You make the deal, Sonny

For what purpose does the gentleman from Wisconsin rise? 

Former has-been if he ever-was Blaska rises to propose that the fundamental purpose of a legislature is to achieve a majority. It’s that simple. Counting noses. A certain claque of 20 U.S. representatives — purge promoters who denied the last Presidential election — now propose candidates to lead the House of Representatives that a) expressly disavow interest in serving as Speaker or b) cannot achieve even one-tenth of the votes necessary for election. They even absurdly nominated “The Hon. Donald Tr•mp”! He received ONE (1) vote from the 434-member (one vacancy) body!

Therefore, Blaska moves that Republican leader Kevin McCarthy do as consigliere Tom Hagen advised, “You make the deal, Sonny.” Walk over to Hakeem Jeffries and Ro Khanna, propose that 20 of their Democrat(ic) minority abstain from voting altogether, thereby making McCarthy’s 200 votes enough for election. In return, Democrats will get the majority and will chair five of the 23 committees, not to include Appropriations, Armed Services, Budget, Foreign Affairs, Homeland Security, Judiciary, Oversight, Rules, or Ways & Means. 

Today is Insurrection Day, the two-year anniversary of an insurrection that did succeed — for many hours — in preventing the lawful transfer of power as required by the federal Constitution. That other insurrections — think the Confederacy — succeeded for longer periods does not disqualify January 6, 2021, as an insurrection.

The assault on the Capitol on 01-06-21 was not a riot. A riot is inchoate, essentially purposeless, aimless destruction. What was the purpose of tearing down the statutes of General Heg and Miss Forward in Madison WI in late June 2020? Of smashing windows on State Street the month before? To “protest” and nothing more. The January 6 insurgents stated a purpose “Stop the Steal” and a goal: the chambers of Congress as the Electoral College vote was being tabulated.

And there will be the peace!

The Republican majority should, nonetheless, implement the following reforms, some proposed by the Chip Roy/Andy Biggs insurgents:

•  No more omnibus, catch-all bills. Legislation will address a single subject.

•  Bills will not be presented for a vote sooner than 72 hours after introduction to allow time for reading.

•  Spending increases beyond the level of inflation be offset with corresponding cuts elsewhere.

• Amendments will be taken from the floor.

• The 118th Congress will take a vote on immigration reform. 

Do watch inspiring nominating speech from newly elected John James, R-Michigan!

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Not even Donald Tr•mp could make the Gang of 20 “Take the Win.”

Does that make them RINOs?


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7 Responses to You make the deal, Sonny

  1. One Eye says:

    “Insurrection day” Sadly still no mention of Secession MONTH.


  2. richard lesiak says:

    You want the Dems to bail out the gop? And for that meager pay back? Never happen. Why not get 7 Repubs to vote for Jeffries?


  3. old baldy says:

    Now is not the time to gloat, we’ll leave that to herr gootchberg. But it is amazing to watch the ultra right wing crazies eat one of their own, albeit a little less crazy. . Boebert vs. MTG; the cat fight from Hell!

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  4. David Blaska says:

    Looks like Kevin (“Home Alone”) McCarthy can get this done at 9 p.m. our time. Doesn’t look like he gave away the store. Guessing Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert get washroom attendant duty (assuming there are only two gender washrooms in D.C.).


    • A Party of One says:

      Breitbart headline Saturday morning: “Donald Trump played crucial role in getting Speaker Kevin McCarthy across finish line.”
      What sayest thou, David?


  5. richard lesiak says:

    So, Kevin gave in to a one vote to vacate the chair. He will now serve the shortest term as Speaker ever. Don’t bother ordering new drapes Kev.


  6. One Eye says:

    Love this from Boebert statement:

    “I want to close by responding to one criticism that has been cast on what took place this week. Joe Biden said this has been embarrassing for Republicans. How sad is it that us governing as the founders intended looks embarrassing to Democrats? It should look like the norm. I’ll tell you what’s embarrassing. 40-year high inflation is embarrassing. 5 million illegals crossing our southern border is embarrassing. Surrendering to ISIS and fleeing Afghanistan is embarrassing. Having a President that can’t finish his sentences is embarrassing.

    But fighting to fix Congress, that’s doing exactly what we promised.”


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