Did big Dem lawyer hope to cash in on Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes?

A secret quid pro quo?

Silence ain’t cheap

Remember a lawyer named David Boies? He led the storming of Florida by Democrat(ic) lawyers — wingtips on the tarmac — in the wake of the razor-thin victory of George W. Bush over Al Gore in the 2000 election.

Despite every recount; despite parsing every hanging, dimpled, and pregnant chad; despite cherry picking Democratic counties rather than conduct a statewide recount, Bush kept coming up the winner. So the Democrats tried to get the courts to overturn the vote. (Bitter-enders like John Nichols still believe Al Gore won.)


Boies is back in the news for seemingly trying to monetize Jeffrey Epstein’s depredations. Boies and an associate bit hard on a mystery man’s claim to have computer servers crammed with clandestine video of Epstein’s well-heeled friends enjoying Epstein’s stable of under-age sex slaves. The lawyers’ ploy was to confront the wealthy men with this supposed evidence, then settle “out of court” for vast sums — ostensibly on behalf of the victims. The lawyers, of course, would take 40 percent.

Comment, respond, what do you thinkAs a second option, as reported in the New York Times, “the lawyers would approach the videotaped men. The men would then hire the two as their own lawyers, ensuring the they would not get sued, and ‘make a contribution to a non-profit as part of the retainer.’” The lawyers themselves would set up the non-profit.

⇒ “Did the notion of extracting huge sums from men in exchange for keeping sex tapes hidden meet the definition of extortion?”

Boies and his associate were looking at settlements approaching one billion dollars from the unnamed men — unnamed because that would be part of the deal. Now THERE is your quid pro quo!

Jeffrey Epstein

Removes his glasses when doing that

At least one problem: establishing the actual identity of the females for compensation. Same problem with the men. The mystery man with the supposed evidence represented that one of the men portrayed in samplings of his grainy smartphone video was law professor Alan Dershowitz. The NY Times piece carries a priceless quote from Mrs. D. After viewing the video. The wife is quoted to say to her husband, in the reporter’s hearing: “You don’t keep your glasses on when you’re doing that.”

⇒ Quid pro quo, btw, is NOT a crime. (Your paycheck is this for that. So are your groceries.) Blackmail IS a crime. 

Going to the news media was integral to the lawyers’ strategy, according to the Times, which is how that publication learned of the scheme. Splashing the existence of the secret videos and the lawyers’ gambit throughout the nation would panic the guilty men into ponying up big money to stay off the front page and cable TV. Or, for that matter, innocent men, lest their reputations be ruined. With no one setting foot in a court of law, no opportunity to confront witnesses or clear one’s name.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: For, as we are learning, the public accusation carries its own verdict these days regardless of the legal system. Just ask Brett Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas.

What do YOU think?

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6 Responses to Did big Dem lawyer hope to cash in on Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes?

  1. Paul says:

    Boies is the obvious person to sell this kind of blackmail info to.

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  2. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    F. Ross Johnson (the late GREAT James Garner in Barbarians At The Gate):

    (A)ll I care about lawyers is they’re back in their coffins before the sun comes up.

    The Gotch

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  3. WashCoRepub says:

    Boies is absolutely reprehensible. He and his firm represented Theranos, the fake blood analysis company founded by Elizabeth Holmes that bilked investors and shareholders out of billions. The book “Bad Blood” by investigative reporter John Carreyrou lays out all the details. Fantastic read, BTW.

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  4. madisonexpat says:

    Seemingly many things are shaking out on either side of the Great Divide between those who see our country as fatally flawed and deserving of degradation vs. those who add value and appreciate the blessings.
    This brings clarity and while the better angels of my nature say ‘arise, enjoy the pleasures God affords you……..’
    The rest of me says, ‘wallow in it, bitch.’

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  5. westsidesue says:

    A little off-topic…love the festive arrangement on the picture of your manse at the top of your page. Compared to my deco, that is a bit overstated, but who am I to judge 🙂


  6. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Also a little off-topic, perhaps some good news in our Fair City’s search for a new Top Cop; recently…um…furloughed Chicago Police Chief Eddie Johnson has been designated a free agent and is now available.

    Despite his plans to step down at the end of the month, Mayor Lighfoot fired Police Chief Eddie Johnson FOR CAUSE Monday.

    Chicago Police Chief Eddie Johnson Fired After ‘Series Of Ethical Lapses,’ Mayor Says

    ”Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said Johnson ‘was intentionally dishonest with me’ following an incident in October.”

    A FOR CAUSE distinction has a HUGE impact on benefits/retirement package amounts, possibly well into 6 figures.

    The Gotch


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