Or could it be a reaction to Democrat(ic) hegemony?

From Virginia, to Mt. Horeb WI to San Francisco

The WI State Journal is on record that the groundswell of parents fighting school shutdowns and critical race theory indoctrination across the nation is nothing more than an orchestrated plot likely traceable to Mar-a-Lago.

Don’t tell that to the Mt. Horeb public school district, where a primary election Tuesday 02-15-22 narrowed down a field of 11 candidates for three seats. When the local paper asked about CRT, one of the winning candidates answered “It should be taught at the college level but is not something that is appropriate for a K-12 curriculum.”

Or San Francisco, where all three members up for recall got booted by at least 72% of voters. The school board had been renaming 44 schools deemed insufficiently Woke, including one named after Abraham Lincoln. Just don’t call it critical race theory, right? 

This being a university town, there is no lack of Left-wing professors (pardon the redundancy) to buttress her partisan conspiracy theory. Such as UW-Madison professor Barry Burden:

“It looks like the Republican party is … creat[ing] a pipeline of people who might seek higher office.”

We encourage the  State Journal to follow up their exposé with this new development:

Contest every race logoContest Every Race has a unique mission – to recruit progressive, Democratic candidates to run for literally every single office on the ballot. We work with our partners in states all over the U.S. to run candidates for school boards, state houses, and offices all up and down the ballot … Running a Democratic candidate in every down-ballot race actually increases turnout for the entire Democratic ticket … With Democratic control of the Senate, House, governors … hanging by a thread, we’ll need every vote to win this November.

Attention voters in Sun Prairie and Middleton!

After the Waukesha Christmas parade tragedy, Republicans want to amend the state constitution to require judges to assess the risk defendants pose to the public when setting bail. That passed the Assembly 02-15-22 on a 70-21 vote. All 21 voting no were soft-on-crime Democrats. Those include: Jimmy Anderson of Fitchburg, Samba Baldeh and Francesca Hong of Madison, Gary Hebl of Sun Prairie, Diane Hesselbein of Middleton, Sondy Pope of Mt. Horeb, and David Considine of Baraboo.

Constitutional amendment or no, how many times can you jump bail and still get the Aaron Rodgers discount? One of Madison’s frequent fliers, Tavion Flowers, skipped yet another court date. His last bail: $400 after carrying a loaded gun in school and wrecking two stolen cars.

Equity kills black people

Two essayists in the New York Times warn: “By aiming for racial “equity” in criminal justice, rather than focusing solely on deterring and responding to crime … what has followed [is] a sharp rise in victims of crime, who remain disproportionately black, and a slight increase in the percentage of Rikers Island inmates who are black. …

What, no lighter fluid?

Madison police responded to “numerous” school-age kids fighting  at the intersection of State and Gorham streets Tuesday 02-15-22 at 4:09 p.m. A driver attempting to get through the intersection honked his horn and the group threw “items” at his vehicle. The victim got out of his vehicle and approached the juveniles and was physically assaulted. Six lads for battery: one age 14, one 15, three 16, and one 17.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: But the WI State Journal blames Republicans for running for school board!

Who put YOU up to it?

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9 Responses to Or could it be a reaction to Democrat(ic) hegemony?

  1. pANTIFArts says:

    Now is the time for all good Progressives to unite, to end the “Perdition to School Board Pipeline” of Conservative candidates. Because “woke works” (in theory), they must stop common sense in its tracks.

    JOIN Blaska, and all who care about the safety and education of your children. It’s a “big tent”, please Go Write In.

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  2. John Popanz says:

    Are school board members ‘at large’ or by district?


    • David Blaska says:

      Madison is at large but you must choose a particular numbered seat. I chose #4 vs. Ali Muldrow, the school board president.

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    • pANTIFArts says:

      FYI: —-https://madison.com/news/local/education/local_schools/madison-school-board-elections-are-likely-unique-in-wisconsin-unusual-nationally/article_081f0c5b-d12c-550c-b95b-ec3e7ce07bef.html

      (explanation, with illustration)


  3. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Now that Tavion’s on the run (again), maybe he’ll find his way back to that homeowner who invited him and his fellow thugs inside for milk and cookies. If he does, I suspect he’ll repay that act of kindness in exactly the way it deserves to be repaid. Just wondering, when does the Madison City Council plan to bestow the Outstanding Merit Award on that caring citizen?

    Apparently the Dane County judiciary hasn’t heard of that classic definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

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    • pANTIFArts says:

      Gary, perhaps you are being satirical about Tavion, (but I suspect you’re not). The glaring reality is that Tavion and his posse now know what valuables she has (TV, stereos, etc.), where she keeps her car keys, the layout of her home, and anything else she was stupid enough to divulge in her “chit-chat” with them.

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  4. richard lesiak says:

    There is nothing wrong with Contesting Every Race. They are not trying to change the law, seize voting machines, or attacking the capital. They want people to get involved and run. At the very least there would be a spirted debate rather than what amounts to a lifetime appointment.

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  5. fritzderkat says:

    How’s that public debate schedule with Ali coming along, Dave?

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