Progressives demand return of ballot drop boxes

With a little help from his friends!

Rally May 25 to restore ballot drop boxes

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8 Responses to Progressives demand return of ballot drop boxes

  1. Ultra MAGA says:

    Aw – HELL NO!!


  2. Bob says:

    If they want ballot drop boxes why don’t they have the state legislature change the law?


  3. Mark+Lemberger says:

    Obey the law.


  4. Mark+Lemberger says:

    You never know who drops by.


  5. Balboa says:

    If it happens, republicans better have the greatest voter fraud machine in place to paraphrase our current commander and chief. Menards, kochs, uline pull out all stops, voter integrity is up for sale to highest bidder. Courts said it was ok in 2020, so why not now.


  6. Madtownforsure says:

    Only if anyone is manning the drop boxes with a hat on saying which party they are backing first, buy ya, cheating again allowed.


  7. Kooter says:

    After watching the movie “2000 Mules” I am strongly in favor of banning these drop boxes!


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