Aaarghh! Woke won!

Madison is Boss Satya’s town!

Sorry to see Daniel Kelly lash out at Janet Protasiewicz, elected Tuesday 04-04-23 the fourth and deciding liberal on the Wisconsin supreme court. It’s tough to be a good loser, Dan my man. Then again, Blaska has had (past pluperfect) beaucoup practice.

Officer down!

Wisconsin voted pro-choice. We said back awhile ago that Assembly Speaker Vos should triangulate the issue by putting up legislation to make abortion an elective up until the 15th (20th, 21st …) week of gestation. Still should, now that Pro-tah-SAY-witz will wear black robes for the next 10 years. 

On top of the very beatable Tony Evers only five months ago, Wisconsin Republicans are on the schneid. Helps that Dan Knodl kept Alberta Darling’s senate seat in Milwaukee’s north-shore suburbs in Republican hands. Barely. That silk-stocking ‘burbs like Whitefish Bay, Mequon, and Cedarburg should go only 50.9% Republican is  concerning. So don’t blame Dane County alone!

When will our party stop blaming "RINOs" for our defeats and start appealing to the independent middle?

State Republicans blamed Dane County for Tim Michels’ loss last November. They saw Republicans’ share of our Madison-based vote dwindle from almost 33% in Bush v. Gore 2000 down to Michels anemic 20.7%. New local leadership promised better.

So how did Daniel Kelly do in Dane County Tuesday? Really bad! Wisconsin Badger men’s basketball team scoreless in the last 9+ minutes bad. Kelly claimed only 18.0% of Dane County voters! A ham sandwich at Yom Kippur would have done better. We’ll cut newly elected chair Brandon Maly and vice chair Chrissy Illgren some slack; they’ve only been in charge for two months. But they DID set the bar.

Republican performance in Dane County

2023Daniel Kelly v Janet Protasiewicz18.0%
2022Tim Michels v Tony Evers20.7%
2020Donald Trump v Joe Biden22.9%
2018Leah Vukmir v Tammy Baldwin22.3%
2018Walker v Evers ’1823.5%
2000Bush v. Gore ‘0032.6%

A bad night for the blue

Turning to Madison WI. The police union endorsed Gloria Reyes for mayor. She lost 55.2 to 44.1% to incumbent Satya Rhodes Conway. So did all three of their endorsed aldermanic candidates. In a contest between two redistricted incumbents, police supporter Sheri Carter lost to social justice warrior Yanette Figueroa Cole 50.4 to 48.9%. Another moderate person with black skin, Isadore Knox, lost by 2 votes in the 14th to Noah Liebrerman. Two votes! The third cop endorsee, former alder Nino Amato, lost to the cop-defunding incumbent, Nikki Conklin in the 9th. (Download final endorsements.)

Of the nine alder candidates Madison Safety Connection endorsed, only three won: Kristen Slack over John Guequierre, Barbara Harrington-McKinney over another redistricted incumbent, Matt Phair, and incumbent Charles Myadze on the northeast side. The Safety Connection also struck out on Reyes. By contrast, 7 of the 8 candidates Mayor Satya endorsed won; in addition to Figueroa Cole and Lieberman, they were Juliana Bennett, Mike Verveer, MGR Govindarajan, Nikki Conklin, and Jael Currie. Only Ald. Harrington-McKinney survived Satya’s wrath.

"Our schools are products of white supremacy” is a winning message in the Emerald City

The election of guilty, white critical-race theorist Blair Mosner Feltham pulls Madison’s Board of Education even farther toward Woke, winning 56 to 44%! Still, not bad. Just think if the WI State Journal had the courage to endorse Badri Lankella.

Finally, in Chicago, social justice warrior Brandon Johnson defeated the cops’ candidate, school reformer Paul Vallas. John Nichols will crow like a caffeinated rooster as the street sweepers wrap a yellow crime scene tape around the entire city.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: No, we aren’t moving the Policy Werkes to Canada, like a lot of sore losers promised when George W. and Tr•mp won. Maybe Fitchburg, though.

How much worse must it get
before it gets better?


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30 Responses to Aaarghh! Woke won!

  1. Steve says:

    someone came through Mad City and Chi Town with those memory-erasing ray guns used by the Men in Black…..

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  3. Bob says:

    Sorry. Fitchburg isn’t far enough. Outside of Dane County but how far out is becoming the question.

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  4. Bill Cleary says:

    “Wisconsin voted pro-choice.” When will people ever understand that perhaps you are a person in your eyes but perhaps not in mine. That perhaps my definition of personhood does not include you.

    In my mind, giving anyone the power to decide wether or not a person is a person locks us all in a struggle against each other to declare that the other is not a person.


  5. A Party of One says:

    I guess it is now obvious that God will have to moderate His position on murdering the unborn from zero weeks to 15 weeks of gestation. Yeah, that’s the ticket to success!


    • Rollie says:

      You’re entitled to your opinion regarding what it is that God wants, but so are other people. I appreciate that there is at least a thread of history here that supports leaving religious opinions out of our laws.


  6. Dan says:

    What a disaster. How could anyone think Kelly had a better chance than Jennifer Dorow of beating Prytlsiezfwiesltdcz ? It was clear how the Dems would make this a single-issue campaign. Absolutely maddening.


  7. richard lesiak says:

    After listening to Kelly’s concession speech, I’m glad I didn’t vote for him.


  8. Rollie says:

    I would appreciate a less-extremist WI Republican Party, and clearly it would do better in statewide elections. It’s an unfortunate by-product of our broken “democracy” that, as we only are allowed 2 parties, each one is incentivized to take extremist positions. There really is no hope for moderation.

    It just happens that the Democrat’s abortion policy stance is more moderate than the Republican’s, and I believe (no evidence, just opinion) that is ultimately the issue that decided the Supreme Court race.

    Many here will argue “No way, it’s the Ds that are abortion extremists – they’re the ones who are baby killers, that’s extremism!!” But obviously the majority of the state does not see it that way and just plain doesn’t believe that life begins at conception. If someone doesn’t believe that life begins at conception, then the R position is the extremist view.

    So sure, go ahead and try to convince more people that a fertilized egg should have independent human rights. I totally support people who actively promote their opinions. But please come to terms with it being an OPINION that others might disagree with.

    And I encourage all of us to work towards a democracy where EVERYONE has representation and law is enacted through coalition building and compromise. Our current trajectory is unfortunately pointing away from this goal.


  9. richard lesiak says:

    It’s not just the abortion issue. The gop under-performed in places that they usually won bigly. Election denying, fake electors, voter suppression, Gableman mess; these are positions that people dislike. With their super-majority the first thing out of their mouths is to impeach a justice who hasn’t even been sworn in yet. This is not “coalition building and compromise.” That’s what loses you votes.


  10. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    Hey moron, the only voter suppression was the Illegal/Unconstitutional 11th Hour Efforts by Ichabod Evers to shut down in-person voting in 2020.

    Unless you count the RAYcist Lefty Shut Down of 180 polling places down to a mere five (5), in primarily bLack neighborhoods, by virulent Lefty RAYcists (forgive the redundancy!) Tommy Barrett and City Election Commission Director Neil Albrecht.

    Ah Lefty; so MUCH RAYcist Voter Suppression, so little time!

    The Gotch

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    • richard lesiak says:

      Covid, absentee ballots issued, courts stopped it. Get over it and live in the present. “Hey moron”? Did you help write Kelly’s speech?


  11. old baldy says:

    If Kelly is the best candidate that “conservatives “ can find then they deserve the thumping they got. And such a sore loser. Taking his cues from 45. Ditto Michels.

    While abortion and women’s rights got the most attention I think the most important WI SC decision will be regarding gerrymandering. With the majority of voters favoring impartial redistricting, and a large majority of county boards passing resolutions requesting same, the failure of R’s to act on this will continue to be a millstone around their necks.


    • William R Kurtz says:

      You’re totally right. I’m actually pro-life, but voted for Janet because of gerrymandering. Given that Dem voters are more heavily concentrated, a reasonably fair map would probably give the GOP about 55 Assembly seats. But they got greedy in 2011, and their Supreme Court gave them the go-ahead to keep it that way.


    • richard lesiak says:

      agree OB. I know a lot of 70 plus women who agree. After decades they are done with old white guys telling them what to do. They are done with the church, politicians , and assorted dirt-balls telling them what to do. What will they do? VOTE. And vote they did. Result: Kelly is gone. Gerrymandering is over and the era of the lifelong gop politician is over.


      • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

        Only someone who’s really Really REALLY STOOPID would claim that the era of the lifetime GOP politician is over.

        To no one’s surprise, the Lazy @$$ Blogge Idiot TROLT claims just that.

        Solve for X!

        GOP Lawmaker Wins WI State Senate, CREATING SUPER MAJORITY

        And Icabod Evers is in the crosshairs!

        The Gotch

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        • richard lesiak says:

          He won by only 700 votes in a place that has been republican for decades. In Sauk Co., that bastion of liberalism, Janet beat Kelly by 3,277 votes. 11,751 to 8,277. We will see what this one vote super duper blessed by God majority really produces. My guess…nada.


      • Mordecai The Red says:

        And I am tired of snarling, man-hating feminists (but I repeat myself) blanket-characterizing men and telling them that they’re drooling, misogynist, buffoons that are a problem to be solved. Especially when men are still doing all the heavy lifting, both literally and figuratively.


    • Mordecai The Red says:

      There is no such thing as impartial redistricting, as much as you might hope there is. There may have been at one time, but not anymore, and probably not in my lifetime. At least with R’s and D’s next to their names, we know who’s who. Let them create a committee with an equal number of each and make them work together and compromise to get the least worst maps they can come up with.


  12. Mordecai The Red says:

    Biggest lesson is that Madison has to get even worse than Chicago is now before the electorate will vote for sanity. And with this gaggle, it absolutely will.

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    • David Gerard says:

      Worse than Chicago? When did the Republican party become the party of old, disgruntled white guys who fail to recognize the obvious?

      The way it looks to me, it is impossible for Madison to regress the way you see it.

      1) Economy – The economic growth in this city is astonishing. It resembles Austin, Texas in the 1970’s. Republican bankers, developers, and entrepreneurs all know that you have a license to make money here if you play your cards right. It is estimated that 50,000 additional people will reside here by 2050, many of them college graduates with STEM degrees. They pay their taxes and use very little in the area of expensive municipal services.

      2) Education – Despite your rantings and ravings about the school district, don’t forget that it is still possible for high-achieving students in this district to go to very prestigious universities.

      3) Culture – Sustaining a high-brow cultural presence is usually the first step in maintaining economic growth. Madison achieved that years ago.

      4) Medical care – If you have the right insurance, you have entry to some of the best health care in the nation.

      5) Crime – The crime issues that you rant and rave about are on the way to solving itself. Criminals are predominantly young and, in this town, disproportionately black. The demographic trends show a dramatic decrease in the birth rate which will result in a much lower crime rate. The number of poor dysfunctional families will also decrease (they can’t afford the housing costs).

      The sustained growth and success will, over time, present big issues, but not the kind of issues you talk about. Traffic, child-care, housing costs, homelessness, drug addiction, mental health, finding good teachers, getting employees for the service class, and drunk-drivers will be the issues.

      We used to be the party of optimism and realism. Why don’t you learn how to declare victory? Better yet, if things are going to be that bad, why don’t you just leave town?


      • Mordecai The Red says:

        “The way it looks to me, it is impossible for Madison to regress the way you see it.”

        We can recap on that in 10 years if you’re still here. I’ve lived here for decades, and in that time, the problems that progressivism causes have gone from an annoyance to scary and destructive.

        1. With remote work in the industries you name being a reality that is never going away, they are going to have to work very hard to get people to move here. I’m already seeing my own company give in to candidates who don’t want to relocate for positions that never would have compromised on that in the past. Even before Chicago became the hellscape it is now, most young professionals fled the city for the suburbs and elsewhere as soon as they had families and property to keep safe and the means to do so. And if Madison doesn’t fix a few of your next items, it is only going to be compounded.

        2. And what about the other 90 percent of them? Middle finger? When I worked in a public school, most of the students I had contact with weren’t elite university material, but they did go on to become tradespeople, cops, caregivers for seniors, and other members of the workforce that were just as valuable as professionals. But many of them only did this with a lot of support, structure, discipline, and reinforcement from others like me and a stable learning climate. With those structures absent, classrooms in chaos, lies that they are not in control of their own outcomes, and personal responsibility replaced with “do what makes you feel good”, these same students become adults that can’t take care of or think for themselves. I saw a marked increase in student indifference to education and consequences of actions in my tenure, and I have it on good authority from those still there that it’s worse now. A significant number of my left-of-center friends have pulled their kids out of public schools here and elsewhere. Aspiring young professionals who want to have families are not going to move here if this is the only educational option their kids have.

        3. Not if you don’t fix the crime problem. Most people I know, myself included, stayed away from downtown Madison and all its cultural offerings during the summer of 2020 and for months afterward. It’s better now, but all it takes is one cop vs. resistant black person incident, here or elsewhere, to send downtown into a riotous quagmire again. And history shows that we can count on our mayor and city council to hogtie police when they try to deal with the problem. If Madison isn’t safe, you can’t count on people with money to spend it there. I know enough people in Chicago who have done and continue to abstain from this there to say that the same can happen here.

        4. Agreed. But you can’t count on that alone to get people to live here. Milwaukee health systems draw people from several counties away for care there, but many get what they need and go back home.

        5. See my previous comments. And if you keep subsidizing the rising costs of housing, as progressives are apt to do, the ne’er do wells don’t have to go anywhere. Especially not when predominately liberal mindsets make those who own them soft targets, as Beth Potter and Robin Carre were. And if housing costs do pressure flight from the city, those prone to crime will go to the surrounding communities and wreak havoc there, as is already happening in Sun Prairie, Verona, Mount Horeb, and a few others. Over a dozen homes in my neighborhood have security measures on them that weren’t there two years ago, and that’s in response to incidents of burglary and car thefts at a frequency higher than I’ve ever seen here.

        “Better yet, if things are going to be that bad, why don’t you just leave town?”

        Working on it, but not all the chips are in place yet, and I’m not in a huge hurry. A few like-minded co-workers have already done so by moving across the county line. Problem is, many liberals tend to do the same when faced with similar issues, but are either too ignorant or arrogant to realize or admit that their policies caused the mess they’re in, and then go on to cause another one in wherever they migrate to. Go ask a native Montanan how much they love Californians—the latter have been fleeing to the former for a while, inflating home costs and taxes to the point where locals are priced out of the market, all while expecting everyone to conform to their coastal way of life. The surrounding states are nervous that the same is going to happen there.

        If somehow things improve, I might consider staying here. But even if I don’t, I’ll still do what I can to influence how things work here, as I have people I care about who don’t have the luxury of relocating.

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        • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

          Problem is, many liberals tend to do the same when faced with similar issues, but are either too ignorant or arrogant to realize or admit that their policies caused the mess they’re in, AND THEN THEY GO ON TO CAUSE ANOTHER ONE IN WHEREVER THEY MIGRATE TO.” (bolds/caps/italics mine)

          Tour de Force and Bravo Indigo November Golf Oscar, MTR!

          Lefty Scrambles To Look TOUGH ON CRIME It’s Not Going Well

          27 Of 30 Most Crime Ridden Cities RUN_BY_LEFTY

          The Gotch


        • Mordecai The Red says:

          Indeed, Gotch. That is a fundamental difference between liberals and conservatives. A few zealots aside, most conservatives just want to be left alone to live their lives how they want and are fine with liberals doing the same as long as the problems of the latter don’t end up on the doorstep of the former. Many, but not all, liberals want everyone to conform to their beliefs and sensibilities and will not hesitate to enforce this, by legislative cudgel if possible, and some by violent protest and intimidation if not. And that’s why it’s a tough decision to either stay here and do what I can in spite of progressive madness, or flee elsewhere and hope it doesn’t follow me.


        • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

          flee elsewhere and hope it doesn’t follow me.

          Um…don’t look behind you…

          America’s Mass Migration Intensifies As LEFTUGEES FLEE Blue States And Counties For Red

          Soooo, why they skeedaddlin’?

          Anywho, trouble is, despicable Lefty packs-up-and-brings-along the ruinous mindset/policies which have…er…transformed the cities they flee into D卐M☭CRAT cesspools.

          Has there ever been anything despicable Lefty hasn’t FUBARed beyond all recognition while trying to make it better?

          The Gotch


      • Mordecai The Red says:

        Oh, and if you consider what happened Tuesday reason to declare victory, methinks you are having an identity crisis.


    • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

      Biggest lesson is that Madison has to get even worse than Chicago is now before the electorate will vote for sanity.

      Sadl;y, the talented Jeff Reynolds nails it:

      (bolds/caps/italics mine throughout)
      “When viewing the catastrophic homelessness in Portland, the out-of-control violent crime in St. Louis, the astonishing rates of shoplifting and property crimes in San Francisco, Philadelphia’s abject refusal to prosecute violent crimes, or the educational disasters of Baltimore, one often hears the hew and cry:


      “It then develops into a NEGATIVE FEEDBACK LOOP, one in which the aggrieved class REINFORCES ITS VICTIMHOOD AND ACCELERATES THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL, with no one there to stage an intervention…

      The Gotch


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  14. Jack Sanderson says:

    This article from The Federalist explains how ERIC is inflating progressive voter registration and leaving conservatives out of the loop. They are echoing what Douglas Franks is saying, that public funds are being used to target progressive registration biasedly corrupting the system and enabling fraud. So, is The Federalist a conspiracy theory advocate too?
    “By targeting these specific demographics, Becker ensures leftists make significant inroads within the electorate, as most of these voters lean heavily Democratic. Not surprisingly, a 2011 leaked memo from the Open Society Foundation’s Democracy and Power Fund calls for expanding voter engagement among ‘people of color, immigrant, and youth communities.’ … Thankfully, multiple red states are waking up to this clear Democratic-vote-harvesting scheme. In March alone, Florida, Missouri, West Virginia, Iowa, and Ohio withdrew from ERIC over its ties to the left…” Wisconsin is still a member of ERIC.


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