Will another soft-on-crime D.A. go down?

Won’t read this in The Nation!

America is emerging from the mythology of Hands Up, Don’t Shoot, the urban myth debunked when petty criminal Michael Brown was found to have attacked the police officer eight years ago in Ferguson MO.

Derail the Jail progressives in Madison WI

San Francisco voters are poised to remove from office its soft-on-crime district attorney, radical diaper-baby Chesa Boudin, tomorrow 06-07-22. The home district of Nancy Pelosi has already recalled progressive school board members for renaming schools rather than teaching kids. Your challenge: Guess the percentage by which Boudin is recalled.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Progressive prosecutors include the district attorneys of Los Angeles County; New York County, which encompasses Manhattan; Chicago’s Cook County; and Philadelphia — all places where homicides went up during the pandemic and lockdowns. Homicides in the U.S. jumped nearly 30% in 2020 from 2019, the largest single-year increase ever recorded by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Ooh, Don’t forget John Chisholm of Milwaukee or Dane County’s revolver of doors, Ismael Ozanne.

In just the past three weeks, candidates for district attorney with tough-on-crime messages in smaller counties have defeated progressive rivals in at least five elections in North Carolina, Oregon and Arkansas.

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón is one recall target. Mr. Gascón, who previously served as San Francisco D.A., will face a recall election if opponents collect the required 566,857 signatures by July 6. The recall campaign reports it is close.

Billionaire George Soros and groups he funded spent more than $40 million on campaign contributions in prosecutors’ races, according to a new report by the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: The race card is being refused for lack of funds.

Can Madison be far behind?

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23 Responses to Will another soft-on-crime D.A. go down?

  1. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    L.A. Low Bail/No Bail policy has predictable results:

    ZERO Bail Policy UNDER SCRUTINY As LAPD Announces 14 Smash-n-Grab Suspects Are All Out Of Custody

    Both LAPD Chief Michel Moore and LA Mayor Eric Garcetti call for an end for the county’s $0 bail policy.

    Moore: “Zero bail poses a challenge when their next court appearance is in March…(a)s we evolved through this (COVID-19 shut-down), there’s criminal elements that are recognizing that condition, and are capitalizing on it,”

    Garcetti: “There are people who need to be behind bars,”

    Gutless career Lefty LA DA George Gascón, (wants to end bail across the board for misdemeanor, non-violent and non-serious felony offenses) sends errand boy/lackey Alex Bastian to slobber unconvincingly: “These brazen acts hurt all of us: retailers, employees and customers alike,”

    Despicable Lefties will whimper inconsolably when the Nazi-Sympathizer’s hand-picked Wokerati Practitioner gets unmercifully thumped:

    waaaaaah Waaaaaaaaaah WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Make this real REAL mean Death of Democracy go away…JUST_GO_AWAY!!!

    The Gotch

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  2. Mark+Lemberger says:

    I’m waiting for Lori Lightfoot to DO something about gun violence.
    Four mass shootings in May.

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    • richard lesiak says:

      Maybe she’ll offer “thoughts and prayers”. It’s always good enough for the despicable righties.


      • Regardless of it being another ploopy comment, Der Dickmiester once again manifests his vast and uncommon experiences as a veteran sagapuntus… Richard is the original and renowned Rasberry plastic tickle bear…


      • georgessson says:

        Regardless of it being another ploopy comment, Der Dickmiester once again manifests his vast and uncommon experiences as a veteran sagapuntus… Richard is the original and renowned Rasberry plastic tickle bear…

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        • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

          g’ss’ can you imagine anything more pathetic than a 75 year-old shut-in whose daily highlight is unequivocally demonstrating what a complete @$$wipe he is?

          The Gotch sure can’t!

          The Gotch

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  3. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    The Blogge Idiot has less-than-nothing to say, and says it…


    The Gotch


  4. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    Uncle Georgie Spends $40 Million To Elect 75 Social Justice Prosecutors

    Untold millions will rejoice when the Nazi Sympathizer finally draws his last breath.

    The Gotch


  5. You fools want Lightfoot to do something about gun violence. Well; how about some help. Every time someone talks gun laws all you freaks lose your water. Abbott and his cops lawyered up and won’t even answer the phone. Typical right-wing BS. You break it and blame the democrats. Why don’t you just admit that you don’t give a s$$t about how many kids are killed and be honest. You just want to sit on this blog and yap about my posts and really think you’re doing something. You sit at home in your lay-z-boy stroking your pee shooter while watching the country go to hell. Just admit you’re all scared. A judge was killed right here and not a word about it. He’s being treated as a footnote by the gun lobby. Take a stand on the gun issue and show some guts. But no; all we are seeing is fluff pieces about cheese, beer, gardens and DA’s in Cali.


  6. Madtownforsure says:

    Also a day amp for violators here, gives them milk and cookies and sends them on their way. Read chiefs daily blog if u want to scratch your head. All sugar coated.


  7. Madtownforsure says:

    Dick needs to read the daily chats showing just how many people are released after a visit to shrink castle at Winnebago county mental health. Get warm milk, cookies, sent right back out for more fun of terrorizing others, repeat repeat.

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  8. Mark+Lemberger says:

    41 people shot 9 dead. Just another Memorial day weekend in Chicago.
    Brandon could certainly do something about the gun his felonious son is playing with in his cavort with the young hooker and the drug paraphernalia.


  9. Mark+Lemberger says:

    Now if Brandon could regulate guns as he regulated baby formula there would be no guns.

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  10. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    How mind-numbingly clueless is Lefty?

    Former democrat Senator Says DementiaJoKe “SAVED” The Economy And It’s “Really Not Doing Too Bad”.

    November 8th looms….

    The Gotch


    • richard lesiak says:

      Hope you can vote on 11/8. The pillow guy may seize the voting machines before you get the chance.


  11. Bill Cleary says:


    You all must watch this.

    Tucker points out that it is politics that drive who gets sentenced and who does not.


  12. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    SF Lefty SJW DA GETS ABSOLUTELY PASTED In Recall-Promptly Blames Righty

    Laughably battered Bay Area Lefties vow to pursue their Greatest Concerns going forward: Renaming Public Schools, Prioritizing Stupid/Made-Up Pronouns, and making sure big hairy guys can use Li’l Girls’ Rooms!

    It gets worse (For Lefty!)

    Lefty Scrambles To Look TOUGH ON CRIME It’s Not Going Well

    The Gotch


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