Politics is done in hotel hospitality rooms

A little face time!

“What’s going on?” the Uber driver asked. “Big convention. Republicans are in town.”


Including the My Pillow guy, aka Mike Lindell. Big Trump stolen election conspiracist and TV pitchman for pillows and sheets made from cotton imported from the Egypt. Had to stop in at State Rep. Timothy Ramthun’s hospitality room Friday night 05-20-22 at the Marriott Hotel in Middleton.

People were lined up to get their picture took with this minor celebrity. He’s a big hero to the Trump uber alles folks in the room. We suppose the candidate himself was also present but we did not notice and no one else seemed to, either. Ramthun is running for governor, one of five announced. The Republican from beautiful Campbellsport in Fond du Lac county is the state legislature’s Madison Cawthorn. Stripped of his one staff assistant by Speaker Robin Vos who, this delegate suspects, will be in for a raucous round of raspberries and Bronx cheers come the plenary session today despite enabling Mike Gableman.

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Friday night at convention is your best opportunity to get face time with the candidates for a little chin wagging. Four of the six candidates for governor had hospitality rooms. Aside from the Pillow man, Becky Kleefisch’s was the most interesting — and jam packed! The room was bathed in late-1960s blue light to better appreciate the dayglo doodad decorations. Got my picture took with the candidate. Rebecca reminded that she tried to get the Head Groundskeeper to run for State Assembly two years ago. Blaska reminded that she had given critical permission in the presence of the Lovely Lisa for this delegate to purchase his first Harley Davidson. That occurred when, as lieutenant governor, Becky dedicated a new bridge and damn on the Ashippun River in the unincorporated community of Monterey, in NW Waukesha County. The Lovely Lisa owned a tavern in the town.

It must also be said of the Kleefisch hospitality room — one of 10 — that the free beer on tap was cold and delicious. Becky made Blaska promise to support her when the vote for endorsement comes up later today. This delegate is wearing her sticker.

Caught up with an old colleague from my Dane County Board service and genuine good guy Jim Mohrbacher. He now lives around Okauchee Lake in Waukesha County. Jim reminded that he married Becky’s mother, the second for both. You see, it’s not all policy and credentials; sometimes politics is the personal. Free beer doesn’t hurt, either.

The sense of possibility and excitement was palpable. There was Sen. Ron Johnson in the hallway talking to constituents. Derrick Van Orden, the former Navy Seal (as he always reminds) running for Ron Kind’s vacated seat in the La Crosse congressional district shook his hand. The hallways were shoulder to shoulder! Saw a lot of old accomplices from our Tommy Thompson government days — but not the old boss himself. Probably will today.

Some of the candidates for lesser office or smaller campaign treasures made do with tables in an open area near the hotel bar. Was about to sign a nominating petition for one of the lieutenant governor candidates when a rival buttonholed this delegate and got him to sign his papers, instead. A better reporter would remember his name. He’s from Mukwonago and worked in Sen. Johnson’s office, if that helps.

How does Amy Loudenbeck remember this correspondent’s name? A talent that has eluded us. That’s enough to get her our vote for secretary of state. The thundering herd of candidates alone tells you something: 6 for governor, 8 for lieutenant governor, 3 for attorney general (where there’s a real pissing match), 4 for secretary of state, 1 for treasurer, 2 for the House of Reps here in the Second District, and most of the area state Assembly and Senate districts.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: We’re not big on identity politics but several of the candidates for lieutenant governor, treasurer, and secretary of state are minority. Tells this dabbler in politics we’re going to win.

How can Republicans blow it?

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8 Responses to Politics is done in hotel hospitality rooms

  1. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    “Free beer doesn’t hurt, either.”

    Yeah buddy! The only thing better’n Free Beer?


    The Gotch

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  2. One eye says:

    Meanwhile on the other side of town Lieawatha was endorsing Mandela Barnes. Kiss of death.

    If you get any face time with Johnson tell him Blue Horseshoe loves Alex Lasry.


  3. Marginal says:

    I met Rebecca a couple years ago. She is dynamic, spunky & very well informed on the issues. She makes Evers look even more like a cadaver. Hope she runs & wins. Go Becky 🇺🇸

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  4. I just know that to get me to vote Republican again, (I voted for Klug, MCCalum, and Sharpless and Dole and Bush) we need a common sense conservative who is not a Trumpite extremist. It may play in congressional seats. But you can’t win a state wide race while saying you believe in the big lie,

    This fall should be a blowout for Republicans but I am afraid that their fealty to Trump will cost them statewide races across the nation.

    They may dislike inflation, Biden’s immigration policy, and other democrat woes. But if this election is about Trump. They will lose the suburbs. Just like Trump lost the suburbs in 2018 and 2020.

    Right now each gubernatorial candidate is trying to prove who has more loyalty to Trump. That may help in the primary but it will kill them in the general.

    When you go all in with Trump, very hard to pivot to the center to win those independent voters come November.

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    • Mark+Lemberger says:

      Horse apples. There are no Conservatives in Washington. This pro party chit chat is fine as a local exercise but nationally Trump has coat tails. Denounce him with this conventional wisdom at your peril. DeSantis looks good so far. Buuuuut …


  5. Mule Skinner says:

    Has Dave watched 2000 Mules yet?


  6. richard lesiak says:

    Did you ask Vos when he will drive a stake through the heart of this Gableman mess? My guess is no.


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