Are we Tr•mp’s lab rats?

He’s upping the crazy voltage to an 11.

The gray lab coats at Blaska Policy Werkes may have the answer to a scientific challenge more confounding than manmade fusion, a mystery greater than the Virgin Birth, a conundrum more vexing than Schrödinger’s cat. Why do otherwise productive citizens turn into QAnon Shamans when the subject is Tr•mp?

Could it be? It’s all a scientific experiment to determine what it will take to get the last idolator off the crazy train? Increase the voltage on the nonsense meter until the last RITO says “Enough!”

This one flew over the cuckoo’s nest

Drip, drip, drip.

Jewish space lasers, voting machines jiggered by Hugo Chavez didn’t kill their ardor. The Insurrection of January 6 (2021) was blamed on Antifa, rogue FBI agents, and Nancy Pelosi. Mike Pence is a traitor for not single-handedly overturning the election, Tr•mp’s enablers say. They blame Mitch McConnell for the failure of election deniers like Blake Masters and Kari Lake. But on each stop of the Crazy Train, some former supporters get off.

Supping with anti-Semites and crytpo-Nazis at Mar-a-Logorrhea shed a few more. Then he turned up the heat with this twisted tweet:

“A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution.” 

Slowly, Tr•mp dementia is taking its toll. According to the USA Today/Suffolk poll, less than a third (31%) of Republicans want the former President to run, 61% prefer some other Republican nominee. “By double digits, 56% to 33%, they prefer DeSantis over Tr•mp.” He’s even lost former tea partier Meg Ellefson, Wausau radio’s Vicki McKenna.

What will it take to shed those 33 to 36 percenters? Tr•mp this week turned the absurdity dial up to 11. Now he is posing as a super-hero. Hawking crypto cards (days after the FTX crypto-currency swindle) for $99 each. The cards aren’t even real. They’re digital! He’ll make a million because P.T. Barnum was correct about suckers and their money but maybe a few more will consider trying sanity.

And another thing

Apparently a Miss America pageant has occurred. Old enough to remember Bert Parks, when the pageant was appointment TV. Congratulations to one Grace Stanke of Wausau — a nuclear engineering student! (More here.)

Prince Harry on NetFlix: “My brother yelled at me.”

Your church could be the next cathedral. Madison’s Catholic diocese won’t build a new one to replace St. Raphael’s, destroyed by arson in 2005. Building new would cost $40 to $50 million at a time of declining church attendance. “I would say we are not going to do that,” Bishop Donald Hying says in this week’s Catholic Herald. 

Could keep holding diocesan services in diocesan churches like St.Maria Goretti in Orchard Ridge. But the bishop said he prefers elevating an existing parish church to cathedral. That’s how St. Raphael, built in 1852, became the cathedral when the Madison area got its own diocese in 1948. 

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Who knew Germany, of all countries, had right-wingers who would try to take over the country? Who is their super hero?

What church should become Madison’s next cathedral?


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14 Responses to Are we Tr•mp’s lab rats?

  1. Shirley Diederich says:

    I am among the many who will not be voting if it is Biden versus Trump. I am 87 and never missed a vote before.

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  2. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    “P.T. Barnum was correct about suckers and their money”

    While your point’s taken, (The Gotch couldn’t agree more), he thinks you’ve combined the subjects of two (2) quotes, neither accurately attributable to Barnum.

    There’s A Sucker Born Every Minute has been linked to (amongst others) Barnum’s arch-rival David Hannum, Joseph Bessimer, and Chicago saloon owner Michael Cassius McDonald; oddly enough, all con men par excellence, they.

    If it’s A Foole (sic) And His Money Are Soone (sic) Parted, that goes back ~ 435 years to a Dr. John Bridges, who coined the phrase in his 1587 treatise “Defence of the Government of the Church of England.

    IMO, Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas in Wall Street nails it:

    A Fool And His Money Are Lucky Enough To Get Together In The First Place.

    The Gotch

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  3. One Eye says:

    Have to imagine some of those crypto card buyers were thinking

    “Don’t need it. Can’t really use it. But wanted it, anyway.”

    Sound familiar? To each his own I say.


  4. richard lesiak says:

    So the company behind these cards was founded by a Rump lawyer and has the same address as the tRump’s West Palm Beach Golf Club. Sold out in a day? Can you say money laundering?


    • brynstane says:

      Brings to mind a certain president’s crackhead son selling “artwork” for six figures to anonymous buyers. How quickly that story disappeared from the lamestream media.

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  5. richard lesiak says:

    imbecilic comment again.


  6. Pasco says:

    We should all care about a nuclear engineering student from UW Madison, born in our great state who happens to be intelligent. Not her fault the good Lord made her attractive and smart at the same time!


    • richard lesiak says:

      well said


    • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

      “Not her fault the good Lord made her attractive and smart at the same time!”

      When contemplating X-Chromosomal Units from America’s Dairyland, most (not all) despicable coastal Lefties won’t conjure up that image or those qualifications.

      IMO, they’re more inclined to envision The Drew Carey Show‘s Mimi Bobeck; both she and the actress who played her (Kathy Kinney) hailed from Steven’s Point.

      The Gotch


  7. old baldy says:

    “IMO, they’re more inclined to envision The Drew Carey Show‘s Mimi Bobeck; both she and the actress who played her (Kathy Kinney) hailed from Steven’s Point.”

    More utter nonsense from the master purveyor.

    I spent considerable time in Point, a Blue Bullet in hand, in my late teens and twenties. The townie girls were just fine. But no doubt would have been intimidating to a guy like you.

    Congratulations to Grace Stanke.


    • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

      The comfort you display with complete and total cluelessness is troubling…TROUBLING!

      You couldn’t have missed the point (which soared over your empty, follically challenged head with the greatest of ease) by a wider margin.

      Maybe there’s a 2nd grader near who could spoon-feed you some accurate comprehension…?

      The Gotch


      • old baldy says:

        No, gootchie, I got the Point.

        And you once again assumed, without any evidence, that “despicable coastal Lefties” (are) ” more inclined to envision The Drew Carey Show‘s Mimi Bobeck; both she and the actress who played her (Kathy Kinney) hailed from Steven’s Point.”

        When you going to act like an adult? Or is 13 YO behavior your life goal?


        • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

          (bolds/caps/italics/underlining mine throughout)
          When contemplating X-Chromosomal Units from America’s Dairyland, MOST, (NOT ALL) DESPICABLE COASTAL LEFTIES WON’T **CONJURE UP THAT IMAGE OR THOSE QUALIFICATIONS**

          ***”IMO***, they’re more inclined to envision…”

          Were you not such an insolent, incapable li’l pr!ck, The Gotch would invite you to do a little research and report back, but we ALL realize that juuuuuust isn’t within your finite abilities.

          Not only are you really REALLY dense, but you’re perfectly comfortable displaying it for all to see…and see it they do; moron!

          The Gotch


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