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We can blow this on-side kick if we try!

Is Brandon Bostick a free agent?  What is that infernal shouting we’re hearing on the Stately Manor’s monaural, b&w Philco? Looks like some old guy shaking his fist at the clouds. Dammit! It’s Joe Biden! He’s following through on his … Continue reading

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How the mighty have fallen!

Rooting for the underdogis as American as a Frank Capra movie! There is joy in Mudville today, for the Lilliputians have taken down the Brobdingnags. David has slain Goliath. Rocky KOs Apollo Creed.  The team from Teaneck NJ was ranked … Continue reading

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For draft picks and the game: Who is Aaron Rodgers?

Packers play Sudden Jeopardy! Pet peeve #246 at the Policy Werkes is the major sports coach who says this or that is “a distraction.” Usually involving firearms, women, and a night club. Dammit, coach, your sport is a distraction! SPORTS … Continue reading

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Someone lend Dan Kelly a postage stamp

An election campaign is no time to leave stones unturned! Wisconsin’s two state supreme court candidates are determined to make the rubble bounce — if not in Bakhmut then from Kenosha to Superior. The candidates and independent backers are pumping … Continue reading

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Don’t come knocking at the Werkes!

We’re busy watching hoops! Should we cut Greg Gard some slack? (We still have a few inches remaining.) The Werkes went molten over the Wisconsin Badger blaskaball loss to Ohio State  Wednesday 03-08-23. During the first half, looked like his … Continue reading

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ChatGPT did not write this blogge

but may have coached the Badger basketball team last night! Wednesday night’s 03-08-23 one-and-done in the Big Fourteen tournament proves that the Badger men’s basketball team is only as good as Tyler Wahl. Sometimes he plays like a man carrying … Continue reading

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