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Free has never been more expensive

It’s strictly politics, Sonny Joe Manchin, like Fredo’s younger brother, was proving tough in the negotiations over the $3.5 Trillion spending blowout. You can’t talk reason with the man! So Bernie Sanders, the socialist senator from Vermont, fired an op … Continue reading

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No restroom for the wicked

Intimidation trumps persuasion We now know why Chancellor Rebecca Blank caves to the handful of social justice warriors scouring the UW-Madison campus for sources of umbrage. She wants to pee in peace. Because the shock troops of Woke progressivism will … Continue reading

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Critical race theory is ammo for the war on cops

We aren’t teaching it but if we were, good for us! Progressivism is rule by expert. You’re not a scientist, so your opinions on the Covid pandemic are irrelevant. (Police will arrest you for wind surfing alone in the ocean.) … Continue reading

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It’s o.k. to use the C-word profanity if you are progressive

The hoary ‘speaking truth to power’ cliché “Please note that the corrupt, crooked, c***s at The Tavern League do not represent the interests of all bars and restaurants.” — Francesca Hong, Democrat(ic) candidate for State Assembly, Madison WI. No enemies … Continue reading

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Voters may decide the next President!

Democrats may have to pick someone who possesses something called ‘electability.’ Today, (that once-in-a-lifetime palindrome: 02-02-2020) is one day before the Iowa caucuses and two days after the Great Partisan Impeachment Gamble crashed and burned. Now that Bernie Sanders is … Continue reading

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Impeachment: now more than a T-shirt under the holiday tree

Believe them, they don’t take it lightly Just in time for the holiday formerly known as “Christmas,” the democratic socialist Rashada Tlaib is selling T-shirts that commemorate her major claim to fame. On the first day of the new Congress … Continue reading

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