‘Florida Man makes announcement, Page 26!’

His concrete overshoes sink Republicans.

Chuck Schumer says hello! If this were The Godfather trilogy, Republicans are Frankie Five Angels, gagging on the floor in the tavern. Donald Trump was the Rosato brother with the unlucky coin. Just when we try to get him out, Sore Loser Man is back in! 

What does it tell you that Democrats, cynics that they are, spent big money to push Trump election deniers over the finish line in Republican primaries? Their ploy worked! Each and every one of them lost in the general election! What does it tell you that Raphael Warnock is making Trump the issue in the Georgia run-off? What does it tell you than Ivanka Trump announced — immediately following her father’s anticlimactic announcement 11-15-22 — that she was sitting this one out?

If you’re one of the dwindling number of RITOs (also spelled RIOT — Republicans In Only Trump), it tells you nothing you are willing to hear. Trump is in the olive oil business.

Which is why Democrats are giving pre-holiday Thanksgiving for the return of the gift that keeps on taking. It’s the Kari Lake snow job effect. Trump’s pick for governor of Arizona, “had all the sparkling charisma that Donald Trump’s other favorite candidates lacked,” the Wall Street Journal observes

She loved telling off journalists. She called 2020 “a corrupt, stolen election,” and she repeated that line to the bitter end. As Mr. Trump bragged in a phone call captured on tape: “If they say, ‘How is your family?’ she says, ‘The election was rigged and stolen.’

But she lost, 49.6% to 50.4%. … As a reminder of how winnable Arizona should be for Republicans, Gov. Doug Ducey was re-elected in 2018 by 14 points.

The very bottom of the page!

Page 26 news!

With just 720 days to go before the next election, a Florida retiree made the surprise announcement that he was running for President.

Avid golfer Donald J. Trump kicked things off at Mar-a-Lago, his resort and classified-documents library. Trump, famous for gold-plated lobbies and for firing people on reality television, will be 78 in 2024. His cholesterol levels are unknown, but his favorite food is a charred steak with ketchup. 

Trump also served as the 45th president.

New York Post 11/16-22.

Well before Wisconsin's Republican primary in August, Republican business man and influencer John Torinus wrote: “Trump: ‘kiss of death’ for Michels? I thought that Michels would be smart enough to avoid being super-glued to Trump.” 

Why Tim Michels sleeps with the fishes

CNN exit polls tell the same sad story why Tim Michels lost Wisconsin and Ron Johnson barely survived. Wisconsin was fairly Trump friendly in the last national election:

2020 presidential vote

Biden 47%Trump 45%Another candidate 3%Did not vote 3%

But election denialism hurt Republicans:

Do you think Biden legitimately won in 2020?

Yes 60%No 36%

Confident your state’s elections are fair/accurate?

Confident 81%Not confident 17%

And Trump himself was toxic:

View of Donald Trump

Favorable 40%Unfavorable 58%

Not just in Wisconsin but by a solid majority of the midterm voters nationally (by a 19-point margin of 58% to 39%) “and in every state polled,” National Review marvels. “Even places such as Texas (52% disapproval 45% approval), Ohio,and North Carolina that he won two years ago.”

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Who did attend Florida Man’s announcement at his stolen documents library?— just one former office holder: scandalous Madison Cawthorn, who lost his North Carolina primary. Oh, and also Roger Stone, the ambassador to the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, and the My Pillow Guy. Expect them to be named capos in the second term of the Godfather.

Do YOU think Trump is the kiss of death?

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17 Responses to ‘Florida Man makes announcement, Page 26!’

  1. Real(80)ity says:

    Thank you for the NYPost page 26 quotes. The widely seen front page jab was great but the interior quotes REALLY twisted the knife. I can’t stop laughing.

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  2. Steve says:

    Trump mostly did a good job as prez. He almost went off the rails a time or two (like abandoning the Kurds, accelerating and announcing the Afghan pull out, and the tariffs), but he has REALLY gone of the rails since 2020. I voted for him then, but will not next time.

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    • nemoofthenorth says:

      I hear you, Steve. I also voted for Trump twice, the first time while holding my nose and more enthusiastically the second. I’d vote for him again during the general if the choice is between bad and bad-er. That being said, I probably will not be voting Trump in the primary. I just pray that after he loses the nomination, he does not get all “Bull Moose” on us and gets Woodrow Wilson 2.0 reelected.

      In other election related news, came across this little gem this morning while reading about Arizona election results at NBC news (https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2022-elections/arizona-attorney-general-results?icid=election_statenav). They’ve broken down 100% of the votes and report that 81% were early by mail and 42% were on election day. That’s 123% of the vote. Normally I’d stop counting at 100%, but that’s just me. No wonder their still counting…

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  3. One Eye says:

    Yes I think Trump is the kiss of death but Trump bashing is also the kiss of death.

    You’re not going to get Trump acolytes rushing to DeSantis by insulting their hero.

    Suggest you focus on why DeSantis should be the nominee.


  4. Scott F says:

    For the next two years, DeSantos (and the rest of us) need to follow the media policy regarding mass shooters. Don’t even mention his name….

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  5. fritzderkat says:

    Dave, you’ve made your point{s) about Trump many times before–since he came down the escalator, in fact. Better that you put the time and effort into trying to keep the local progs honest.


  6. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    OT, but:

    ​Miguel Almaguer Not Getting Public Support From NBC ‘Today’ Hosts (or anyone else!) As Network Stays Silent On Retracted Report

    NBC’s Golden Child/Show Horse Almaguer hasn’t been seen on screen in 14 days; SOMEBODY got some ‘splainin’ to do!

    The Gotch

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  7. One Eye says:

    Trump is going to be reinstated on the Twitter.

    Hold on to your seats.


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  9. Mark Lemberger says:

    Of COURSE its Trump’s fault that the Republicans couldn’t win bupkis in the mid terms.
    Any man that could overthrow our government by mental telepathy is a force to be reckoned with, despite the misery index and right way/wrong way polls of the last two years.
    Ask anyone, “Why do you like the Republican Party?”
    Prepare to wait.
    Why SHOULD anyone like the Republican Party? Crickets.
    All you have can say, Squire is “Because we party loyalists hate Trump too.” Just like the media, the Lincoln Project, DOJ and the rest of the Progs, all the Woke, all of DC.
    There is no affirmative case to vote Republican. Change my mind.
    They’re gonna fix the economy? Finish the next war we start? Shrink our bloated, incompetent military. Stop involving us in proxy wars? Shrink government? Move our embassy to Jerusalem as they said they would? Get rid of Obamacare? Make our borders secure? Not whore out their children for foreign cash?
    Make the case for your party Squire. Try.

    “Hey! At least we aren’t the other guys! Give us a chance and we’ll try to suck less.”

    I see Paul Ryano is the newest poster boy to attack Trump. Beautiful. He exemplifies the Republican side of the Washington Party coin. When he ran for VP he had a ten year glide path to a balanced budget. As he left congress to cash in with the mega donors he championed the Obama mega Omnibus spending bill with deficits as far as the eye could see.

    Yay Republicans.


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