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Judicial milk and cookies for Madison’s frequent fliers

Who’s in YOUR backyard! Look sharp, readers! Make sure car doors are locked and crash air bags working! Tavion J. Flowers, the gift that keeps on taking, is back on the mean streets of Madison! Sprung from the Dane County … Continue reading

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Congratulate young Tavion! 3 serious arrests in 4 months!

Madison and Dane County, we have our own John Chisholm! Tavion Flowers. Where have we heard that name before? Got it! He’s one of Madison’s frequent fliers. Turns out Mr. Flowers was one of the four armed teenagers — two … Continue reading

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Why are we surprised when bad people keep doing bad things?

Even the Milwaukee County district attorney, an elected Democrat, is questioning how his office could release Darrell Brooks Jr. on low bail. A 39-year-old with a 22-year criminal history (that we know about). Only two days before Sunday’s (11-21-21) slaughter … Continue reading

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