The party’s over

Except for the 3 percenters!

A nation turns its lonely eyes to you, Dandy Don Meredith.

In case you missed it. A Republican candidate for governor called for Wisconsin’s 2020 presidential election to be decertified. Held a press conference in the Wisconsin capitol. Few covered it except for Gateway Pundit, the go-to source of misinformation for many of our Always Trumpers.

Candidate in question is State Rep. Timothy Ramthun, R-Campellsport. Hosted the My Pillow Guy at the state Republican convention earlier this summer. The Marquette Law School public opinion poll had Ramthun at 5% support in April; he was down to 3% in June at last report. At this rate, he should disappear entirely like the cheshire cat’s smile by primary election day August 9. Encouraging news for Republicans sending Get Well cards to their party. Ramthun is eating dust behind Tim Michels at 27% and Rebecca Kleefisch at 26% — neither of whom wants to relitigate 2020. They’d rather beat incumbent Tony Evers in November.

Joining Ramthun Tuesday 07-12-22 was Karen Mueller, Republican candidate for attorney general. No polling on her but she’s an asterisk next to Adam Jarchow and Eric Toney.

The Werkes is holding blog subscription prices to pre-Biden levels! (End of quote. Repeat the line.)

Since the WI Supreme Court ruled ballot drop boxes are illegal, bitter enders cite the “fruit of the poisoned tree” theory — that if the boxes are illegal, the ballots themselves must be illegal. Which the court very noticeably did NOT rule. Real voters cast actual ballots into those drop boxes, installed by their local election clerks based on guidance from the Wisconsin Elections Commission, however subsequently ruled erroneous.

In any event, no one tracked how many absentee ballots were dropped into those boxes versus those maintained by the U.S. Postal Service — which remains legal.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Those of a certain age will remember Dandy Don Meredith singing, during a blow-out game on Monday Night Football, “The party’s over.”

After his testimony before the January 6 committee, is Patrick Cipollone,
the White House counsel who defended Trump in the first impeachment trial,
now a RINO

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23 Responses to The party’s over

  1. Savior of the Planet says:

    Even if the ballots were considered illegal, I’m SURE nobody kept track of which ballots came from a drop box and which didn’t.
    It’s a shame we had to endure illegal drop boxes, illegal voting in the park, illegal 3rd party interference in Green Bay elections, and illegal monkey business with our nursing homes.
    Not to mention shady ballots arriving in the middle of the night
    Let’s just learn from the past and going forward put some more stringent safeguards on our elections.

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  2. richard lesiak says:

    It would be hilarious to count the drop box ballots, declare them illegal, toss them out and find that Biden won by 35,000 votes. What makes these people believe that only Dems used those boxes. Whenever you hear a politician say the election was stole it means their numbers suck and they are pandering to the right-wing nutjobs.


  3. Montgomery Scott says:

    Dave – thanks for holding your Werkes subscription prices to pre-Bidenflation levels! As a retiree on a fixed income and with all of my other expenses rising faster than a North Korean missile (when it actually works) into the stratosphere, it is much appreciated! Mucho gracias! Thank you, again! Scotty

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    • Bill Cleary says:


      I hear you man. Should have been retired by now but am working along side others who were retired but then found out that their retirement savings are going into the tank.

      And yet, I hear that the Biden Administration is thinking of raising more money by increasing taxes on our incomes.

      Anyone know of any side gigs that pay cash other than things that are blatantly illegal?

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  4. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    The Gotch won’t consider Tim Michels, either; he’s too “Let’s Get Lefty,” not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    But his epically tone-deaf, vocal opposition to SS marriage is a deal-breaker.

    The Gotch

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  5. richard lesiak says:

    If two of the candidates don’t wish to keep revisiting 2020 then it begs the question ; what are they going to do to mussel vos and put an end to this taxpayer rip off that Gableman is doing. Do they have the chops to put vos and company on notice that this circus left town?


  6. Kooter says:

    Dave, your “all or none thinking” about the 2020 election is a symptom of TDS. One can have questions about election integrity AND not be a Trumpbot.


  7. Kooter says:

    How about (one) concrete example here in Wisconsin: election workers going in to nursing homes illegally and harvesting votes? I’ll be curious to see how you evade/square that up with your narrative.


    • David Blaska says:

      First of all, what you have offered is not proof; it’s an allegation.

      Secondly, election workers are supposed to be sent into nursing homes! It’s state law! Or do you want to force those poor disabled folks to hobble to the polls? The least you could do is get your allegation right. The law also states that after trying to make two visits, deputies can mail absentee ballots instead. What you might be referring to is that since Covid pandemic lockdown was in effect, and nursing homes were severely limiting who could come into their facilities, often not even allowing immediate family members inside, the WEC pre-emptively distributed absentee ballots.


      • richard lesiak says:

        Send them out in the cold and snow to vote. No rides and move the voting locations. That’ll learn ’em. No walkers or canes allowed while voting. That’s how the chinese are hiding the electronics to flip all the votes to the Dems. Bastards!!


      • Kooter says:

        Figures. Rather than address the main point, you nit-pick a minor detail. I recall an investigation by the sheriff who recommended criminal charges. That you don’t see any issues with the 2020 election blows me away. I believe you have a terminal case, my good sir!


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