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Who do you blame for your white privilege?

Today’s Man on the Street question! Who do YOU blame? (Don’t have to be white to play)

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Please save me, oh all-puissant White Man!

Sorry, we’re having trouble saving ourselves! A modest proposal: Replace those vapid, virtue-signaling “Black Lives Matter” signs with something more constructive, like: “Listen to Your Teachers.” Good advice regardless of race. Which is the point. The notion that Madison WI discriminates … Continue reading

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Our schools are teaching guilt and victimhood, not responsibility

No thanks on Thanksgiving? The white lab coats at Blaska Policy Werkes, the indentured servants at the Stately Manor, and the unlettered field hands at the Experimental Work Farm (and Penal Colony) wish you a rewarding Thanksgiving. Have an extra … Continue reading

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Those who teach racial bias practice racial bias

It just keeps getting crazier, the idiocies of  identity politics and its attendant race-shaming and victim mongering.  Who knew there was a “disparate impact” in filing nomination papers to get on the ballot in a city election? Who knew the … Continue reading

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Guilty white liberals are their own parody 

New York Times gets pranked! ‘I’m riddled with shame. White shame. … I feel like my literal existence hurts people …’ — Whitey This is a letter to an actual advice column published August 14, 2018 by the terminally Trump-deranged New … Continue reading

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Madison schools race-bait the teacher who speaks up for her students; Part #3

In Madison’s public schools, being ‘positive behavior support coach’ is dangerous duty The Madison Metropolitan School District is doubling down on its race-first, achievement-second philosophy. This blogge first reported the frustrations expressed by a unionized teacher who is quitting teaching … Continue reading

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