Madison black leaders support our police

Not that you would know it from the noise makers!

The dirty little secret that Brandi Grayson, Freedom Inc., the Socialists Workers, and Progressive Dane don’t want you to know is that Madison’s black community — the actual people who live in the neighborhoods and pursue the American dream — overwhelmingly support the police.

That is the unreported story of Wednesday’s 11-16-22 midnight vote in which Madison alders voted 12 to 8 to accept the federal COPS grant for six more police. The Common Council’s hard left wanted to spurn a $277,069 grant from the federal government for community-oriented policing services in order to work with young people at risk. Amendment #12 also would have stricken $94,902 from the police budget. (We discussed it here.)  

During council debate, Ald. Barbara Harrington-McKinney revealed that One Hundred Black Men of Madison supported the police grant. So did another group new to the Werkes: Blacks for Political and Social Action in Dane County. 

“I’ve been accused of supporting Chief Barnes because he is black, I support Chief Barnes because … he has a history of violence prevention.”

— Ald. Harrington-McKinney 

Ald. Harrington-McKinney read off the names of the 24 black community leaders who signed on. They included names like former school board member Ray Allen, the Revs. Alex Gee , Marcus Allen, and Rick Badger, Dr. Cheryl Gibbons, Kirbie Mack, Kaleem Caire, Will Green, and Circuit Judge Everett Mitchell, and organization president, attorney David Hart.

Their letter: “As Madison continues to grow it is imperative we hire community officer to properly staff our neighborhoods. … Studies show when police and communities collaborate … negative behavior patterns are more effectively addressed.” 

The grant Police Chief Shon Barnes explained during debate, is about “building trust and legitimacy, … working with our mental health unit to coordinate services to children exposed to violence … and trauma. … Create youth programs based on positive activities with the police department. …You cannot create relationships in the middle of a crisis.” 

These 8 voted to DEFUND police

Here are the eight alders who voted against more police to help troubled youth: 

Juliana Bennett (represents the UW campus), Nikki Conklin, Jael Currie, Yannette Figueroa Cole, Grant Foster, Keith Furman, Jay Heck, Sabrina Madison (appointed by Council President Furman) — 8

These 12 SUPPORT Madison police

Charles Myadze, Erik Paulson, Bill Tischler, Mike Verveer, Regina Vidaver, Nasra Wehelie, Syed Abbas, Brian Benford, Sheri Carter, Tag Evers, Barbara Harrington-McKinney, Matt Phair. — 12

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Defunding police HURTS people most at risk. Madison will elect 20 alders this coming April 4. Nominating petitions can be circulated next month.

Will you vote accordingly?


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5 Responses to Madison black leaders support our police

  1. Bob says:

    Wow! 12 Alders have figured out that Madison residents no matter what skin color want safe homes and streets. What next! The Dane County Board will build a new jail to actually increase jail space?


  2. One Eye says:

    “Vote accordingly”; no, not a single issue voter.

    Did Sabrina Madison lose weight? She looks like a different person. If intentional, good for her.


  3. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    Gallup: 81% Of bLack Americans Want THE_SAME_LEVEL_OR_MORE Of Police Protection

    The Gotch


  4. One Eye says:

    Very unusual for so many liberals to turn down “free” money.

    How long until Madison is on the hook for the additional personnel?


  5. Bill Cleary says:

    Bad Dog’s, bad dog’s, what you going to do when they come for you?

    Seriously, what are those of you on the city council going to do when it is your front door being kicked down by the bad guy’s?

    Are you going to call for some non-existent cop that you defunded to come to your aid?

    Are the existing cops going to come to your aid knowing that you hate them?

    If this happens, and I sincerely hope it does not, all I can say is “Good luck to you and your family.”

    When I read about your “shit out of luck” moment in the next day’s paper I will reflex upon your desire to defund the police.

    Too bad, so sad.

    That is all I can say.

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