Would you take a bullet for Madison?

What will it take?

Ask yourself this question: Would you sign up for a job where you could get SHOT?

Worse, the guy who shoots you is out on bail even after jumping a previous bail? Yeah, signature bond given by various court commissioners, including Brian Asmus. As the cases kept piling up amid months of court hearings, eventually Richardson posted $500 cash bail. “Ordered” to be home by 10 p.m. Yeah, right. The presiding judge? Former progressive Dem legislator Ms. Chris Taylor. Welcome to Woke City USA, Madison WI chapter.

That’s the mope accused of shooting a Madison police officer shortly after midnight Sunday 10-10-21 on that formerly great street, State Street — now a no-go zone after dark. Open felony cases on 19-year-old Katoine L. Richardson for armed burglary, bail jumping, five open misdemeanors (including hit and run), as ably reported by the Wisconsin State Journal.  (In Cross Plains August 2020.) Who knows the guy’s juvie record? They’re sealed.

Bullet holes

→ The State Street shooting was one of five shots-fired incidents over the weekend.

Put another way, you risk your life to secure Normandy Beach. Then command hands your beach back to the enemy. That is Madison WI.

Do we wonder why Madison could hire only 24 of the 34 recruits it was authorized to hire? Makes whatever number the mayor’s budget authorizes moot. The cop haters have won.

Police Chief Shon Barnes was diplomatic but his message was clear: “People were unsure if they wanted to come into a profession that has some degree of uncertainty as to what the outcome would be,” he said, with calls to ‘defund the police’ raising questions among potential applicants about job security.” We think Chief Barnes is missing another factor that we hear from rank and file all the time: the near-futility of catch and release.

→ Madison won’t spring for body cameras on progressives’ fear that they’ll prove police were in the right.

It’s a national phenomenon 

A national survey this summer reports retirements up by 45% and resignations by 18%, as reported in the New York Times.

Many cities are also finding it harder to attract recruits, with the number of new hires in Portland falling to 30 from 69, and in Seattle to 44 from 119. After skipping any police training last year for budgetary reasons, St. Paul, Minn., received 178 applications this year, down about half from the 366 received in 2016.

As important as a new mayor and better common council is electing a district attorney with stones. Someone anathema to Progressive Dane and The Capital Times. Unfortunately, Ismael Ozanne (originally a Jim Doyle appointee) is not up for election until November 2024.

Dane County needs a crusading district attorney — someone like Rudy Giuliani or Thomas Dewey. Tried to interest former police chief Mike Koval to run last year. Has a law degree but not licensed to practice.

Blaska’s Bottom LineA countywide election has some chance of breaking Madison progressives’ hold. Electing a Republican governor a year from now offers the small hope that s/he could fill a vacancy should Ozanne quit in mid-term.

Did you notice?

No one is making this a black on white crime.

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17 Responses to Would you take a bullet for Madison?

  1. Attila says:

    The head sheep herder and her sheep wont allow MPD to protect our property or safety, not to mention themselves.

    WE will protect ourselves, home, and property from the thugs.

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  2. Good Dog, Happy Man says:

    Shooting a cop is just par for the course for the average Makistani proglobot.
    Lefties sanction this kind of criminal behavior while chanting, “Off the pig.”

    For the true science-denying Lefty believers, … the mind-altered progressive pod-people that no amount of logic, fact or reason will ever be able to reach, … it is us “indigenous” normal, regular Americans that are out of our minds for not accepting that men are women merely because they say so, or that your children are to be taught the wonders of anal penetration by men posing as women, that killing a baby in utero is an act of love, that there can be no wrong answer to the problem of 2 + 2 because math is racist, fossil fuels are evil, money is evil, “war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.”

    Lardheppus and deliver us from evil.

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  3. One eye says:

    MPD rank and file = Aaron Rodgers
    Dane County judges = Mason Crosby

    Well almost …. in the end Crosby came through.


  4. Good Dog, Happy Man says:

    It’s not just Morgan Freeman, 80% of blacks are against defunding the police.
    In fact, most blacks want more police officers patrolling their neighborhoods.

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  5. Batman says:

    “Our thoughts are with the officer who was injured on State Street last night, the City is thankful for his service, and we are wishing him a speedy recovery,” Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway said in a statement.

    Once Mayor Satya learned the shot cop wasn’t black she had one of her sycophant underlings issue a boilerplate reaction and then went back to bed dreaming of a great big pile of Little Debbie Snack Cakes (herfav) and a brand new shiny bus line that no one uses.
    The biatch is creating some serious bad karma.

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    • Liberty says:

      Chief Barnes response ringed hollow for me too. It would have been a perfect time for him to educate the public about the catch and release system and how it hurts cops and us all, but he didn’t.

      How lucky for him that he happened to be in Madison this weekend. Maybe feeling pressure after this article?


      ““I’ve been with the department a long time. Chiefs come and go,” says the officer. “All I will say is that good leaders, like good officers, are committed to serving the community. I’m not sure how you do that when your family lives in another community.”

      Another officer tells Isthmus, “I wouldn’t say he has been absent as a chief. He doesn’t seem concerned with winning us all over, either.””

      Then this from another Isthmus article:


      “The chief says one long-term goal he has is to oversee a graduating class from the Madison Police Academy where the majority of recruits are people of color.”

      Diversity in policing is a great thing but this sounds racist to me.

      Then this.

      “Madison’s new chief believes “a cultural shift” in the department can win over activists — and several candidates running for city council this spring — who view law enforcement as an institution that inherently perpetuates white supremacy.

      How about winning over the law abiding?

      “Policing, as it stands now, needs to take a bigger stand,” says Barnes. “Departments shouldn’t be non-racist. They should be anti-racist.””

      Direct from the woketionary.

      In my mind, he’s a politician. Not impressed.

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  6. richard lesiak says:

    Maybe it’s time for Vos and company to stop spending time and money looking for panda poop in voting machines and get to work on these issues. Tighten the loop-holes, change the existing laws and create tougher penalties. Do they really think that creating a list of banned words is going to change things?


    • David Blaska says:

      Pure dissembling, Lesiak. “Change existing laws”? “Create tougher penalties”? You’re as clueless as Mayor Satya. Drivers blow past the speed limit so what does she do? Lower the speed limit! How about (Oh, I don’t know) ENFORCING EXISTING LAWS! How about revoking bail when they blow bail? How about treating felonies like … felonies!

      Democrats created this dysfunction, Lesiak, and you know it.

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      • richard lesiak says:

        How about some laws to hold people accountable if they don’t ENFORCE EXISTING LAWS. The current gop rats in Madison don’t want that. How about confirming all the people that have been sitting on the sidelines for 3 friggin years because the gop won’t confirm them. They could be getting this crap straight. But; NO, all you guys want to do is bitch about Dems, standing in front of cameras and talking points. A great example is Gableman. The Dems asked for an accounting for all the taxpayer money he got. Answer; The Dems are all Nazi’s. Typical grifter response. And he’s getting 11,000 a month.

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  7. Normwegian says:

    The mayor and chief are still searching for the “elephant in the room.” I’ll bet Sven and Ole could point it out for them.

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  8. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    A reporter form one of the local news stations interviewed someone (purportedly a resident of the area) last evening about the shooting on State Street. His cavalier response was, “That’s just getting to be the norm around here.” How true. Perhaps the most frustrating thing about this incident is that the thug who shot the cop didn’t have his worthless head blown off in the process. That’s the only way justice will get done in Madison.

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  9. Wm. Tyroler says:


    “Katoine Richardson – the Fitchburg man accused in the incident that led to the shooting of a Madison police officer – openly flashed guns on Facebook in 2020 while out on bail for a pending criminal case, Wisconsin Right Now has exclusively learned. …”

    Much more detail at the WRN link, including: “Authorities have released few details on the shooting of the officer, and they have not said that Richardson fired the round that struck him.” Last I looked, a few hours ago, he hadn’t been formally charged yet with this offense. He will be (and perhaps now has been) charged with something, but it’s possible it won’t be for the shooting. Maybe he didn’t do it, maybe he did but they can’t prove it; regardless, the gun possession alone is serious, especially in combination with his history (“he was adjudicated of a juvenile offense that was the equivalent to a felony, so it is a felony for him to possess a firearm”). The problem (well, one of them) is that if you’re going to programmatically empty the jail, as Madison seems committed to do, it is the height of foolishness to fail to supervise potentially dangerous releasees meaningfully.

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