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Trump takes more lumps in Wisconsin nice

In Tuesday’s primary election. The Blaska Policy Werkes decision desk was right on the money predicting Tr•mp-endorsed election denier Janel Brandtjen would lose big to Speaker Robin Vos’s man for state senate in suburban Milwaukee. We had it at Dan Knodl … Continue reading

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Are you offended?

Better yet, have you offended? Remember Piss Christ, the object d’ art of a crucifix dipped in a jar of urine 35 years ago? How the rubes and Babbits howled! The chattering classes scolded: Isn’t art supposed to discomfit the … Continue reading

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Trust, but verify

You got to hand it to Madison’s bleeding hearts! (And if you don’t, they will trash you.) A trusting, loving bunch eager as beagles to slobber empathy all over the floor. That is what we love about Madison WI progressives, … Continue reading

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Court must take a hammer to racial preferences

John Patrick Hunter was a West Virginia native who took Bill Proxmire’s place as a reporter for The Capital Times here in Madison WI. On July 4, 1951, the young reporter circulated a petition on Madison’s Capitol Square — a … Continue reading

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What is freedom of speech?

So much for ‘Sifting and Winnowing’ Nowhere is Freedom of Speech in greater danger — outside of North Korea, Iran, and Putin’s World — than an American university campus. Nowhere are their more intellectual cowards than the Madison campus of … Continue reading

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Ideology tramples inquiry at the UW

History at the University of Wisconsin has never been more political! With the help of Ol’ Sparky, our Eisenhower-era mainframe computer, the gray labcoats at the Werkes are developing a theory. It’s what they do. The theory is that the … Continue reading

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