Getting it right on crime and schooling

And toxic burn pits!

Are even Democrats awaking from Wokeness?

Eight months is an eternity in politics. Joe Biden may yet change Democrats’ prospects in November’s mid-term elections but — like asking how many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb — they have to want to change. 

Toxic burn pits get us excited, too!

Two things we noticed about Uncle Joe’s State of the Union chinwag Tuesday 03-01-22. First was Nancy Pelosi thrilling to toxic burn pits. The other was that the White House can read the public opinion polls.

Reason magazine observes: “Absent from President Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech was almost any mention of the criminal justice reforms that Biden had promised on the campaign trail.” To the contrary, Biden almost chanted “Fund the Police; Don’t Defund Them!

“This feels like a callous attempt to appease the law-and-order crowd,” Woke progressive Charles Blow steams at the New York Times. In his “Open letter to President Biden from a dispirited black voter,” Blow begrudges Biden for not playing identity politics. “You didn’t once say the words black or African-American, white or hispanic.”

Race, as a word, magically disappeared from your rhetorical repertoire. Why? I assume because the political winds have shifted. What polled well last spring isn’t polling well this spring.” 

Like the broken clock, Mr. Blow got this one right. It is conceivable that Ukraine makes  Biden a wartime leader, especially if Putin topples.

The socialist Nation magazine is disappointed, too: “Build Back Never.”

Trump trails Biden, Evers

The Marquette Law School poll out Wednesday 03-02-22 has Trump’s favorables among all voters at 36%, his unfavorables at 57%. RITO election decertifier Timothy Ramthun, R-Campbellsport, gets only 5% approval but he’s just getting started. Becky Kleefisch, the presumed nominee, is at 30%. Eric Hovde tells the Werkes that he’s still contemplating jumping in the pool but playing Hamlet is not a winning strategy.

On school issues, 59% support more private school vouchers to 37% opposed. Contrary to Rep. Lee Snodgrass, D-Appleton (and The Capital Times), 35% said parents should determine public school curriculum, 33% said leave it to teachers; 13% said school boards. But 55% said public schools are going downhill whereas 44% said schools were getting worse in August 2018.

Somewhat surprisingly, 50% of poll respondents think Gov. Tony Evers is doing a good job, up from 45% in October 2021. Joe Biden remains underwater; 43% are saving “good job,” 52% say wait a minute! Inflation is the big issue.

Curiously, the Marquette Law School poll did not ask about crime or policing! We have to think that is the Number One issue in Wisconsin today; with education a solid second. 

Ukraine is on our minds 

Finland was a synonym for declawed, gelded, neutered. Hard to blame, sharing as it does Europe’s longest border with the Russian bear. A nation of 4 million versus one of 144 million. But along with the two other famous neutrals, neighboring  Sweden and Switzerland, they’re putting the hurt on Russia. For former Iron Curtain countries like Poland, Hungary and Romania, Russia’s repression lies within living memory. 

Ukraine has invited Russian women to come to Kyiv and collect their sons, many of whom appear to be inexperienced and frightened teenage conscripts,” The London Times reports. 

Blaska’s Bottom LineWords we thought we’d never hear from the head of Germany’s wehrmacht: “The armed forces that I lead are more or less powerless.” Now Germany is re-arming, as Donald Trump urged.

What is YOUR big issue?

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6 Responses to Getting it right on crime and schooling

  1. Balboa says:

    Can you say Pandering, boys, girls and Its. It is election season, the sudden lip service to all things centrist happens every single time. The uni party does this each election, then lets extremists on both sides run the show afterwards.
    I am sure we will get a bill that funds more police along with all the other craptastic ideas these so called do gooders want. It is a revamp and a running of a late, late show that we have seen for over 80 years.


  2. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Why doesn’t Nancy Pelosi donate the cost of a month of her Botox treatments to the US Treasury and help substantially decrease the national debt?

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  3. richard lesiak says:

    you failed to report that ROJO is way under water too. rightfully so. the friggin’ idiot that he is. Vos will most likely “retire” after getting his butt reamed in and out of court for this Gableman fiasco.


    • real(77)ity says:

      What Gableman fiasco? It’s pretty darn entertaining to me. Not worth $670,000 but still…


  4. fritzderkat says:

    It’s been years since der Bundeswehr has been kn own as der Wehrmacht, but if you scrounge around in the mud and swamps of the Ukraine these days, you might dig up an old Panzer regiment.


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