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It’s true! Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself!

How many traitors out there think Epstein is dead? Trump attorney Lin Wood with the big reveal that uncovers the whole Election scam: Not only Alive, but programming the Dominion voting machines, driving the truckloads of freshly printed Biden-only ballots, … Continue reading

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Did big Dem lawyer hope to cash in on Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes?

A secret quid pro quo? Silence ain’t cheap Remember a lawyer named David Boies? He led the storming of Florida by Democrat(ic) lawyers — wingtips on the tarmac — in the wake of the razor-thin victory of George W. Bush … Continue reading

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Trump defeated Tony Ever’s ag secretary (somehow)

MANURE STORAGE RULES! Can a dog hear Eric Ciaramella’s whistle? One of the more deranged Trump haters practices his drive-by journalism at Esquire magazine under the byline of Charles Pierce. His printed form of scream therapy earns him a recurring … Continue reading

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Mainstream news media hears only liberal whistle blowers

Does Hillary paint houses? Social media went crazy Tuesday with Jeffrey Epstein-didn’t-kill-himself memes. Of course Wheel of Fortune. This is my favorite. The Daily Beast reports that Project Veritas caught an ABC news reporter on a live microphone saying her … Continue reading

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No policing clothes at Madison schools!

If you chose to wear any, of course We live win a world where a 15-year-old from Sweden damns adults who do not share her brainwashing. It was once thought that adults had something to teach the next generation. Madison … Continue reading

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Clinton with a blue dress on

Found at the Jeffrey Epstein mansion. What WAS goin’ on? With apologies to Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels: Clinton with the blue dress, blue dress, blue dress, Clinton with the blue dress on Clinton with the blue dress, blue … Continue reading

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