Don’t make Blaska do it again!

Rehire — and promote — school principal Jeffrey Copeland!

Remember that notorious National Lampoon magazine cover? “Buy this magazine or we shoot this dog.” Swear to the Sweet Baby Jesus, Blaska will get back on the school board ballot this time and no more Mister Nice Guy!

We’re tired of all the good Madison liberals who tell us they’re beyond frustrated with Madison’s public schools and its obsession with identity politics over academics but won’t put their names on the ballot line!

Sorry to talk elections just three days after Tuesday’s late, unlamented mid-term partisan cluster … But two school board members are up next Spring and candidates must declare by the first week of January. Two months to take the plunge.

Terms of Nicki Vander Muelen and Christina Gomez Schmidt expire next year. Not the worst school board members but they have not exactly stood up to the Woke CRT mandarins, either.

The Werkes board of directors nominates Dave Cieslewicz and environmentalist Peter Anderson for Madison school board. Neither is Republican. Former mayor Dave will argue that he spends much of each year in the Upper Peninsula, which is a plus, in our book. Time away from the Madison bubble is well spent.

Once elected, Cieslewicz (pronounced as spelled) and Anderson can move to rehire Jeffrey Copeland as principal of Sennett middle school. Hellz belzl Put him in charge of all the district’s secondary schools so he can replace race-maddened bureaucrat Angie Hicks. It was she who tongue-lashed Dr. Copeland for “Going against the [district] vision of creating an anti-racist school culture and curriculum.” 

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! Copeland is black and proud! Graduate of traditionally black colleges. Cieslewicz gets it. He writes:

[Copeland] is heard saying that a job candidate from the Dominican Republic “could barely communicate with me” and that “they’re just giving people damn jobs.”The assumption is that that the candidate was black, as is Copeland, but Copeland makes no reference to race, but rather to the candidate’s communications skills. I’ll just note here in passing that traditionalists believe that the ability to communicate is an important skill for a teacher.

— “He got fired for THAT?

Parents and Sennett teachers turned out in droves to demand the school district rehire the no-nonsense principal who, in two short months, was turning around a troubled middle school on Madison’s southeast side. This is a school district contemplating dumbing down honors classes, renaming Jefferson middle school, ending time outs for unruly students — all in the name of racial equity.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: In her announcement for mayor of Madison, Gloria Reyes ‘vows stronger leadership.’ But as school board president she caved to Freedom Inc. and defunded school resource police officers. The lady is a rank coward.

Can’t nobody show some courage in this town?

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12 Responses to Don’t make Blaska do it again!

  1. Normwegian says:

    So, if it’a Reyes vs Rhodes-Conway, what’s your pick, Squire?


  2. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    THEN ( a mere 209 weeks ago to the day!): Madison Public Schools INCREASE DISCIPLINE PROBLEMS By Reducing Suspensions

    MONEY QUOTES (bolds/caps/italics added):

    TIME TO PROMOTE ANGIE HICKS, principal of Wright middle school on Fish Hatchery Road. Rickert has Ms. Hicks saying that the BEP didn’t have much effect on her approach to behavior … she was going to do whatever was necessary to maintain a safe environment. Factors influencing student behavior would be dealt with, she said, but ‘IF YOU FIGHT, YOU’RE GOING HOME.’

    “Guess what? HER SCHOOL WORKS! Its student body is poorer and more black and brown than the average Madison public middle school. It also had the second-fewest incidence of behavior incidents.

    “Oh, and WRIGHT STUDENTS WEAR UNIFORMS. No hoodies! No sagging pants! No gang paraphernalia! Wright M.S. sees or hears your smart phone(s) during the school day, it’s confiscated and parents have to claim it.”


    The Streams Have Been Crossed…talk about your Total Protonic Reversal.

    What’s changed…asking for a friend…

    The Gotch

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  3. Bob says:

    I don’t think any of it matters. MMSD will continually want more money to have over 50% students at not proficient at reading and math. City of Madison will continually want more money for green, homeless and other social issues. Dane County will never build a jail but keep buying up land in the county.


  4. pANTIFArts says:

    Re: Veteran picture above– (off topic)

    Wow, Dave, my dad was stationed there (Anchorage) during KOREAN War. I still remember the circular blue patch with a polar bear and North Star. (And trying to pin them to my shirt when “playing army” with friends.)

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  5. steve says:

    And this is a school district with shrinking enrollment, but an increasing budget and building new schools!!


  6. Bill Cleary says:

    Oh I know what, let’s start a real but small war, against I don’t know which country. The kids that have been dumbed down and are beyond our ability to teach can be the cannon fodder for that war. The kids who have the ability to be taught can be the ones who have the college deferments.

    You see, the teachers union’s job is raising the next generation of cannon fodder!

    They are doing a remarkably great job of doing so!

    Thanks MMSD.


    • Bob says:

      This country has done this since WWII. The ruling elite have found this works and are not going to change until it doesn’t. From Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, many smaller ones and maybe Ukraine with the names and bodies of young American soldiers scattered around the world and on headstones and monuments the real rulers of this country don’t seem to care about the ordinary people.


  7. A Voice in the Wilderness says:

    An old saying goes, “The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off.” Just ask Madison School District minion Angie Hicks.

    Ms. Hicks, sitting inside her little equity bubble, heard about Jeffrey Copeland’s opinion of diversity hiring (“They’re just giving people damn jobs”) and got her feewings hurt. Mr. Copeland’s appraisal of diversity hiring in this instance was too real for the likes of Hicks, who fired a talented administrator at the expense of student welfare in a fit of righteous pique. The sending of the termination letter to Mr. Copeland by Ms. Hicks was vindictive.

    Educators of Jeffrey Copeland’s high caliber do not grow on trees. He should be reinstated.


  8. Lhh says:

    It reminds me of when they fired that staff member at west for telling a student not to call him the n-word.


  9. Steve Schwoegler says:

    Channel 3000 (WISC TV) has the audio of the offending phone comments. I hope this man sues the pants off of mmsd. What a joke.


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