No CRT in our K-12 schools?

so says the WI State Journal.

Daniel Buck would like to disagree. His first-hand account in the Wall Street Journal:

I studied for a master’s degree in education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2015. My program was batty. We made Black Lives Matter friendship bracelets. We passed around a popsicle stick to designate whose turn it was to talk while professors compelled us to discuss our life’s traumas. We read poems through the “lenses” of Marxism and critical race theory in preparation for our students doing the same. Our final projects were acrostic poems or ironic rap videos. …

If no CRT in K-12, then why does WI DPI promote it?

The University of Wisconsin-River Falls defines education as a “social justice and change agent.” The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point commits to “anti-racism.” …

The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty has reviewed the required coursework for 14 programs for teachers-to-be in the Badger State. These programs produce about 80% of all teaching graduates in the state each year. What they found was shocking. Worldview building and ideological manipulation take precedence over teacher preparation.

Daniel Buck’s Bottom Line: “Legislators should ease teacher licensing requirements and support any reforms that stop the flow of ideology from schools of education to America’s classrooms.”

Or enact universal school choice?

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8 Responses to No CRT in our K-12 schools?

  1. Bill Cleary says:

    Stupid is as stupid does.

    Why does the system that is supposed to teach people how to be teachers, teach them about CRT and other useless subjects that will not do them or their students any good.

    Math and reading skills. Learning how to think. Studying how to analyze the facts, to determine what is fact and what is B.S. Learning how to present a logical argument backed up by facts.

    These are all skills that a person needs in the real world.

    Show me a person who knows how to think, and I will and can train them to do any job within their skill set.

    Show me a person who does not know how to think, and I will automatically show them to the door as they are going to be useless to me in any job that I can offer them.


  2. Bob says:

    Marxist Soviet Union, Imperialist Japan, Nazi Germany, Mao China do I need to continue. Example after example on how the Socialist/ Communist regimes take over schools first to make sure only one ideology is taught and all others suppressed. Free speech is now hate speech. Social media stops all non conforming ideas.


  3. David Gerard says:

    Your proposed solutions to our education issues (easing teacher licensing requirements, supporting reforms in teacher training, enacting universal school choice) are necessary, but they ignore so much.

    Two major issues you don’t address: staff shortages and special ed funding.

    Easing teacher licensing requirements will do little to address the teacher drop-out issue. New data suggests that 50% of newly hired teachers leave within three years. Staff shortages in Madison are pronounced in advanced science/math courses and special ed, the top 10% and bottom 14% of your student population.

    Special ed funding in this state is unique, bizarre and ineffective (just ask anyone with a severely autistic child). Wisconsin is one of seven states with a reimbursement system. It has the lowest reimbrsement rate among those seven (Wyoming and Rhode Island reimburse the full cost).

    Over the past five decades, state funding for special education has declined from 70% to 28%. That forces districts — which must abide by revenue caps set by the state — to take money from the regular education budget to pay for services they are legally obligated to provide to special ed students. And remember, severely handicapped students can require a full-time aid, raising their student cost to $60,000, while the remaining 86% of the school population average out at $25,000.

    The funding issues have nothing to do with CRT or police in schools. It is a deeply cynical political choice.


  4. Kevin S Wymore says:

    Enact universal school choice. There are excellent private schools out there, and the current school choice law saves money for taxpayers. Less corrosive stupidity, more savings.

    Better education, come to think of it.


  5. Montgomery Scott says:

    What colleges are doing is creating “teachers” (and I use that term loosely compared to the actual teachers I had in the 1960’s and 1970’s) whose sole job it is to make good storm troopers out of the children of today. So what if these children are illiterate in reading, writing, math, and science – their job will be to serve the socialist state that our elite masters in the Democratic Party are attempting to create before the citizens of the United States figure out what is being done. These storm troopers job will be to keep the rest of us in line. The “mostly peaceful” riots of 2020 are just a harbinger of things to come. Unfortunately, I think it is too late to clean house at universities nationwide as the Regressives (TM) have had several decades to take control of those institutions and institute imbecilic degrees and classes that literally do nothing to prepare students for the real world but instead focuses on indoctrinating students in Marxism and CRT.

    BTW – shouldn’t teacher licensing by the state have some kind of testing to see if teachers can actually teach the 3 “R’s” and show that they know their subjects? Or has it been devolved by the WI DPI to see if teachers know the basic tenets of CRT and Marxism and if they don’t, deny the teacher their certification and license? When I got certified in my field of IT, I had to be proficient in my knowledge of my field in IT to pass a test and be certified, which I needed for my job.



    • David Gerard says:

      Compared to the actual teachers you had in the 1960’s and 1970’s –

      Remember, 25% of the teachers in 1969 were men under 26 years of age who held occupational deferments to avoid the draft.


  6. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    He Alone, Who Owns The Youth, Gains The Future Der Führer

    The Gotch


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