse me, the Freedom Caucus…nobody else wants the job. As the Wall St. Journal noted, nobody particularly wants to be the next wife of Henry the VIII.


    • madisonexpat says:

      Aw-w-w ABob. You missed me, I spent Spring Break in N. Fla. where they love them some Trump. If the inability to slay the Obamacare Monster is your victory then you are still not tired of losing. Congratulations and when Obamacare denies the millenials their tax refunds Trump will tell them too to call their congress critters,,,, and they will.
      You Bob, and the rest of the Left have politicized everything and lost everything. Like the Mayor of Berlin in looking out his window in August 1945, its all been flattened.

      So we’re back to Tea Baggers now. I hope it serves you as well as the last time when it helped move Wisconsin from Blue to Red in six years and showed the way for the nation. Now you’ve lost both supreme courts and at least 150 federal judgeships.
      Thanks ABob.


      • AnonyBob says:

        TrumpCare – 17% approval. Trump – 36% approval. That’s some honeymoon. Just wait until people get tired of him. But you go right ahead and keep that man-crush strong. What’s next for you? Forming a Deep South Putin Fan Club?


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