Madison schools super is quitting

Carleton Jenkins, we hardly knew ye

Dear MMSD Community, During the past three years, I have worked and served as your superintendent to help enhance the lives of the students, staff, families, and community members of the Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD).

Working on behalf of such an outstanding community has produced many joys, as well as moments which caused me to reflect on how to enhance my leadership in the interest of producing better outcomes for all children and youth. At last week’s State of the District address, I was proud to share where our amazing district is heading. 

As such, it is with much sadness to share my plans to retire from MMSD effective July 28, 2023, and spend more time with my family (particularly my grandson).

There are times when we all struggle with choosing between “doing what is right” and “doing what is right.” My three-year-old grandson, the joy of my life, is in his formative years, and I am looking forward to being more available to nurture and support his growth and development.The MMSD community’s talented scholars, teachers, staff, administrators, families, and community members have worked hard to move the district forward.

We remain committed to continue our focus on equity, collaboration, and the co-creation of our district. Through it all, the lessons I have learned from this community have made me stronger as an educator, leader, and person. I will forever be grateful for my time spent in MMSD and the Madison community. I love MMSD, and love to serve this community as Superintendent; it has been the highlight of my 34 years in education. I look forward to continuing to work with our Board of Education during this transition period.

Carlton D. Jenkins, Ph.D.
Madison Metropolitan School District

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Here are two names to consider: Kaleem Caire and Jeffrey Copeland!

Who do YOU like for our next school chief?


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13 Responses to Madison schools super is quitting

  1. One Eye says:

    Here’s the TLDR:

    Dear MMSD Community,

    (Gigantic crock of shit)

    – Carleton Jenkins

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  2. fjaeckle says:

    David Blaska

    -Fred Jaeckle
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  3. Art M says:

    I was never sure that he was employed at MMSD. Numerous contacts sent regarding various issues at school where response was requested went unanswered. Unfortunately, I contacted a Principal as well with the same issues requesting a response and those were unanswered as well. Obviously those questions and concerns did not suit the agenda and were therefore ignored. Finally gave up and no longer concerned due to graduation of our youngest son. So happy to have our sons out of that system. We do not fit the profile to have our concerns and issues be part of any conversation by MMSD.

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  4. Bob says:

    IS THE SHIP SINKING? I wonder how long it will take this time to find a replacement?


  5. David Gerard says:

    Kaleem Michael Caire?

    What evidence do you need to be convinced that you’ve been duped? The good news is that if he was considered a serious candidate, he would have to go through a thorough background check.

    If you believe in nepotism (he has three children on the payroll at One City – none of whom has a college degree), you’ll love Michael Caire. If you love a super that will spend half his time out of state, you’ll love him. If you love an administrator that spends the first two weeks of school doing useless bonding exercises, you’ll love him. If you love someone who has failed miserably at all three education jobs he has had, you’ll love him.


    • Peter Anderson says:

      I volunteer at MMSD and have seen One City School in operation personally, and I disagree with your opinion of Kaleem Caire’s leadership.

      That doesn’t mean that I would not agree that he has made mistakes, most conspicuously his decision to expand in one year to add middle and high school grades, instead of sticking to his original plan to expand from the original pre-school by one higher grade level each year.

      However, from personal observation, I know that — unlike MMSD — he will not paper over missteps or failings. Instead, he will figure out what went wrong, research the issue, and try another promising avenue.

      Moreover, of especial interest to Blaska Blob followers, he understands that education can not occur if there is not discipline and if students do not respect their teachers.

      People who want a constructive alternative to MMSD need Kaleem Caire. He has built an major educational alternative from scratch through the inspiration of his true commitment. Give him a chance, and your support.

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      • David Gerard says:

        Give him a chance? That’s like saying we should give George Santos another chance.

        I’ll give him another chance when I get an answer on why four (not three) of his children are on the payroll. You can check that out online on his One City website. That has got to be more than $250, 000 in income for the family business.

        I’ll give him another chance when he explains why the Urban League fired him for financial improprieties.

        I’ll give him another chance when he gives a detailed plan that deals with all the serious issues raised by the UW audit.

        I’ll give him another chance after I hear why all seven of his high school faculty quit; why he could not hire a principal for the high school and why board members continue to resign. Perhaps it was the lack of discipline from the top down and lack of respect he gave his teachers.

        I’ll give him another chance when I see his discharge papers from the US Navy.

        Deep down, you know you would never send your kids to this school. Your house negro has been stealing the silverware right in front of your face for years.

        Why can’t you see that?


  6. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    “Through it all, the lessons I have learned from this community** have made me stronger as an educator, leader, and person.” (bolds/italics mine)

    **TRANSLATION: “The greatest lesson I’ve learned is that the MMSD Administration/Board is made up of a bunch LaLaLoopyLoonyLeftyLand morons who don’t know the 1st thing about educating youth, and have less than any interest in it being demonstrated that that’s unequivocally the case.

    “They’re more concerned with some deeply flawed approach which worships at the secular Altar of some grotesquely perverted sense of EQUITY, and napalming standard after standard in its service.

    “They’re either terminally clueless, or couldn’t care less, about the generational carnage being created. Why? because it’s all about Good Intentions and fealty to The Cause

    “They’ve fast-tracked this district onto the Highway To Hell, which is plummeting downhill, at breakneck speed, aided by a gale force tailwind, and wearing gasoline drawers.

    “Parents of school age children are either leaving in droves, or not coming in the 1st place; look no further than a WELL OVER half a Billion $ in SCHOOL CONSTRUCTION REFERENDA which have been approved in recent years, all incuriously within driving distance of Madison.

    “This city is regularly rated as one of the U.S.’s best places to live. That may very well be, but I’ll be damned if I’ll scuttle a sterling reputation and demolish an exemplary career by going down with this Ship Of Fools!”

    The Gotch

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    • richard lesiak says:

      Once again you have managed to plunge to the depths of the absurd with no positive input. Maybe four days in a darkened room is in order; but you have been in the dark most of your life. Investigate “Astrological Immersion” You and Aaron can search for Devine Destiny together.


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