Spring time in Madison, the fragile flowers are in bloom

The equity majors are in high dudgeon!

Studying — some of them, anyway — at the great University of Wisconsin-Madison campus are 44,640 students. Of those, 9,824 are graduate students, 37.9% from out of state, 8.4% foreign, 65% White, 13.3% “International,” 7.1% Asian, 6.1% Hispanic, 3.4% two or more races, 2.2% black or African American, 0.2% American Indian, 0.07% Hawaiian or other Pacific Islanders, and 3.0% are Your Guess Is As Good As Anyone’s.

Of those 44,640 students, one posted a racist rant on social media, then took it down. The remaining 44,639, it seems, have taken to their fainting couches. Or, at least, a significant number of them have been triggered. They’ve VICTIMS! and they DEMAND reparations!

One student out of 44,640. Not a dean, not a professor, not the rat handler at the psych lab — but a single, solitary student who proved what an idiot she is.

Or was it Russian disinformation?

The Dean of Students office is investigating. Confronted by “hundreds of students,” the new chancellor (welcome to Madison!) has issued the requisite denunciation. (As do we at the Werkes.) Apologized for the pain. (As do we at the Werkes.) A society for ‘pre-health minority students” (Who knew?!) has condemned the video, as has the outgoing student government president, one Ndemazea Fonkem. (Fonkem if they can’t take a joke! How juvenile, Blaska! Yes, sophomoric!)

Unsatisfied by the response from Chancellor Jennifer Mnookin and well-paid Chief Diversity Officer LaVar Charleston, the students took their protest to the streets, marching down Bascom Hall, linking arms on Library Mall and clogging campus-area streets. A bullhorn may have been involved. (More here.)

“What’s it going to take for you to learn? Is it another ethnic studies class? A restorative justice circle?” Fonkem asked in her post, which she signed with the tagline, “a black girl who’s fed up with white girls saying the N-word,” according to the Wisconsin State Journal.

What a racist campus UW-Madison must be to elect a fed-up black girl its student body president!
Proposed UW-Madison racism warning siren

Why not a racist-alert siren?

Of course, the university students issued “demands” just as we did during the Vietnam War. (Often including a demand for more variety at the dining halls and more cigarette machines.) Of the latest seven:

• Operating a 24/7 racist hotline (operators are standing by);

• Extending the deadline for term papers for “students who are dealing with emotional distress or death threats received as a result of the video or their response to it.” And of course,

• Still more racial bias retraining.

Not a burning cross on Bascom Hill but a social media post that almost no one would have seen but for … 

To her credit, chancellor Mnookin (Welcome to Madison!) said the university can’t expel the one racist ranter because of something called “the First Amendment.” But we’ll see how low the lady grovels to quell the Woking Dead.

If the local Republican party listened to Blaska (whom we also condemn), they would occupy the chancellor’s office with their own list of demands. (Seven seems the right number.) Our little gaggle of right-wingers would chant — instead of “I am Spartacus” — “I am Fredric March.”

We would demand the return of the 42-ton glacial boulder removed from campus under cover of racism. We would demand quit busting up the campus next time a conservative is invited to speak. We would demand real diversity by hiring, every other year, a professor who doesn’t obsess over pronouns.

Yesterday, I asked ChatGPT are there any similarities between today’s Woke revolution and Chairman Mao’s cultural revolution of the 1960s and it wrote back “How long do you have?”  … We have our own Red Guard here … the only way to survive was to apologize … and submit to re-education or as we call it here in America, freshman orientation.

Bill Maher

Blaska’s Bottom Line: We would also demand that all 44,640 students be marched to Camp Randall Stadium to watch a marathon screening of Bill Maher on the Jumbotron, mandatory. Bonus showings of Animal House and Blazing Saddles. Electives, of course. Kegger to follow.

What’s on YOUR list of demands?


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17 Responses to Spring time in Madison, the fragile flowers are in bloom

  1. Steve says:

    and if they refuse to watch, treat them like they did in A Clockwork Orange……


  2. One Eye says:

    A UW student should never be more than 5 paces from a fainting couch at all times.

    I watched a redacted version of the video. The girl seemed very distraught. Had the sense that her diatribe was grounded in something personal.

    Look on the bright side honey… at least you didn’t end up as a single mother (I hope).


  3. Bob says:

    Free speech is only when the left likes it. More couches, safe rooms and bull horns to keep free speech. I heard the UW Madison had 90% voter turnout in the April Election. Good for them.


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  5. patrickmoloughlin says:

    I suggest that they simply stop using social media. If you never see it, it’s like it never existed! Problem solved.


  6. richard lesiak says:

    Proud Boys Proud Boys…whatcha goin’ do? What ‘ya goin’ do now that they convicted you? Everybody sing!!!!!!


  7. Simon Do Gooder says:

    I suspect that little of the belly aching and such is coming from students in engineering, mathematics, the hard sciences, and the business school.

    These folks need to have thick skin and become adults. The real world is not going to cuddle to them.

    Perhaps a weeks visit to Ukraine, Haiti, N. Korea, China, or Sudan, will knock them off their high horse and appreciate how really, really good there lives are.


    • Normwegian says:

      Right on, the student in the areas that you mention are there to learn. They’ll be our country’s future leaders, hopefully. Those in areas like political science are our future cab drivers.


  8. Bill Cleary says:

    I think there was an expression that goes something like this: “Easily offended, easily manipulated.”

    Kind of sums it all up, doesn’t it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mordecai The Red says:

      And unfortunately, social media makes it far too easy to manipulate large populations of people who will take whatever they read or see on it at face value.


  9. One Eye says:

    Confirmed…girl drama due to black boyfriend casting her aside.

    Hell hath no fury. That’s all it is, nothing more.

    Mnookin needs to stand her ground like MMOCA did and like the Dane County Board did last night. If she does the snowflakes will quickly fizzle out. If she doesn’t the black power group will OWN HER ASS.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

      “like the Dane County Board did last night.”

      Encouraging that they grew a collective pair, am I right?

      Anywho, think (S)tubbs will pull a Tank Abrams and deny that her nomination/appointment was…um…denied

      The Gotch


    • One Eye says:

      Also that is the most cartoonish racist rant I’ve ever heard. She wishes black people would die of thirst while picking cotton???? Next up: wishing they choke on a chicken drumstick, John Belushi as Liz Taylor style.

      If only she had taken time to regroup. She could have Quintez Cephused the boyfriend and suffered ZERO consequences. She would have been a martyr for chrissakes because BELIEVE ALL WOMEN (even after a not guilty verdict).

      Nice to see all the future diversity hires at the protest yesterday.


  10. Mordecai The Red says:

    Student president says she’s sick of white girls using the N-word instead of being sick of everyone using it. Quite telling.


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