Membership has its privileges

and responsibilities!

Process matters. That’s what a Constitution is all about. It tells what government may do and — in the case of the Bill of Rights — what government may not. You may believe your President to be the arisen Christ but storming the nation’s capitol to prevent the transfer of executive authority to the other guy is criminal. 

The social justice warriors of Freedom Inc. felt justified in shutting down the Madison Board of Education because … because … because they were right and everyone else was wrong! Cops, they said over and over (and may actually believe) — prey on minority kids.

Which is why we do not condemn the ouster of two state legislators in Tennessee! The two “expellees” were exercised over the shooting deaths of three kids and three adults at that Christian school in Nashville, the state capital. Their cause for tighter gun control meets with the approval of the national news media, with a few exceptions. CNN correspondent Sara Sidner actually lectured a Republican legislative leader on his heartlessness. President Biden has invited the two expellees to the White House, one of whom is described as a “community organizer.” (Jill Biden would invite the Republicans, too.)

Photo by Meade at the 2011 Madison Act 10 intifada

We regard Politico as a somewhat objective source:

The members approached the lectern without being called on by House GOP leadership and toted a bullhorn to lead chants on the House floor, a stunt that temporarily suspended legislative business. House Speaker Cameron Sexton later likened their behavior to “an insurrection.”


Moral relativists will counter that gun control is too critical an issue for the normal workings of the democratic process. Antifa, the Proud Boys, and Oath Keepers believe they are in the right, too. Unlike them, TN Reps. Justin Jones and Justin Pearson were elected insiders with access to a microphone and the ability to propose and enact legislation.

Shoes and other feet

More process: the Institute for Reforming Government proposes that Wisconsin Republicans cement their reforms into the state constitution.  

Conservatives need to meet the moment by going bold — as liberals will assuredly be doing — proposing amendments on topics like universal school choice, public union regulation, right to work, agency authority, and partisan gerrymandering claims. Besides being the right call for the state, this approach has a good track record. Obscured by Daniel Kelly’s loss on Tuesday was the fact that Wisconsinites approved — by huge margins — proposed tough-on-crime amendments to strengthen bail in Wisconsin.”

Anthony LoCoco, IRG.

The work-around “places control of the issue outside of the hands of the Wisconsin Supreme Court and into the hands of the people,” LoCoco says. The beauty of constitutional amendments is that they bypass the Democrat(ic) governor and his veto. Two successive legislatures — both houses are Republican — pass the amendments before a statewide, binding referendum. (More detail on the proposals.) More likely, we judge, than impeaching newly elected Janet Protasiewicz.

In that case, Wisconsin held a referendum of sorts Tuesday April 4 and abortion won. 

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Every legislative body has the ability to police its own members as State Rep. Timothy Ramthun learned when Speaker Robin Vos stripped him of committee assignments and (as we hope) New York’s George Santos is about to learn.

If Marjorie Taylor Green, Matt Gaetz, Paul Gosar, and Lauren Boebert
rushed the Speaker’s desk and shouted into bullhorns
during the certification of the electoral college vote on 01-06-21,
would THEY deserve expulsion?

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16 Responses to Membership has its privileges

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  2. Alan POTKIN says:

    Mister Blaska’s Internal raging TDS, redux redux redux! Encourage you all to look at Frank Lee’s autopsy of the 2022 elections, up here…


  3. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    I don’t recall a clause in the First Amendment that makes an exception for “issues too critical for the normal workings of the democratic process.” But that ‘s exactly the exception Democrats make on every issue they deem to be “critical.” So when they declare gun control to be more important than the workings of the democratic process in the Tennessee legislature, everyone else is expected to play along. And of course Biden invited the expelled legislators to the White House. How could he possibly pass up an opportunity to lend support to the subversion of democracy AND kiss black a$$ at the same time?


    • old baldy says:

      “How could he possibly pass up an opportunity to lend support to the subversion of democracy ….”. You are talking about all the folks, like djt and rojo, and the cast of wannabe trumpettes that still deny the results of the last presidential election, right?


  4. Bill Cleary says:

    A body of water is a body of water. Whether it is liquid or solid, it is a body of water. The same thing can be said about the argument for gun control. Guns don’t do wrong so why punish the gun? Why not instead punish the person who was using the gun illegally?

    I know people who have owned a variety of guns all their lives. They have never committed a crime with any of them. They are responsible gun owners who have also taught their children to do the same.


    • richard lesiak says:

      Kind of like when BLM called for defunding the police. One side was screaming bloody murder. Now that side wants to defund the FBI, IRS and the DOJ. Why punish the cops who are just trying to make a living and survive?


  5. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    President Biden has invited the two expellees to the White House.”

    Who else has DementiaJoKe invited to the WH?

    None other than Nazi Sympathizer Uncle Georgie Soros‘ son Alexander…14 Freakin’ Times!

    Gosh, wonder what for…?

    The Gotch


  6. Kooter says:

    Dave, so you’re saying send Trump to the gallows for not discouraging a riot, but let the two TN congressmen walk for inciting and participating in an insurrection? Indeed, I think your TDS continues to get the best of you. Those two got all they deserve., IMO.


    • old baldy says:

      Trying to compare the events in TN with Jan 6 is absolutely ridiculous, and proof of willful ignorance.


    • Alan Potkin says:

      Yo, Kooter. Either you didn’t read our host’s OP correctly, or maybe I didn’t; but looks clearly that he regarded the ejection of the TN politicians as perfectly acceptable. Regarding Blaska’s bitter clinging to pathologized TDS, the Trumpistas had plenty of bonafide concerns over the Nov 2020 election integrity (where did that USD$ ~half billion Zuckerbucks —probably 501(C)3 tax-deductable, no less— go, anyway?); and helluva of a lame “insurrection” when of those 300+ million firearms legally-owned —predominantly by right-leaning citizens, of which nearly 20 million are AR-15 clones alone— not one, zero, none, nihil, nichievo, showed up at the Capitol on 6 Jan!


    • David Blaska says:

      How can you twist what I’ve written here with “letting the two Tennessee congressman walk for inciting an insurrection?” They were thrown out of the legislature!

      I wrote: “Which is why we do NOT condemn the ouster of two state legislators in Tennessee!”


  7. Kooter says:

    Oops, you are correct: I mis-reas “do not condemn”. My apologies Squire.
    OB: when is a riot not a riot? When Progressives push a (insurrection) narrative.


    • old baldy says:


      Now you are exhibiting terminally aggressive willful ignorance. Seek the cure.


      • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

        FAR> more needful of the cure are the Lefties who claim DementiaJoKe & the catastrophically inept VP are doing a fine job.

        The Gotch


      • Kooter says:

        Calm down, OB, dont want you to blow a vessel. Not sure why you’re throwing arrows at me unless I got a bit close to the mark?


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