Dave Glomp is praying for me

Because fact-checking isn’t working.

Dave Glomp is praying for me.  So I got that going for me, as Bill Murray said in Caddyshack.

You well might ask, who in hellfire is Dave Glomp? He’s an Always Trumper who says anyone who challenges the dogma that the Deep State stole the 2020 election is a friend of Joe Biden. Doesn’t matter that Blaska voted straight Republican last election — Mr. Glomp dislikes fact checkers. They’re “liberal liars!”

At least there’s some sense that the January 6 insurrection was wrong because Glomp like many MAGAs alibi that Trump offered battalions of National Guardsmen to Nancy Pelosi but the wicked witch of the west refused. So January 6 is on her. Or FBI false flaggers, or Antifa. Or Capitol police let the rioters inside and they busted down doors to make it look good. Or it was the first ever MAGA assemblage that was entirely unarmed and why wouldn’t the Secret Service let them in past the weapon detectors?

As a conservative in Madison WI, Blaska is accustomed to disagreement. These days, he’s also crossways with fellow Republicans like Mr. Glomp, who serves on the board of directors of the Dane County Republican party. Their core belief is not the Constitution, limited government, law & order, or a strong defense. Their core belief is Donald Trump. Staging a coup to restore him to the White House “would improve our lives.” If only Blaska would get on the Trump train!

As a rule, Blaska avoids punching down (a skill Trump never mastered). But we were caught up short when this Trump apologist called Blaska a hater.

Hate is truly a plague and you seem to have it really bad,” Glomp wrote on Facebook’s bathroom stall. This indictment came as a surprise, considering that Blaska broke no windows, assaulted no police, faked no electors, and never cajoled a secretary of state to find him 11,780 votes. Never felt the need to seek a pardon.

All of which puts Blaska at odds with MAGA heroes like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, Mike “5th Amendment” Flynn, drunk Rudy, the guy with the Nixon tattoo, the My Pillow Guy, Mike Gableman, the Proud Boys, various Oath Keepers, and the horned QAnon shaman.

It’s what Glomp wrote next that made Blaska swallow his chaw: “I’m praying for you.”

Praying? For little old me? Moi? In all those years of Catholic churching, we don’t remember anyone invoking the Lord on our behalf. We were lucky to get a Valentine’s card! Dave G., if you could pray in Latin and to St. Jude (patron saint of lost causes) that would give your entreaties some extra bandwidth.

Blaska’s Bottom LineHoping Mr. G. gives heads up when he starts praying because I don’t feel anything yet. When his prayers start working, will I feel like hanging Mike Pence?

Does Blaska have a prayer?

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45 Responses to Dave Glomp is praying for me

  1. Mark Lemberger says:

    No Steve that is not remotely what I am saying.
    I am “in a bubble” contrafactual and afraid your writings might contradict my opinion?
    If I cared to read more of your writing my greater fear would be I might agree with your opinion.


    • Mark Lemberger wrote, “No Steve that is not remotely what I am saying.”

      Really. Hmmm, I’m not so sure that rings true.

      Mark Lemberger wrote, “I am “in a bubble” contrafactual and afraid your writings might contradict my opinion? If I cared to read more of your writing my greater fear would be I might agree with your opinion.”

      Well now, we we certainly can have you agreeing with me…

      …the horror! 😉 😉 😉

      P.S. What you described in your last sentence IS being in a bubble but I think you probably already knew that.


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