A rainy night in Georgia

‘A red state now has two blue senators because of one orange man.’ — Erick Erickson

Herschel Walker’s loss in the Georgia’s runoff election Tuesday 12-06-22 gives Democrats a one-seat pickup in a previously even-steven U.S. Senate. Georgia is now the fifth high-profile, swing state that repudiated Donald Tr•mp’s hand-picked candidates for senate or governor in the mid-term cycle that supposedly favored Republicans against an underwater Joe Biden. (The other states being Arizona [both], Pennsylvania [both], New Hampshire, and Michigan.)

GEORGIA! Where Gov. Brian Kemp defeated nationally financed, progressive new media darling Stacey Abrams by 7.5 percentage points last month despite Tr•mp’s opposition. Or, should we say, thanks to his opposition. Yes, that’s better. Thanks to his opposition.

The Werkes defers to Erick Erickson, a nationally known conservative commentator based in the Peach State. He puts the blame squarely on Mame, boys:

Every Tr•mp candidate except one lost in Georgia, and the one who won underperformed all the others who won. … Walker was a bad candidate. Anyone without a burning passion for MAGA knew it. … a man with multiple personality disorder is not someone anyone should advance to the political stage.  … Now everyone can see the results. … Warnock spent the campaign tying Walker to Trmp, including running an ad that had nothing but Tr•mp talking up Walker with the text under Tr•mp speaking: TO STOP TR•MP / DEFEAT WALKER. They ran that ad everywhere.

[Walker] is now most likely going to go back to his home in Dallas TX.

Erick-Woods Erickson
Except for Orange Man

Low-energy Tr•mp’

[Tr•mp] publicly encouraged his old USFL pal Herschel Walker to run for Senate and helped to clear the field with his endorsement, ensuring that the GOP would have a hapless, incompetent and morally suspect candidate in one of the year’s most important Senate races. And then he forced Walker to stagger through the runoff against Raphael Warnock in the shadow of Tr•mp’s own low-energy campaign announcement, which was succeeded by Tr•mp’s dinner with anti-Semites, which was succeeded by Tr•mp’s call to suspend the Constitution in order to restore him to the presidency.

— conservative columnist Ross Douthat

Erickson’s Bottom Line: “You want to win? Move on from an angry old man with nothing left but a knockoff Twitter feed.”

How soon before Tr•mp calls asking Brad Raffensperger
if he can find him 100,000 votes?


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5 Responses to A rainy night in Georgia

  1. DESANTIS 2024 says:

    Warnock is a wife abusing psycho. Georgia deserves that POS for voting him in n it has Nothing to do with Trump.. It’s over bcs so many Low IQ Lib simpletons vote these scumbags into office!
    Don’t care anymore. I’m just Retired n have all I’ll ever need for a great life. These losers will reap the American Dump They Sowed and Suffer!! Enjoy!!


  2. patrickmoloughlin says:

    I’m just hoping that die hard MAGA fans will finally accept the reality that their guy is done. Kaput. But they will have to come to that conclusion themselves, because if you try and spell it out for them, they just get pissed off and dig in more.

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  3. richard lesiak says:

    tRump’s new campaign song? “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia.”


  4. brynstane says:

    Remember when considering the immense damage to conservative governance (and benefit to liberal progressivism) Mr. Trump wrought in the 2020 and 2022 election cycles, that before seeking the Republican nomination in 2016, he was a lifelong New York liberal Democrat. Manchurian candidate, indeed!

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