Madison’s mayor is driving people to Fitchburg

Satya Rhodes-Conway is a cop-loathing socialist

No Madison reps have signed on to resolution honoring Chief Koval

Sometimes, the docent of the Stately Manor feels like John Belushi’s frat house character in Animal House. “Who’s with me?” he shouts as he leads to the charge to wreak revenge on Dean Wormer.  Only to find no one following. But this time feels different.

Will we see you 4:30 p.m. Thursday, October 10 for the Common Council’s finance committee? It’s in room 215 of the Municipal Building across from the City-County Building. First objective: kill that $200,000 full-time police critic! Second, kill the $40/vehicle wheel tax. Third: show your support for Madison police! Avenge Mike Koval.


Fitchburg is not hard to find. It’s “on the fringes” of Madison

We said the police chief’s resignation may well be an “inflection point.” That was the guilty white woman’s term to explain why Madison schools went to hell under her superintendency. One of the police & fire commissioners who hired Koval 5 ½ years ago scorched the editorial page of the Wisconsin State Journal Tuesday.


Armageddon outta here

George Kamperschroer is a 9-year former member of the PFC and a well respected business man. He writes:

I am a liberal when looked at from outside Madison and a conservative if looked at by the fringe groups that now run Madison. … I have loved Madison for all its strengths and weaknesses.  But I just moved to Fitchburg. … Madison has gone to the fringes and has become what its detractors have always thought it to be. … Koval got fed up with the city hierarchy and quit. I got fed up with the city hierarchy and moved from the city I loved for so many years, which is something I never thought I would do.

Former northside alder Dorothy Borchardt reports “Many of my liberal friends who live on the north side are sorry they voted for Rhodes-Conway.”

On-the-job training

Police are hoping the arrests of two Madison burglary and car theft “kingpins” over the weekend will make a dent. How many young car thieves have Madison entrepreneurs Cleaster L. Moon, age 24, and Joshua E. Pitts, 17, trained? We ask because police also nabbed two 15-year-olds along for the ride. Were they trainees? 

Comment, respond, what do you thinkIt is worth noting that after the arrests of the so-called kingpins: A stolen Audi SUV intentionally rammed into a  Fitchburg police squad car Monday. Police are looking for two black males in their early 20s, The vehicle should have damage to the front passenger side, police say. Um, Yeah!

“The officer stopped and was preparing to contact the vehicle and its occupants when it drove intentionally into the side of his squad car and then out of the area at high speed.”

And this: “A 14-year-old girl [passenger] refused to identify the driver of a stolen SUV last Friday afternoon after it went off the roadway, colliding with trash cans, signs, and fences along Schroeder Road.”

Grand Theft Auto

Hold them accountable

The citizenry should be be vigilant on how “restorative” Dane County’s courts are this time — because these two kingpins have been given chance after chance. Our good friend Duane, as public-minded a citizen as they come, consulted the state CCAP criminal record website. Duane reports:

Dane County had the chance to lock Cleaster Moon away about two years ago. He had committed multiple car thefts around Madison and had numerous eluding charges after fleeing Madison PD. Moon was finally caught after he crashed his stolen Jeep in a pursuit with the Michigan State Police. He served his time and was brought back to Madison. You can see what happened in CCAP for a dozens of charges [including] probation, which was eventually revoked for a few months in local jail.

… It’s unfortunate that our DA and our judges are so lax on crime. We had the opportunity to prevent these burglaries from happening by locking this guy up. … He didn’t get caught selling weed, he had multiple, serious, dangerous felonies he was facing.

Our justice system failed us, and it wasn’t because of racism, or disparities or anything else. It’s because the people running it don’t believe in accountability. They don’t hold criminals accountable and the voters don’t hold them accountable.

The Monona Grove schools have banned Halloween. More proof of the Policy Werkes theorem that a town may be home to only five progressives but they’ll be sitting on the local school board.

Blaska’s Kamperschroer’s Bottom Line: He used to think Madison had no more kooks than any other city, “we just elected ours.” Now he knows better. Madison continues to self-select for the lowest common denominator.

What do YOU think?

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23 Responses to Madison’s mayor is driving people to Fitchburg

  1. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Self-confessed career Lefty Kamperschroer’s Money Quote:

    I WOULD NOT WANT THE CURRENT MAYOR OR CITY COUNCIL CHOOSING MADISON’S NEXT POLICE CHIEF. They don’t understand policing and have disrespected the chief, the department and its officers on far too many occasions.. (bolds/caps mine)

    C’mon Blaska; was it over when the Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor…?

    The Gotch

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  2. High Horse Heels says:

    Its especially worse these days, as feral children used to get civilized at school, and of course we know the opposite happens now. We reap what liberals sow.

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    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      You’re half right. Kids used to get civilized at school AND AT HOME. If a kid broke the rules at school, he’d get punished there and then again AT HOME. Now, in our hyper-enlightened times, that concept is regarded as hopelessly outdated–and racist into the bargain. The feral teens in Madison who are responsible for what in any normal city would be regarded as an intolerable crime wave are spoon-fed lefty propaganda of victimhood at school (when they deign to attend) and left to their own devices at home. The idea that they ought to be held accountable for their misdeeds is as alien to them as any other fundamental principle of a civilized society. We reap what liberals sow indeed.

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  3. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    From the Weekly Insert online:

    No Madison Reps Have Yet Signed On To Support Resolution HONORING Retired MPD Chief Mike Koval

    I’m shocked…SHOCKED…said no one.

    The Gotch

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    • DeepStateJanitor says:

      From the same article:

      “A Plumer staffer said the motion was introduced Friday afternoon but wasn’t circulated via email for co-sponsors, the means by which lawmakers are typically notified of bills and resolutions and invited to sign on to them…..As of Wednesday morning, no Madison lawmakers — or any other state representatives, aside from the resolution’s author — have signed on in support of the language.”

      I’m shocked…SHOCKED…that Cornelius fails again at basic reading comprehension, said no one. I’ll bet your a read the headlines and shape them to fit your own personal narrative kind of guy aren’t ya?


      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


        “I’ll bet your (sic) a read the headlines and shape them to fit your own personal narrative kind of guy aren’t ya?”

        Were your permanently affixed, hyper-partisan Weapons-Grade-Thickened-Industrial-Strength-Hardened ideological blinders not obscuring a fact-based reality, you’d realize the headline, from Madison’s Lefty-Paper-Of-Record, is verbatim.

        Perhaps better to discuss the theme they were trying to promote would be more worthy of your slobbering?

        Then, we’ll try to make some REAL progress; knowing the difference between your-n-you’re, O.K. by you…?

        The Gotch

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        • DeepStateJanitor says:

          pointing out my hasty spelling mistake – wow, well done. if you have any free time, which would surprise me since writing asinine posts on this blog seems to be a full-time job for you, go spellcheck your president. That’ll really keep you busy.

          as far as the article & my response, looks like you missed the point, yet again. Which is really just a chef’s kiss given the subject at hand (an inability to read something, understand it and draw logical conclusions rather than use it as an excuse to engage in more verbal masturbation). I mean, if you WANT to make my point for me who am I to stop you?

          I’d try to break it down for you, but what’s the point in trying to explain anything a broken record playing the world’s most boring tune? Heaven help your family if your real-life personality is as drab as your online persona. You’ve spent a lifetime wondering why rooms suddenly clear when you enter, haven’t you?


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


          My my; Messiah Complex coupled with the trembling fear that life won’t continue to make endless exceptions for you.

          An enviable combo, that; sounds rather George Costanzaesque, clueless arrogance and frighteningly low self-esteem, am I right?

          Save your breath for your inflatable date.

          The Gotch

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  4. White Hills says:

    Madison’s mayor is driving people to Montana.


  5. Tom Paine says:

    Time is short. Life is finite. What wisdom to continue living in cesspool of dysfunctionalism, increasing crime, and irrationality?

    I’ll come back in a year — or five and nothing will have improved. Why ride the torrent all the way to sewage processing plant? You’re no more likely to change the trends than you would be by fighting a forest fire with a garden hose.

    Those who refuse to save themselves deserve the fate they shall experience. If you don’t move, no tears for bad faith.


    • “Those who refuse to save themselves deserve the fate they shall experience.”


      Tom, Tom, Tom; I don’t think that rationalizing like that is helpful. Not everyone has the capability to literally pack up their entire life and move.


      • Tom Paine says:

        Well, Steve, do you dispute the idea that the contemporary dysfunctional, permissive, and delusional trends are unlikely to decline? Do you dispute the probability that crime, shootings, and the gangsta-drug activities will increase? Do you dispute that the quality of life will continue to decline even as, if not because, Madison seeks more illegal immigrants and homeless people?

        Not everyone can literally pack-up and leave. Agree, at least this week. There is a cost for moving……….and a cost for NOT moving, aside from egregious property taxes. [ moving saved us over $7,500/yr and our new home is larger . ]

        Pointless to fight a forest fire with a garden hose. No problem. Endure. Folks in Milwaukee and Chicago are models. No point in complaining. Atomistic individualism affords you and many others the hope that the externalities of crime and incivility will not touch you personally.


        • It’s plain and simple, you’re victim blaming and that’s wrong.

          Victims are not deserving of their fate simply because they happened to be where they were. Rape victims don’t deserving to be raped because they were walking to their car alone. Store clerks don’t deserve to be shot by an armed robber because they took a job to pay their bills. Passengers on a plane don’t deserve to die if the plane crashes. A person doesn’t deserve to be struck by lightening just because they were in some random spot. A child doesn’t deserve to be bombed into oblivion because they were living in what turned out to be a war zone overnight.

          Life is about choices and choices have consequences but blaming victims for things that they cannot control is an unethical rationalization. We can and we should all do better than victim blaming.


  6. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Ain’t THAT quaint; even while completing an an extended Court Mandated rehab stay, @giant vor/@Your VOR/@Voice Of Reason (LOL) has figured out the Patient-Locked internet password at the Laughing Academy.

    Prepare for her off topic, amateur psychologizing Gibberish Express!

    The Gotch


  7. “Forget clearing a room – can you even convince them to join you to begin with? Ouch, Paul. Ouch.”

    Even if the name DeepStateJanitor used is incorrect DeepStateJanitor should be banned for trying to “out” the author behind a pseudonym.


    • DeepStateJanitor says:

      Ban me if you want, but chucklehead himself (in his infinite wisdom) has used his real name on this forum – I don’t think it’s a big secret


      • “Ban me if you want, but chucklehead himself (in his infinite wisdom) has used his real name on this forum – I don’t think it’s a big secret”

        That a rationalization and irrelevant.


      • Additionally; as far as I can tell you’ve only been commenting here since September 27th. How would you know what “The Gotch” has been doing in these threads? Are you a hive clone like I mentioned in my comment to you on September 28th accurate?


  8. DeepStateJanitor says:

    You know, I am going to go ahead and apologize. Life is full of lessons, and I feel like I just learned a big one about how I engage with the internet because I’m not proud of myself. I got angry, I did some quick googling & found some information I thought would be hurtful, and I used it. It was wrong of me, and I owe an apology to Cornelius Gotchberg for stepping way over the line. Commenting on this blog was ill-advised to begin with, and getting into fights, calling people names, and otherwise being a giant dick serves no one. That’s what I did, and I’m sorry. We’ve got different opinions on what’s right & what’s wrong in this world – that shouldn’t create situations in which I feel compelled to attack someone. So – apologies to Cornelius, and apologies to the other readers.

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    • DeepStateJanitor,
      You’ve achieved something here that many other far left commenters here have never been able to achieve in all the time I’ve been here on on any other blog or even back when they allowed comments, you’ve apparently achieved a #1 on the apology scale and that’s no small task in today’s society.

      1. An apology motivated by the realization that one’s past conduct was unjust, unfair, and wrong, constituting an unequivocal admission of wrongdoing as well as regret, remorse and contrition, as part of a sincere effort to make amends and seek forgiveness.

      In today’s highly politically charged society what you did really IS an accomplishment and I for one say thank you for taking the time to write it and commend you for your effort.


  9. George's Son says:

    Seems the Isthmus and a couple other areas run/own the city, and the other occupants? Meh, who cares? Obvious since voter turnout was 36% for the mayoral election. Did any of these folks not see now that the budget @ 171 million will increase to 242 million in 2 years? Do they care? 40 buck wheel tax is sumpin’ alright, but just wait. Gotta have that mass transit whether needed/wanted or not. Meantime, Yep, let’s spend another $200K on Cop Watchin’ and never mind public safety by actually…. hiring cops! A-Bobster and Deep State (AKA whoever/whatever) use ad hominem to the most nauseous degree, which seems to reflect their absolute ignorance of knowledge/facts/information. To paraphrase TR, Both are “Professional yodelers, human trombones.”

    Good that many others on this site actually address the issues so that progress can be made.


  10. Jim hoelzel says:

    Other Dane county cities and villages are thriving. New subdivisions and new schools galore. A part of the movement is getting out of Madison schools and another part is just getting out of Madison long standing inability to make good decisions.

    How many schools has Madison built. Suburbs are building many for the expanding populations.

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      @Jim hoelzel;

      “Other Dane county cities and villages are thriving”

      Folks are voting with their feet. From an Isthmus comment thread:

      “Student net transfers out of district in (Jennifer) Cheathams (~ 6 year) term, 4400 students. In the 15 years previous, 3400 students!!!”

      It gets worse.

      And what do those students/parents/families take with them?

      And worse yet.

      Sun Prairie ($171 M), DeForest ($125 M) Milton ($60 M) in school building referenda approved just this last April. Other municipalities within driving distance of Madison (Albany, Baraboo, Columbus, Cross Plains, Verona,etc.) are likewise preparing to be the recipient of the giant sucking sound fleeing the 77 Square Miles Surrounded By A Sea Of Reality.

      Noah Cross (John Huston in the classic Chinatown) said: “Either you bring the water to L.A., or you bring L.A. to the water.”

      Is this any different?

      The Gotch


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