Judicial milk and cookies for Madison’s frequent fliers

Who’s in YOUR backyard!

Look sharp, readers! Make sure car doors are locked and crash air bags working! Tavion J. Flowers, the gift that keeps on taking, is back on the mean streets of Madison! Sprung from the Dane County Jail Monday 02-07-22 for the paltry price of $400.  A week after the 18-year-old’s most recent excellent adventure.

Mr. Flowers was one of the four teenagers — two as young as age 15 — who crashed a stolen car on Mineral Point Road Tuesday 02-01-22 during school hours. Seeing the fleeing boys in her back yard, a likely Mayor Satya-voter invited them in for milk and cookies. Was about to give the boys a lift, seeing that they wrecked their stolen car. Cops got there first. One of the lads was found to possess more sets of car keys than the plaid jacket at the used car lot. At least a couple of products of our public schools were locked and loaded. Madison police say the 16-year old had been adjudicated before. Police identified the oldest of the quartet as our Tavion Flowers.

Tavion Flowers holding currency

Waiting for my man; got $400 in my hand

The very same Tavion Flowers, then age 17, who in October (10-07-21) rammed a police squad car in the 1100 block of Gammon Lane as he attempted to escape police looking into the SUV he and another juvenile had stolen. Oops! Allegedly! Allegedly! Charged with being a passenger in a stolen car and two counts of felony bail jumping.

A month later (11-19-21), the indefatigable rapscallion is walking the hallways of Verona high school with a concealed loaded gun. A school security officer nabbed him. Charged with one count of possessing a firearm on school grounds, carrying a concealed weapon and — again — felony bail jumping.

Two days later, a Dane County judge lets Tavion J. Flowers loose on a signature bond and prohibits him from possessing any weapons. Except … except … except … “At the time of his arrest, Flowers was already on a signature bond for a felony theft charge issued in October, which also barred him from possessing any weapons.”

Court date on the February 7 carjack and crash scheduled for 10 a.m. next Tuesday 02-15-22 before Court Commissioner David Flanagan. If he shows. (Tavion, not the judge.) We see Tavion is also on a restraining order for domestic harassment. Faces Judge Julie Genovese Friday morning 02-11-22. Don’t know what that one’s all about.

From the Madison police blotter:

NORTH: Fight Call – 12:39 p.m. Tuesday 02-08-22: Officers responded to a report of a large group of high school juveniles fighting on the sidewalk and in backyards.  No injuries observed or reported. Limited cooperation. Investigation continuing. 

Set your clocks for the big rally noon today sponsored by Allies for Black Lives Matter; they’re calling it “Justice For Quadren Wilson,” the guy shot at American Parkway towards Sun Prairie last week. More at #DefundPolice #justiceforquadren. Check out his 38 court cases in the last 20 years on the circuit court website.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: What is the price of freedom? For serial offenders in Madison WI: just $400. (Endeavoring to find out who posted it.) For the law-abiding citizens, priceless!

Who’s sponsoring the “Justice for Tavion” rally?

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18 Responses to Judicial milk and cookies for Madison’s frequent fliers

  1. pANTIFArts says:

    It is said that “Stupidity knows no bounds”, but it seems to be intimately acquainted with your prosecutors and judiciary. Hell, they’re getting a motel room!

    There is no upside to this, no “making lemonade”. There’s not enough sugar in the world to make this ever be tolerable.

    It seems like your only option now is, in the vein of “Fantasy Football”, to create your own “Fantasy Felon League”. You can use City of Madison, Wisconsin Police Incident Reports for your “sports page”. Tavion might cost you a few draft picks, though.


  2. madtownforsure says:

    Guy who t boned the bad people gets jail time while the perfs get out of jail free card. Guy who rammed them to get his snow blower back will no doubt be released much later than the perfs. Amazing how the system works for the bad people. Oh well, they voted them in.

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    • pANTIFArts says:

      Madtown, It is actually “perps”, for “perpetrators”, but your point is spot-on. A lot of effort is put forth to make the streets safe for the “perps” to do their perpetrating. It is a slippery slope, and in Madison slippery slopes have an undefeated record.


  3. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    He spent a whole week in jail? Maybe things are looking up in Madison.


  4. AdamC says:

    I blame President Trump’s supporters for all of this.

    We must have a city commission to stamp out any remnants. The work is never done!


  5. Bill Cleary says:

    I guess we will just have to wait until some really, really important person gets killed by the scumbags that run wild in our once fair city before the judges, court commissioners, actually do something about keeping the people who pray on the rest of society in jail.

    I actually saw a pick up truck that was drag racing a car down Northport Dr., going into the city almost hit a city truck that was parked in the left lane as there were city workers that had opened a manhole and were working on something. The vehicles drag racing had to be doing 80-85 mph in a 35 mph zone. But yet our mayor does not think that there are any issues that social workers can not solve.


    • AdamC says:

      Clearly the only solution is to lower the speed limit on Northport/Hwy. 113 to 15mph to “save lives.”


      • pANTIFArts says:

        OR, start enforcing existing traffic laws. “All who want to keep their valid Driver’s License, Raise Your Right Foot!!!


  6. Charlie says:

    I the good old days when I was a public defender, juvenile, in Milwaukee a car theft got you a trip to Juvie prison. Good to know we are so tolerant now of callus behavior.


  7. Bill Cleary says:

    The whole political and media atmosphere in Madison and nationally kind of reminds me of the song, “Send in the Clowns”. As the songwriter Stephen Sondheim said: “I get a lot of letters over the years asking what the title means and what the song’s about; I never thought it would be in any way esoteric. I wanted to use theatrical imagery in the song, because she’s an actress, but it’s not supposed to be a circus […] [I]t’s a theater reference meaning “if the show isn’t going well, let’s send in the clowns”; in other words, “let’s do the jokes.” I always want to know, when I’m writing a song, what the end is going to be, so “Send in the Clowns” didn’t settle in until I got the notion, “Don’t bother, they’re here”, which means that “We are the fools.”

    He further stated “As I think of it now, the song could have been called “Send in the Fools”. I knew I was writing a song in which Desirée is saying, “aren’t we foolish” or “aren’t we fools?” Well, a synonym for fools is clowns, but “Send in the Fools” doesn’t have the same ring to it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Send_In_the_Clowns

    Why do so many people vote for the clowns that make up the ruling class in the democratic party?

    Voting for those who make up the ruling class in the democratic party at any level only makes one a fool.


    • pANTIFArts says:

      Two thoughts, Bill,–

      Clowns represent humor, while Progressives represent bat shit, “hold my beer,I know what I’m doing”, insanity.

      BUT, on the other hand, your analogy works well, in that both the clowns, and Progressivism, are merely distractions from what is REALLY going on.


  8. georgessson says:

    Historically, the Flowers family has been hard-working, honest and successful in this county, and most still are. But that was a couple generations ago, before the influx of welfare seekers/sneakers from larger cities not so far away. I’d bet the earlier family leaders would be equally appalled at this inequitable handling of repeat offenders. And of course the number of unresolved/open/pending cases.

    I, too, have thought, “What If…” an important Madisonian was harmed personally or financially by these unrealistic bail amounts. Honestly, it would take a few DOZEN X 10 citizens harmed in one fell swoop to get the Left to raise an eyebrow, much less enforce meaningful/useful bail amounts.

    “Woke” in all its iterations continues to reap its sour rewards.


    • pANTIFArts says:

      There are a lot of young thugs today, whose GRANDFATHERS would have taken off their belts, and “whupped the tar” out of them. (and yes, indeed, they DID wear belts.)

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  9. Marginal says:

    The woman who was ready to drive those car thieves is lucky the police showed up before she left her driveway. Those hooligans might’ve have stolen her car & maybe much worse since they were armed with weapons they should not have had in the first place.

    Also I m wondering why the State Journal is giving so much attention to Mr. Wilson’s family before the whole story comes out with the side of law enforcement also presented.
    My cynical mind is thinking there is more to this story.

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    • Mordecai The Red says:

      I’ve been reading the Wisconsin State Journal for a long time and it’s been deteriorating lately. They seem to be sacrificing objectivity for stories that will score points and subscriptions with people new to Madison who tend to be younger and left-leaning. I’m seriously considering giving my money to a different WSJ instead.


  10. Mordecai The Red says:

    Mark my words, if this miscreant isn’t locked up, one of the following will happen:

    1. He will kill someone in a carjacking, robbery, or stolen vehicle accident.
    2. He will screw with the wrong homeowner, get shot, and then the woke mob will definitely protest and probably riot while the city council brays about how “it didn’t have to happen like this”.
    3. He and his crew will continue to terrorize the city until there is an uprising of voters who have had enough of this BS.


  11. Balboa says:

    Hopefully this lost cause of a human being hopefully will mess with the wrong banger and we can have another never mentioned or studied black on black death by shooting. Truly a P.O.S


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