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#MeToo movement is groping for political retribution in the Kavanaugh case

He who is without sin … or was never young and stupid Has it come to this? The #MeToo movement has gone from Harvey Weinstein, rape, harassment, and blacklisting to weaponizing teenage horseplay? Like too much Hitler and Holocaust hyperbole, the … Continue reading

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Who needs proof? Guilty until proven innocent Scott Adams may be America’s foremost humorist who has not yet been relegated to non-personhood as a chronic oppressor of women but he has nothing on the gang of usual suspects at The … Continue reading

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Has #MeToo become the Great Terror?

‘What happened to women’s agency?’ Your Squire is a guilty white male. I blame my parents. And there you have it! The liberal-progressive-socialist Trifecta! Identity politics + victimhood + blame-shifting. I broke bad but it ain’t my fault. It’s Da … Continue reading

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