Gone missing in Madison’s public schools

MMSD disappears more people than that guy in Russia

Where is Jeffrey Copeland?
Where is Carleton Jenkins?
Where is the transparency?

Where is the love?

Former Madison mayor Dave Cieslewicz asks those questions this morning (well, not the last one). So should anyone concerned about Madison’s young people. Jeffrey Copeland was the principal of Sennett middle school until removed two weeks ago. He apparently left the district completely this past Monday 09-26-22. Why? That’s what parents and faculty would like to know. Sounds like he was pushed out because he was doing something right. Wouldn’t be the first time. The WI State Journal reports:

Teachers said the behavioral issues the school had been seeing in recent years, including bullying and damaging school property, nearly disappeared under Copeland’s short tenure, and some said such problems began returning after he was placed on leave.

— ‘Parents, staff question departure of Sennett middle school principal.’
Jeffrey Copeland, where are you?

A parent writes: Copeland “appeared to be ready to improve the Sennett community with strong leadership focused on improving students’ behaviors so Sennett would be a safe space to learn.”

In other words, Dr. Copeland was instilling discipline — the prerequisite to learning. Did this graduate of an historically black college run afoul by disciplining too many of the wrong kids, thereby skewing the district’s racial disparity numbers? (Sennett sits next to La Follette high school on Pflaum Road on Madison’s east side.)

We take note of a 15-year-old and his stolen .40 caliber handgun being chased through the backyards of Meadowood last Sunday 09-25-22. (The police report.) A NextDoor social media neighbor tsk-tsks us law ’n order types by demanding that we Educate These Kids instead of incarcerating them! Sounds like Jeffrey Copeland tried. You’re not going to succeed if you don’t learn responsible behavior.

The atmosphere in Sennett brought her “back to the days of (former East High principal) Milt McPike with Dr. Copeland there.” 

“Finally we have an administrator who has our backs.” 

— two Sennett teachers quoted by The Capital Times.

Cieslewicz also asks, Where is Carleton Jenkins? Two years into his tenure, it is fair to ask, WHO is Carleton Jenkins? This “community leader” is more invisible than Maynard Krebs at a job fair. (Dr. Jenkins is MMSD district superintendent, FYI.) But we also ask, where is Ali Muldrow, the school board president? The one The Capital Times says is doing such a bang-up job?

Blaska’s Bottom Line: MMSD spokesman Tim LeMonds has the toughest job in town, covering for this school board and its administration. Meanwhile, the district is busy renaming Jefferson middle school after having renamed Madison Memorial high school. If Madison schools can’t teach history at least they are at least rewriting it.

Where is the accountability?

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31 Responses to Gone missing in Madison’s public schools

  1. Lowell Mays says:

    Great insight & work. Thank you.


  2. Bob says:

    I would bet MMSD wouldn’t hire or get rid of the late Milt McPike if he was available. The school board and administration is more concerned about having the right numbers for the woke and not about education.
    If MMSD doesn’t get control of discipline in the schools they will have to settle for very low test scores and parents who care moving their children to private schools.
    Don’t worry, our taxes will keep going up to pay for poorer schools.
    Did someone say “schools to prison”?


  3. One Eye says:

    CARLTON Jenkins

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  4. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    Give a listen to Sennett MS Math Teacher Erin Procter (~ 23:30 in) @the 09/28/2022 MMSD meeting.

    This teacher chose to Speak Out; let’s hope others follow.

    Let’s hope some local journalists (Rickert, Brogan, we need you’s!) get on this like a ducks on a june bug; someone’s itching to dish, if anonymously!

    Let’s hope the MMSD is exposed for being the regressively ruinous, rapaciously RAYcist WOKERATI PsOS they most certainly are.

    The Gotch

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    • SeizeTheDay says:

      Erin Procter is immediately followed by a number of other teachers, all passionately attesting to the good work of Dr. Copeland and imploring the School Board to reinstate him. They talk about the dramatic change in the school’s atmosphere, students’ behavior, and how it felt to finally have a principal who had the teachers’ backs. Several said things began to change dramatically in just 8 days. Can anyone tell me what “terrible” thing Dr. Copeland did to be dismissed? Is there any hope for him to be reinstated? I liked the comment about the School District being so in favor of restorative justice, and asking for it to also be applied to Dr. Copeland

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  5. Normwegian says:

    Mr guess is that some “disciplined misfit’s” parents complained. I’d be willing to put money on it.

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    • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

      “Mr guess is that some ‘disciplined misfit’s’ parent (singular) complained.


      “I’d be willing to put money on it.”

      Talk about a SURE THING!

      The Gotch


      • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

        Only a half-witted imbecile wouldn’t realize The Gotch was making a direct quote.

        The laughably clueless Blogge Idiot TROLT doesn’t realize The Gotch was making a direct quote.

        Solve for “X”.

        And (heh!) the terminally illiterate, generationally imbecilic, Middle School flunk-out Blogge Idiot calling out someone’s spelling?


        The Gotch

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  6. White Hills says:

    Principals don’t just abruptly leave. There’s a process. Copeland may have received a payout for his silence? That’s illegal. A payout would have been recorded on a ledger. Except if Jenkins paid out of pocket, which is unlikely. So find that line item.

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  7. Bob says:

    Hopefully Dr. Copeland finds greener pastures at a school system that wants the best for their students not just to check boxes and tell everyone how great they are.

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  8. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    The Oh_Too_Delicious backstory?

    Despicable Lefty MMSD officials are currently in Full Panic/CYA Mode, like the Former Sexual Predator In Chief was when he discovered the late Kenneth Starr knew about Monica Lewinsky.

    They don’t give a toss about their glassy eyin’ lock steppin’ unquestionin’ base; heck, they’ll swallow whole anything they’re spoon-fed.

    They’re desperately seeking an explanation that will both absolve them of anything nefariously underhanded AND satisfy those occupying the fact-based Universe. Heh! ain’t gonna happen.

    PREDICTION: Heads will roll from bodies thrown under school buses!

    Get yer popped corn ready…

    The Gotch

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  9. One Eye says:

    CARLTON. Unless you’re trying to channel Jackie Harvey from The Onion (The Outside Scoop).

    “Item! Mayor Sally Rose-Conway has reduced the speed on Whitney Way again, to 35 mph. It is part of her social justice initiative called ‘Zero Vision’ “

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  10. Bill Cleary says:

    You know That as a small fry that I was back in the early 1960’s I stood at attention with my father and his friends and many of my friends at the memorial day parade in Fanwood N.J. and saluted the AMERICAN flag as our National Guard troops stood before us.

    When the commanding officer of the National Guard said: ATTENTION! we little boys followed suit with our fathers and saluted the flag.

    Back then, it was Sir, Yes Sir, to anyone in authority as back in those day’s all people in authority were men.

    I remember coming here to the Madison area and having such great men who did not tolerate our stupidity and would kick our butt if we stepped out of line.

    God helped you if you f____d with couch Stevens. He, being an ex-Marine he could and would mess you up in a big hard way if you had it coming to you. After that, there was an a police chief an ex-Marine named Hank Ripp that would tear you a new A_e if you stepped out of line,

    I loved those day’s.

    You new exactly were you stood.

    Back then you knew that your father was going to kick you butt far worse than the teachers or law enforcement ever could and no one would say a single word about it.
    And I got some of those butt kicking!

    And that’s the way it was!

    And that is why I keep the 12 gauge at the ready.

    You come as a peaceful person and we will drink many beers together.

    And I’ll buy the beers!

    There is an old saying from the Catholic tradition that goes like this;

    Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa.

    If your Catholic, you know what mean.

    If your’e a person coming to me in peace, come to me in peace, I’ll love you for it.

    If you’re coming me to be a person who will do me harm………

    3 rounds center mass and that’s all she wrote.



    • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

      “3 rounds center mass and that’s all she wrote.”

      You really think you’d need more’n one (1)? The other two (2) would leave a far bigger mess to clean up…

      The Gotch


      • Bill Cleary says:


        It’s more wall texture!

        Haven’t painted the darn walls since, I don’t know, probably 10 years or more ago.

        Splatter texture.

        The wife might not like it, but a good couple of coats of paint will certainly look nice once it dries.


        • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

          “It’s more wall texture!/Splatter texture.”

          Some call it Popcorn/Accoustic style, and if that’s what you’re after, squeezing off #2 & #3 should do it…

          The Gotch


  11. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    The Gotch is surprised that no despicable Lefty’s has claimed that preventing…um…at risk kids access to their cell phones in school is RAYcist.

    Speaking of RAYcism (real, or in its far more prominent form…MANUFACTURED), whaddya be that Lefty’s privately seething that they’re unable to invoke it in this instance?

    Speaking of cell phones, whaddya bet that had there existed a no cell phones in school policy in MMSD schools in spring 2019, Whitehorse MS positive behavior coach Rob Mueller-Owens would still be a positive (READ: gainfully employed) influence on a goodly number of Madison youth?

    Name one thing the MMSD specifically, and Lefty generally, hasn’t completely FUBARed while trying to make it better; The Gotch’ll wait…

    The Gotch


  12. Bill Cleary says:

    But in all seriousness. It really does bother me when someone suddenly leaves without notice. Kind of like the notice you get from H.R. that says something like:

    “George worked here for the last 15 years and has done a very good job of dealing with the customers that he took care of. Starting tomorrow, Phil will be taking his place. I want to wish, George, good luck in his future endeavors.”


    George didn’t just suddenly decide to leave with no notice, without telling his fellow employee’s that he was leaving.

    MMSD is no different.


  13. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    Is it just The Gotch , or is Dr. Copeland a Cedric the Entertainer (arguably one of the funniest guys in the known Universe) doppelgänger…?

    The Gotch

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  14. Bob says:

    Maybe it’s like when the first choice for MMSD superintendent backed out after coming here. If I remember he found Texas was better than Madison. Of course he was Hispanic which might not be good enough for Madison’s left.


  15. richard lesiak says:

    You sound a little hysterical today crotch. Are you well?


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