No one can deny denial is on the ballot

It’s no longer a river in Egypt!

Don’t sweat it, Wisconsin’s overlong primary campaign will end (mercifully) two weeks from now, Tuesday 08-09-22. Then the real bloodbath begins. Today we poll our platinum subscribers on who you WANT to win. We’ll do a second poll in 10 days about who(m) you predict WILL survive.

Speaking of the sanguinary, Republicans smell blood! 4 candidates want to replace incumbent Democrat governor Tony Evers, 8 for lieutenant governor, 3 for attorney general, 3 for secretary of state, 2 for treasurer — 20 candidates in all!

Best we can determine, only 3 of those 20 are presidential Election Deniers. What does that tell you? 

Timothy Ramthun wants to decertify the 2020 election in favor of Trump. How he would do that is uncertain, since there is no provision in the state or federal constitutions. Then again, there’s no provision for hanging the vice president if he doesn’t have the courage to do what needs to be done so might as well give it a try. 

Oddly, the Insurrectionist in Chief himself endorsed who he always endorses — either the wealthiest candidate or the celebrity — in Wisconsin’s case, megabucks Tim Michels — effectively rendering everyone else purge-worthy (not sponge-worthy) RINOs, Ramthun included.

The other two Election Untruthers are Jay Schroeder for secretary of state and Carol Mueller for attorney general. With nary a trace of irony, the dear lady boasts she is “Defending the Constitution.” By overturning elections, apparently. Marquette Law has polled only one of them — Ramthun attracts a paltry 3% of likely Republican voters. Schroeder and Mueller are also thought to be rounding errors. What does THAT tell you?

On the Democrat(ic) side for the right to challenge Sen. Ron Johnson, Marquette has Mandela Barnes at 25%, Alex Lasry 21%, Sarah Godlewski 9%, and John Nichols look-alike and think-alike Tom Nelson 7%. What does THAT tell you? [UPDATE: Nelson dropped out this very morning!]

Marquette has Tim Michels one percentage tick ahead of Rebecca Kleefisch, 27% to 26%, while 32% were undecided when likely voters were polled June 14-20. That suggests that Ramthun could triple his support and still stall out in one lonely digit. Won’t stop him; he’s running hard — although not as hard as Josh Hawley. Come what may, Ramthun should be able to sleep tight — he’s supported by the My Pillow guy

Tim Michels gets the sweats

Blaska’s Bottom LineWe would tell Michels not to sweat it but he did a pretty moist flop sweat at the WTMJ debate Sunday 07-24-22

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10 Responses to No one can deny denial is on the ballot

  1. Bill Cleary says:

    I think that what the republicans need to do is focus on a number of issues.

    1. The economy
    2. Illegal immigrants coming into this country by the droves and being transported all over this country in the dead of the night to cities and towns near you.
    3. The failure in Afghanistan and the giving away millions of dollars of military hardware as well as 13 Americans who were left to die as a result of our pull out.
    4. The cost of gasoline that has risen way above the price we were paying when Trump was in office.
    5. The fact that our store shelves are stripped of goods and you have to go to many stores to find the same items you used to find in one store.
    6. The fact that the current administration cares more about social justice than they do about running the country.
    7. The crime rates in the country as a whole that have risen way above the crime rates that a Trump administration had.
    8. The rise of transgenderism and other wacko ideas that the current administration supports.
    9. The fact that we have political prisoners who are jailed without bail because they were in the capitol during the January 6th demonstrations of 2021 when we have murderers who are free on low or no bail and are on our streets as of now.
    10. This all leads up to the fact that man has abandoned God to be his own god. He has been encouraged to be his own god by our current administration.

    All of these things in concert lead to the destruction of a society. Woe to those of us who believe in the lies of the current administration.


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Long ago George Orwell criticized Great Britain by pointing out that it was the only country on earth whose intellectuals hated their own nationality. Now, of course the same can be said of the US though one could argue that it’s not just left-wing intellectuals who hate their nationality but a sizeable portion of one of the major political parties. Most of the points you raise relate directly to that fact.


  2. One eye says:

    After last night’s debate I’m writing in Kleefisch’s daughters for everything.


  3. Mark Lemberger says:

    Silly litmus test Squire.


  4. Mordecai The Red says:

    “Think” and “John Nichols” do not belong together in the same sentence.

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  5. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    How come Tim Michaels is awarded the sobriquet “mega-bucks” while Alex Lasry is not?


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