Let the games begin!

A battle for the party’s soul!

With Elon Musk providing the halo effect, another Florida man will announce today via Twitter (not Truth Social, not Fox!) that he is, indeed, a candidate for President of the United States (of America). “Ron DeSanctimonious,” his chief rival calls him. No one does bile like #45! Those of us who miss Jerry Springer’s trailer trash cage-fight of a TV show can hardly wait!

Like horse racing (apparently), politics is a blood sport. No love lost between these two. Question is will Ron D. stand there and take it like poor Jeb Bush or rope-a-dope the Big Dope like Muhammed Ali did to George Foreman in the Rumble in the Jungle? 

The Republican presidential primary will really get interesting if Chris Christie gets in. Can he bring down Donald Tr•mp like he did Marco Rubio at the 2016 debates? None of the announced candidates so far is inclined to go low on the opinion poll leader; either through fear (we’re thinking Mike Pence) or inherently kind disposition. (Is Tim Scott too nice?)

Chris Christie has no such qualms. This is the federal prosecutor who put Jared Kushner’s old man in prison. As governor of New Jersey, he ate hecklers for breakfast with a side order of deep dish pizza and a Pabst Blue Ribbon. Even though the man insists “I’m not a paid assassin,” Politico counters that:

“Christie … loves nothing more than throwing a political punch.”

Taking down the most dominant Republican political figure in a generation, the 60-year-old former two-term New Jersey governor has calculated, requires taking direct aim at Trump’s weaknesses — his questionable character, his lack of discipline and, most of all, his losing record.


Let’s everyone go on strike! — Their workers are striking CUNA Mutual Group here in Madison WI “for all the right reasons,” John Nichols declares in The Capital Times. Main issue seems to be the employer is out-sourcing work to other locales. Seems to be if you want to assure out-sourcing, go on strike. We’ve noticed that every work stoppage is conducted for all the right reasons, according to John’s playbook.

The bat plays — Is the Brewers’ Owen Miller — of Mequon WI! —  the next Ryan Braun? Well, he is 26, a little old for a second-year player. But he was batting .347 after 101 at bats. Or is he a Hurricane Hazle, who will flame out the second time around the league? Christian Yelich was hitting only .223 on April 27. Since then, he’s batting .313 to lift his season average to .259. Go, Yellie!

Make it rain — The unlettered field hands are watering our sparse asparagus fields with their salty tears. Last significant rain was 16 days ago: 0.53 of an inch on 05-08-23. Another 0.11 of an inch six days later. A measly 0.7 on 05-19-23 when a quarter to a half-inch had been predicted. No rain in the seven-day forecast with temps predicted to hit 87° F next week!

Blaska’s Bottom Line: #45 would have been no match for Ronald Reagan, who could deflect the worst of them with humor and self-deprecation. Remember how RR demolished Walter Mondale with a single line? Then again, give him this: Tr•mp is no Walter Mondale! More like a Евгений Викторович Пригожин.

Is Christie kryptonite or carbohydrate?


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23 Responses to Let the games begin!

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  2. Over the years, I’ve generally liked Chris Christie. Christie is honest to a fault, tells it like it is without any sugar coating and he’s a proven, effective and experienced politician. Christie would have made a good President.

    Side Note: If Christie hadn’t been pandering to Trump in 2015-2016 primary season, he would have shredded Trump and I fault him for not doing that.


  3. One Eye says:

    “#45 would have been no match for Ronald Reagan”

    Especially with “Mommy” feeding him lines.

    At least RR was out of office before his dementia fully set in. No such luck with Biden.

    How about the 2025 NFL draft at Lambeau? I predict Packers will have a top 3 pick.


  4. richard lesiak says:

    Are you saying that I’m stupid because my father died when I was 15 and my sister was 12? All you are doing is showing everyone what a douc bag you really are . Daddy took great care of you and left you a pile. That is a good thing. Otherwise you would have nothing. Little prick.


    • Richard,
      You don’t read very well, big prick.

      Try again.

      Liked by 1 person

      • richard lesiak says:

        what am I not reading correctly stevie? And why are you calling me a prick? Dave let’s you get away with this ?


    • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

      Life’s tough; it’s even tougher when you’re old, illiterate, and STOOPID!

      The Gotch


      • richard lesiak says:

        Life ain’t tough for “lazy ass blogge idiot trolts” like you that are entitled little spoiled brats. It’s easy for “old, illiterate and STOOPID fools like you who had a pile of money left to you. Now you can grow pickles and talk s#$t to your rich and entitled friends like Dave and Stevie. And furthermore; that one-eyed little prick proud boy shoule be in prison for ever along with Drump.


        • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

          Choice, Not Chance, Determines Destiny

          A lifetime of p!$$ poor choices effort have resulted in poverty, unhappiness, and imbecility; whodda thunk it, am I right…?

          Anywho, and reduced to blaming the (heh!) superior outcomes of others as due to better parents, inheritance, or luck?


          The Gotch


        • Enjoyed a bit of offline and away from home time with my wife for Memorial Day weekend and return to this damn fool making up lies about others to troll the commentary on Blaska’s blog yet again.

          Now this Richard Lesiak, a confirmed liar, claims that I’m rich and entitled?

          Prove it Richard.

          Liked by 1 person

        • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

          Remember Steve, the Lazy @$$ Blogge Idiot TROLT suffers from crippling Deck Envy, despite the fact that The Gotch is down to only four (4) of ’em.

          He has installed another new patio, though…

          The Gotch

          Liked by 1 person

  5. richard lesiak says:

    AWWWW….gotch has his boxers in a bunch because someone called him out on his entitled little life. He is basking in his “superior” life style because of someone setting him up in his tri-level home with no worries. He can’t grasp the idea that sometimes it’s not “poor choices”; it’s a lack of options. But; if you’re an entitled little bitch you haven’t figured that out yet. And what’s with this “anywho” crap. Your cute little word play and all caps nonsense just shows what a little twitter bitch you aspire to be.


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