Democrats can thank David DePape and his hammer!

This time, is enough really enough?

When a nut job named David DePape invaded Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s home in the middle of the night and attacked her husband with a hammer, voters were reminded of the January 6 crazies who invaded the nation’s Capitol and menacingly sang, “Where’s Nancy?”

For almost two years, MAGA election deniers who rightly condemned the BLM riots in Kenosha and elsewhere were blaming Antifa, the FBI, or (even more incredibly!) Nancy Pelosi herself for the Capitol insurrection. But never the man who summoned the mob to Washington and promised it will be wild and exhorted them to “fight like hell” or “lose their democracy.” Republicans who knew better held their tongues or recanted their condemnation, like the pusillanimous Lindsay Graham (once so admired here at the Werkes).

“Trump and I, we had a hell of a journey. I hate it being this way. I hate it being this way. All I can say is count me out. Enough is enough.”

— Sen. Lindsey Graham 01-06-21

David DePape put Trump back on the ballot this week and voters said, “Enough is enough.”

So Trump apologists (necessarily, very busy people) conjured lurid tales of a gay lover’s spat. That both were in their underwear, a tryst gone wrong, flailing away at each other with dueling hammers. 

Navin Jay is a director of Dane County Republican Party.
The election is over, Navin.

We say again: When you buy into the big Stolen Election Lie you’re forced to keep lying just to keep up.

On Fox News this morning, Newt Gingrich gave credit to Joe Biden for demonizing MAGA Republicans as threats to democracy. As poorly reviewed (and delivered) as was that 11-02-22 speech, the President’s message resonated with voters, judging by Tuesday’s election result.

One of the Werkes’ subscribers blames Rebecca Kleefisch for Tim Michels’ loss here in Wisconsin to Gov. Tony Evers. In all-caps: “AFTER HER DEFEAT [in the GOP primary] SHE TOOK HER BALL N WENT HOME. NO MICHELS ENDORSEMENT OR SUPPORT.

True, that. But consider that Trump had attacked Mrs. Kleefisch’s daughter for the cardinal sin of attending high school prom on the arm of Brian Hagedorn’s son. Justice Hagedorn was the decisive state supreme court vote saying that no, Wisconsin’s 2020 presidential vote favoring Biden would not be overturned. Political lesson #432: Do not attack a Mama Bear’s children.

We can see the social media memes: Do you want mean tweets or $5 gasoline? Much of the nation voted for pricey fuel and civility.

According to one voter exit poll, Trump was viewed favorably by just 39% of voters, according to the exit polling, while 58% saw him in an unfavorable light. Those numbers put him below Joe Biden (41% favorable to 56% unfavorable).

J.D. Vance was one of the few Trump acolytes to win Tuesday night 11-08-22. Vance thanked 34 people for his victory — none of them named Trump. Payback for the narcissistic Trump, at a really a week earlier, crowing about Vance kissing the insurrectionist in chief’s plump white ass.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: We blame DePape, but it’s really too many Republicans who — with the exception of a few like Mitch McConnell — put their moral compass in the pause mode. Virtue is, sometimes, rewarded.  

What’s with Mandela Barnes stiffing his supporters on election night?
You show your face, you say thank you and God bless. You man up.

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9 Responses to Democrats can thank David DePape and his hammer!

  1. Desantis 2024 says:

    Trump Who Gave You Record Jobs- Markets – Family Income- Minority Employment- Border Protection- Low Crime- Energy Independence- Fuel Price Mins- American Respect- Military Prowess- Low Inflation- On n On gets LOWER FAVOR Than A Brain Dead Turd aka Biden That Destroys America With Inflation- Recession- Bear Markets- Border Chaos- Immigration Crime- Energy Destruction- Antifa/Blm Terrorism- Afghan Disaster ( Tell Me When To Stop)


    • patrickmoloughlin says:

      And what does it tell you when so many people are willing to overlook Trump’s good accomplishments and give the job to that brain dead turd? And polls show they would do it again if they both run again. I know that Trump fans can easily ignore the bad behavior, saying “look at what he did!” But a lot of people want a president they can like and admire, even if he’s a dolt on policy. Don’t believe me? How do you think we got Obama for 8 years?


  2. mapkp says:

    Hi Dave,Hey, noticed that the email notification no longer contains the entire diat…’er posting (kidding!  I do enjoy your posts!)  Was that a conscious decision on your part or is WordPress using that strategy to drive people to their site? It’s okay either way, just wondered what changed.thanks! mark.



    • David Blaska says:

      Conscious decision on my part to piss off my subscribers. Also makes them come here to the site so I get the clicks that pays the indentured servants.

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      • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

        “Also makes them come here to the site so I get the clicks that pays the INDENTURED SERVANTS.” (bolds/caps/italics added)

        As an exchange for something of value, indenture was a predetermined, legally agreed upon period of servitude, which in the course of its duration, the “indentured” provided labor in order to retire such indebtedness.

        Indentured strongly implies that, after receipt of this something of value, the servants are legally obligated to the owner of said indenture, (the proprietor of the Stately Manor), ergo, neither requiring nor entitled to any additional monetary remuneration.

        If this is the case, us the benighted (your adoring Platinum Subscribers) are left to ponder where this click revenue is being funneled.

        One more thing.

        If it’s for beer…Never Mind

        The Gotch


  3. richard lesiak says:

    The attack was bad enough what hurt the gop was all the rude and demeaning comments afterward.


  4. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    I have a hard time imagining voters thinking about Paul Pelosi’s unfortunate run-in with a gay hustler (or just a run-of-the-mill intruder) when casting their ballots. Nor do I think they bought the Democrats’ hysterical Hail Mary about threats to democracy (i.e., to the Democrat Party). Nor do I think it was all about the ties of many Republican candidates to Trump. And anyone who voted for the likes of John Fetterman has more cognitive problems than he does. If anyone’s to blame it’s the people in charge of getting out the Republican vote. On election day, every building on the UW-Madison campus contained a polling place and every 50 feet there was a fresh-faced college student earnestly asking me if I voted. (My answer was “Yes” with the unspoken addendum “But you wouldn’t like for whom.”) Until the Republicans can manage a ground game like this, they’ll never generate anything stronger than a red trickle.

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